Monday, May 29, 2006

Since I Have An Hour Free In School...

Might as well blog now so that there won't be too many things to blog later.

Bye Cisse, And 'Good' Luck..

His departure seems imminent after the outburst below:

'Mr. Houllier signed me for Liverpool, and I never had the chance to work with him,' Cisse said. 'Now I have a coach who doesn't want me. Benitez doesn't use me, so I've taken a step back. I was sad that Houllier left.'
'I love Liverpool, but I don't have the confidence of the coach,' he added. 'He doesn't like me. That is his right. You can't be please everyone. But I don't think I could stand another season like the one I've just had'
Dear Mr Cisse,
You can pi*s right back to France for all I care, you self-important idiot. 14million wasted on you and you're about to turn Michael Owen Mark II. Good luck and you sir, a total idiot.

PS: Greetings to Houllier for me yes? "Liverpool Lovers" should stay together.

World Cup Previews: Czech Republic & Brazil

Group E:
Czech Republic:

Goalkeepers: Petr Cech (Chelsea), Jaromir Blazek (Sparta Prague), Antonin Kinsky (Ramenskoje);

Defenders: Zdenek Grygera (Ajax), Marek Jankulovski, Martin Jiranek (Spartak Moscow), Radoslav Kovac (Spartak Moscow), Pavel Mares (Zenit St Petersburg), David Rozehnal (Paris St Germain), Tomas Ujfalusi (Fiorentina);

Midfielders: Tomas Galasek (Ajax), David Jarolim (Hamburg), Pavel Nedved (Juventus), Jaroslav Plasil (Monaco), Karel Poborsky (Ceske Budejovice), Jan Polak (Nurnberg), Tomas Rosicky (Borussia Dortmund), Vladimir Smicer (Bordeaux);

Strikers: Milan Baros (Aston Villa), Marek Heinz (Galatasaray), Jan Koller (Borussia Dortmund), Vratislav Lokvenc (Kaiserslautern), Jiri Stajner (Hannover).

* Only four changes from the squad that reached the Euro2004 semi-final.
* Chelsea's Petr Cech and Aston Villa's Milan Baros represent the Premiership.

Player(s) To Watch: Tomas Rosicky, Milan Baros & Pavel Nedved. Rosicky (Ro-sits-ky) recently joined Arsenal and he's a very dangerous playmaker. Let he run around and he's gonna destroy you. He is the Aimar and Riquelme type of playmaker and very creative. Milan Baros might have flopped big time at Villa, but his international records speaks for itself. 44 caps and 26 goals. A powerful forward with great physical strength and speed, he'll be the main man to get Czechs the goals. Nedved, need I say more?

Youth(s) To Watch: Sadly, almost all Czech players are experienced players, so none I say. Maybe I might have missed out, but I have no idea.

Drogballs' Prediction: Semi-finals. They have an experienced squad of players and have made the world sit up and watch them during the Euro 2004, when they're brilliant. Entreprising attacking play and a good solid defence. One of the dark horses that will go a long way.

Group F: Brazil

Goalkeeper: Dida (AC Milan), Julio Cesar (Inter Milan), Rogerio Ceni (Sao Paulo);

Defenders: Cafu (AC Milan), Cicinho (Real Madrid), Lucio (Bayern Munich), Juan (Bayer Leverkusen), Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid), Gilberto (Hertha Berlin), Cris (Olympique Lyon), Luisao (Benfica);

Midfielders: Edmilson (Barcelona), Juninho Pernambucano (Olympique Lyon), Emerson (Juventus), Ze Roberto (Bayern Munich), Gilberto Silva (Arsenal), Kaka (AC Milan), Ricardinho (Corinthians);

Strikers: Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Robinho (Real Madrid), Ronaldinho (Barcelona), Adriano (Inter Milan), Fred (Olympique Lyon).

* Arsenal's Gilberto Silva is the only British-based player in the squad.
* Lyon's Cris has taken the place of the injured Roque Junior.

Player(s) To Watch: Oh dear, where do we start? Just look at the striker and midfielder position. Full of talents and even players like Robinho and Juninho Pernambucano has to take up a place in the bench. They would walk into any team. So basically, almost everyone, except the goalkeepers and some of the defenders.

Youth(s) To Watch: Robinho. Touted as the next Pele, this little kid is one helluva player that will cause opposition defence to panic. He's fast, nimble and always has an eye for goal. Might have made a wrong move to Real Madrid, which I think stagnated his potential. But however, he's still gonna be a great player of this generation.

Drogballs' Prediction: Fairly straight-forward eh? They should and will be in the Finals. The talents that are at their dispose and the samba team spirit is the key. Maybe IF their defence screwed up big time, then they might falter.

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