Sunday, May 28, 2006

Defoe & Alves To Confirm Move To Liverpool? Top 15 Goal #10

I will be quite busy for the next 2 weeks because of tests and exams so I won't be updating TOO much, but I promise to keep you guys updated of the latest news and the World Cup previews and the top 15 Liverpool goals will still continue.

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Defoe And Dani Alves to confirm moves to Liverpool...soon...

From various reliable sources, I bring you news that both the players mentioned above will sign for Liverpool at some point this summer. Jermain Defoe will move to Liverpool in a 8mil pound deal the deal will only be signed after the World Cup wheareas Daniel Alves, the Sevlla rightback cum right-winger will be signed quite soon, although the sources quoted didn't mention when will it be completed. Watch this space, yea?

Top 15 Liverpool Goals of 05/06 Season: #10 Djibril Cisse vs Everton

It's heating up abit isn't it and now we have reach the top 10 of the countdown of the top 15 goals by Liverpool in the Premiership season of 05/06. Here's number 10, Djibril Cisse's fantastic goal against NEverton again.

A wonderful run and a Theirry Henry-esque finish. If only he does that more than he blast his ball all over the place...

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