Friday, June 02, 2006

For All You Ladies!....And Maybe Some Guys Out There....

The Official Drogballs' World Cup 2006 Suave, Handsome and Yandao First XI + Subs: (NOW WITH POLLS)

After spending around one hour working out, searching around on the net and clicking around, I've conclcuded the World Cup 2006's Suave, Handsome and Yandao club members. Actually, I wanted to do a top 15 countdown again, but countdown is boring. So why not make a First Eleven out of those players and form a Suave, Handsome and Yandao club?

My eyes are killing me! I've been searching for those footballer's pictures on the net and it might turned me into a gay soon. But don't worry, I won't...OKAY anyway below are the players handpicked by me, Drogballs and you can and might disagree with some (like CRonaldo's inclusion) but anyway, I'm lazy to search around the land for replacement. Presenting...

POLLS: Best Among The Lot?
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Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas (Spain, Real Madrid)

He constantly reminds me of the actor that acted as the Caesar in the movie 'Gladiator'.

Defenders: Paulo Ferreira (Portugal, Chelsea)

Don't really have nice hair, but he looks good though.

Fabio Cannavaro (Italy, Juventus)

Ah, the picture says it all! The Italians...tsk tsk tsk.

Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid)

Looks like a girl from this picture, but a good looking Spaniard (surprise!!)

Gianluca Zambrotta (Italy, Juventus)

He reminds me of the younger version of the now retired Roberto Baggio. His facial hair makes him look manly. HAHA

Midfielders: David Beckham (England, Real Madrid)

Do I need to say more? I think the female fans of this particular person is more than the fans of other players, added up together.

Ricardo "Kaka" Dos Santos Leite (Brazil, AC Milan)

You might not know him, but he'll shine in this World Cup. Blessed with boyish look and fantastic footballing skill. Ah, and he cut his hair short now!

Xabi Alonso (Spain, Liverpool)

Chubby Chubby! That's how you pronounce his name in Spanish. Anyway shame on his hair, he does look a little like Ben McKenzie of the OC, eh?

Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden, Arsenal FC)

This picture looks familar? Yeah, they used to be all around the bus stop advertising boards. Calvin Klein model apparently.

Forward: Fernando Torres (Spain, Atheltico Madrid)

He's got nice locks. I don't know how long ago was this picture taken, but now he's got a mullet.

Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine, Chelsea)

He looks like Justin Timberlake according to some. You know what I'm looking at...yeah, the one beside him...


Petr Cech (Czech Republic, Chelsea)

Tall, suave and looks pretty cool!

Philipp Lahm (Germany, Bayern Munich)

Reminds me of an American actor. I forgot his name though.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, ManYoo)

The reason I place him here is because I'm afraid of the backlash from some girls if I don't do it. He's okay looking though, not the best but still can make it. If it's not him here, then it'll be Fabregas.

Harry Kewell (Australia, Liverpool)

Thank Jehovah he cut his stupid ponytail and revert back to his nice short cut. Looks a little old, but still a pretty boy!

Raul Gonzalez (Spain, Real Madrid)

Those deep eyes...oh...

Alessandro Del Piero (Italy, Juventus)

My mum's favourite! HAHA

Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay, Bayern Munich)

Nice hair, dude! You're too injury prone though :D

Wow, I took a really really long time to upload all this pics. Anyway hope you girls (and guys) enjoy it and if you disagree on the choices you can 1. email me 2. tag on the tagboard and 3. post a comment below! Thanks a million to some of the members in the Singapore Liverpool forums for their ideas!


Anonymous said...

WTF?!?!?!...lets stick to football and GIRLS!!!anyways i voted for Kaka's football skills not his looks.Drogballs you've got a great blog and hopefully you'll make a poll on hot wifes/girlfriends of footballers :)


Drogballs said...

HAHA i'll try because lots of girls requested forit! yea anyway thanks fo your support ;)

Anonymous said...

hey! how come i cant see some of the pics? bleah. fernando torres rocks, u shld have put nicer pics of him :P
hha pete cehr is so hunky! and he's TALL too. lol
and no.3 is KAKA.
roque santa cruz's name is so cool and his cheekbones. *swoons*
how abt coming up with a football wives/gf poll?!

from the tall one :) lol go figure.

Drogballs said...

haha hello emily why do you comment on a page SO FAR BELOW thanks ar...erm if you provide me with their names I will..just that I don't really know much of them. Rooney's girl? HAHAHAHA

Emma said...

Peter Crouch, Steven Gerrard, Michael Ballack and Frank Lampard.

Hum. 3/4 English. I am biased.

Anonymous said...

Hiya this blog rocks... I love LFC so much!!!!

I'm female and most of your choices are spot on apart from Ronaldo (wtf? he looks like a frog and is a diving cheat).

Xabi, IMO is the sexiest man ON EARTH - his dark, good looks, he's tall, his voice (in Spanish anyway!) is deep... mmm I love him.
However, you say he looks like Ben Mckenzie from the OC.. but I think you've got the wrong guy. He's a dead ringer for Adam Brody!

Kaka - I also love him... can't resist a tall, dark and handsome man.

Thanks for the photos :)
And don't let these nasty men persuade you to put WAGS up.. keep up with the fit guys!

Annie said...

WTF are you smoking? (This is for the chick that commented before me) Honey, are you ok? How the fuck can a normal female think that Ronaldo looks like a frog? And he's noy a cheat. He just has his way of playing... And he won the PFA award. That just prooves how talented he is... Ha also plays for the Premiership champions Manchester United!