Saturday, March 24, 2007

Watching England Is Boring?

Nah. According to Football 365, here's something to expect...


* Whole pub groans as Steven Gerrard slices the ball 70 yards downfield and out of play.

* Wayne Rooney's face twists into a mask of hate as he screams foul-mouthed abuse at linesman who correctly flagged him offside.

* Close-up of Paul Robinson. Pub smartarse sings 'Who ate all the pies?'

* Close-up of Frank Lampard scowling. Whole pub shouts 'Wanker'.

* England get free-kick in dangerous area. Commentator says, "Now this is a situation that a certain Mr David Beckham will be looking at with great interest and wondering what might have been."

* Pub groans as Stewart Downing is picked in starting line-up, despite having all the pace of a sloth on Benylin.

* Despite being left-footed and a skilled left-back, Gareth Barry isn't. Phil Neville is. Red-faced man shouts, "For FACK'S SAKE, McClaren!"

* Richard Keys opens the half time discussion with the phrase, "Well, that didn't go quite the way we'd hoped."

* Frank Lampard blasts free-kick low into the legs of the wall.

* Aaron Lennon beats someone on outside and slices cross wildly behind goal.

* Rio Ferdinand rolls casual pass straight to opposition striker, leading to Israeli goal.

* Rio Ferdinand is first to reach England goalscorer, showing burst of pace and commitment never seen in normal play.


* A red-faced man tries to prove he's the most passionate Engerland fan in pub by bellowing at the TV so hard the veins stand out in his forehead like a contour map of the Lake District.

* Scotsman wanders into pub wearing a shirt with giant star of David on the front.

* Nerdy-looking bloke walks in front of projector screen on way to toilet and 40 people shout at him to "Siddown fer fack's sake".

* Hard-looking bloke walks in front of projector screen on way to toilet and event passes unremarked, except for a lot of leaning round him to see the game.

* Attractive woman wanders in front of projector screen on way to toilet and pub falls temporarily silent as everyone watches her arse and wishes she was with them.

* Richard Keys hands back to the commentary team with the phrase, "Let's hope things get a little better in the second half."


* Fat man in pub has replica shirt so tight the 'w' in Owen is almost a straight line.

* One of your mates is torn between talking to a girl he fancies or shutting up and concentrating on the game, thereby spending match in existential torture.

* Red-faced man hurries to the bar five minutes before half-time, elbowing women aside to do so.

* Man in face paint and St George's flag wanders into pub, buys glass of white wine and stands directly in front of your table, obscuring your view.

* Sky swooshy caption noise is so loud it rattles the tables and spills your pint.

* Rio Ferdinand jumps onto back of England goalscorer, straddling him in piggyback style and compacting his vertebrae so that he has to be substituted.


* England score goal. Red-faced man screams so loudly he's sick in his mouth.


* Phil Neville spotted with mouth closed.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pub Quiz Time!

Alright, I assume most of you, readers, are Liverpool fans. Whatever it is, test yourself with this pub quiz and after this, you'll really know whether you're a good fan...

1) In what year was the club formed?

2) Whose the first Liverpool manager? (Multiple choice)

a) Tom Watson
b) John McKenna
c) Matt McQueen
d) Dave Ashworth

3) Who scores the most amount of League goals for the club?

4) When did Liverpool first won the FA Cup?

5) Who did Liverpool beat in the 1977 European Cup final?

6) Which player has the most number of appearances for the club?

Go on and try it!

Soccer AM Clips

You know, there are so many random things that happen in football that it's funny.

Cristiano Ronaldo one is the funniest. WOOF WOOF!

The Case Of 'Asking For Too Much'

Case 1: Rafa Wants Reserve To Be In The Professional League

Rafa: Let's take our reserves, name them Liverpool B and take over the Nationwide League One!

Alex Miller: HELL YEAH!

It's a ludicrous ask from Rafa Benitez as he suggested that reserve teams of the major clubs in the Premiership should have the privilege to be in the lower leagues but for once (okay, maybe not once), I'll beg to differ.

I'm not a fan of any of the lower league teams and I don't watch them due to the lack of media exposure but one thing I do know is those teams might not be playing at the highest level but they do have history and are still hugely followed. Putting a Liverpool B (or Castilla, whatever) is going to cause an uproar.

Shows that how ignorant the big clubs are, actually.

No doubt the reserves needs to play more games and that the current reserve league doesn't provide the necessary competition for the players. There are up and coming stars that struggle to break into first team while the reserve team provided little challenges for the young lad.

There's a gap between the reserves and the first team and that's the aim of the suggestion by Rafa. Bridging this gap is going to be tough but I don't think throwing them into lower league side will be beneficial.

What I mean is that there will be clubs that MIGHT lose their position at the league due to the emergence of a certain big club's reserves and getting relegated IS big problem now. Survival in the league ensures constant flow of coffers into the club while relegation usually means 'you go down there for a few years and rebuild'.

As I was making my rounds, I noticed this certain article from that was on this topic and the writer and I had the same thoughts. Since there's Champions League, why not create a Champions League for the U-21 team?

Let's say the first team set off for their Champions League game while the U-21 will also get to play against other youth teams. This will not only give the youngsters more regular football, it also gives them the chance to compete against youths of other countries and that'll definitely strengthen ties between clubs (maybe only, if massive brawls don't happen that is).

It's going to take a radical change before anything can be done about the gap between the reserves and the first team. If the FA and UEFA are prepared to, then they must take the route where it benefits everyone and makes no one upset.

Case 2: Asking Too Much From The Over-rated XI

In case you're asking what over-rated XI I'm talking about, it's none other than our favourite, England.

Stigmatised by the media as a mediocre bunch of overpaid players who couldn't give a toss about the pride of the nation, now the task they're given by the press is as if they need to win 3 consecutive World Cups. "Better win Israel or... *sharpens knife*" are their thoughts now, we all know it.

Come on, face it. This England team isn't very good. There are half arsed players, jealousy and schemes within the dressing room, politics in Soho Square and a very average manager at helm. Perhaps, the expectation of the press is putting a little too much pressure on them.

But what do you expect? These are players who can do a decent job, week in week out, for any team but their national team.

Yet at the same time, you got to ask where's their pride of wearing the national colours. An honour and privilege has been abused and now it looked like a social club where you can only get into if the people within it are happy with you. (See Joey Barton)

Many England fans are torn by the current circumstance. They want England to win because frankly, which fan doesn't. But they want they to lose ugly so that they can get rid of McClaren fast.

But whatever the outcome, I think McClaren is here to stay. Afterall, the FA is ran by some half wits (apologies, but it's true) from the start and the appointment is just farcical. Losing this game will only put more pressure on him, no less.

But the outcome of a win at Tel Aviv is going to have more impact on the team that getting trounced. It'll give fans false hope once again and then everyone will go through a roller coaster ride once again and at the end of it, feeling empty.

And let me reiterate once again, that the current England squad isn't as good as what people make of them. Over-hyped, that's what the press likes to do. And their current plight might be due to the players believing in their own hype.

Don't expect anything too much from this bunch. They'll do decent, nothing more, nothing less.

This Is Where They Learn Diving

I've unlocked the secrets to the training of diving, or in better words, simulation.

Who would've thunk it!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Next Season's Kit...

Mind you, these are the prototypes of the new Adidas jerseys for next season and already, the one in black was on display last week, during the European XI vs ManYoo game.

The logo might not be in the right place but you'd expect something along the line of this..

Even leak reports claim that our away kit for next season is white while the 3rd away is black. So add in Carlsberg (or maybe other sponsors) and it'll probably be right.

Anyway the black one looks class. Imagine 6 stars above the logo.....oh too far fetched at the moment!

Taken from RAWK

Well Done, Kids

The Liverpool youth squad have once again made it to the FA Youth Cup Final after beating Newcastle 3-1 in the semi finals second leg and aggregate of 7-3. Entering the cup final in two consecutive seasons are hard to come by and hopefully, the kids will take up this chance and unleash their full potential.

Yep, that's Rafa and Montse, his wife.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Midfielders Need To Start Firing

As the race for third place heats up between Arsenal and Liverpool, the two clubs could only see the shadows of Chelsea while Man United not even in sight. Once again, this season, the title race was over before Christmas and it just talks about the gap between the 'top 2', the 'other 2' and the rest of the league.

It's fairly obvious to see that there's still a lot for both Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez to do in order to edge closer to the 'top 2'. Leave the discussion of what the duo will have to do to probably after the season ends but one will have to wonder why are these two teams so far away.

It's definitely not the quality of the sides.

Arsenal are more than capable of beating the top sides. They demonstrated their ability by beating ManYoo twice, home and away. But injury has taken it's toil on the London side. As of now, Henry, Adebayor and van Persie, 3 of strikers of theirs are out injured while William Gallas missed a large portion of the season through injury as well.

Whereas Liverpool had a torrid time at the beginning of the season. They started off badly at Bremall Lane and didn't looked convincing at all away from home until they beat Wigan 4-0. They didn't have the momentum and before they knew it, they're too far behind.

But all these reasons (or excuses) aside, there's one thing I'd like to point out. There's a distinct similarity between this two clubs and that perhaps, is the reason why they're chasing shadows.

The midfielders ARE NOT SCORING.

As midfielders, it's not only your job to supply strikers with assists but also to chip in with a couple of goals. No, couple of goals is not enough. You need someone to take up the mantle of scoring along with the strikers.

Back in the 'Invincible' season of Arsenal, Bobby Pires and Freddie Ljungberg were in the top of their game. The Frenchman will regularly score beautiful goals playing on the left while Ljungberg is probably, a predator in the box, cutting in from the left. And with Henry scoring like nobody's business, they went on a 49 games unbeaten streak.

Then to the dominance of Chelsea. It was a team that's built around one man and that's Frank Lampard. Just take a look at the number of goals he scores from his attacking midfield position and you'll know why he seldom misses games under Jose Mourinho. Add in Robben and Joe Cole, it's guaranteed goals.

Now on to United's reign (a wee bit early but...). When they sold their top scorer, Ruud van Nistelrooy, to Real Madrid, many critics says that United will struggle with goals. But how wrong were they.

Revitalised were Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. The two remnants of the great 1999 team found their renewed hunger and is probably one of the reasons why ManYoo are where they are now. Not with the assists, but also with the goals.

Striker wise, Rooney still needs to be a little more consistent while Saha isn't reliable enough as he's too injury prone. But that burden was placed on the sole shoulder of Ronaldo and did he took them well.
He's been firing at all cylinders since the very start of the season and doesn't look like stopping at all. His divings and cheating antics aside, he has been by far the league's best player. The number of goals from his winger position speaks of itself and it sort of reminds me of how Arsenal were successful with Pires.

Depressingly, looking at the state of Liverpool and Arsenal, one could say that the midfielders are not contributing enough in terms of goals.

Arsenal: Gilberto (8), Flamini (3), Rosicky (1), Hleb (2) and Fabregas (0)
Liverpool: Gerrard (5), Luis Garcia (3), Xabi Alonso (3), Mark Gonzalez (2)

Those numbers are not so nice to see. Gilberto scores a hell lot from penalties while it's just mind boggling to think that Rosicky, Hleb and Fabregas are all out scored by a defensive midfielder, Mathieu Flamini.

Whereas Steven Gerrard haven't been as influential as he used to be. Of course, we're comparing to his statistics last season which showed 23 goals in all competition but honestly, anyone could tell he hasn't been able to impose himself in games. Perhaps it's him shafted to the right but hey, didn't he play there last season?

Now look,

ManYoo: Ronaldo (17), Giggs (4), Scholes (5), Park (4)

That's 17 goals from a winger. It's more than all the goals from both sets of midfielders at Liverpool and Arsenal.

And that's also the reason why Chelsea are playing catching up as their midfielders are not as potent as before as well. Only Lampard manages 11 while Ballack only 4.

Perhaps, that's why teams struggled in the league. Every member of the team needs to contribute to the score sheets and even Paul Robinson showed that goalkeepers shouldn't be counted out!

It's rather obvious that football is about scoring goals and if midfielders don't step up, then it's always fighting a losing battle. Depending too much on strikers is dangerous and who knows what will happen when your star striker goes out injured. Who are you going to turn to?

So, midfielders will HAVE to step up their game and contribute more. It's just so ironic that we talk about how big a talent Fabregas is yet he's still to score in the league (sorry Siren!). Assists aside, there's much more to a midfielder's game. Unless they are ready to take a fair share of the burden of scoring with the strikers, teams will struggle.

Step up or lose out.


During Saturday's top of the table clash in the Dutch Eredivisie between Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, the Amsterdam club thumped their close rivals by 5 goals to 1. It was a game of great goals such as that scorcher from Wesley Sneijder (go YouTube and find it, it's worth it!) and also Huntelaar showing his predatory skills.

But one incident did certainly caught the eye of many. It was referee, Eric Braamaar, who is in the line of fire this time.

Any coincidence this is the same referee that took charge of that fateful game between Lille and ManYoo?

Facking glory hunter...

Smile, It's England Time

"Too good not to qualify" were from the mouth of former England captain, David Beckham. As England's credential will be severely tested this Saturday in Israel, England manager, Steve McClaren, will have a lot to ponder about.

That includes the starting line up for the game as it's going to be one hell of a ride there. The Israelian national team have only lost twice in their last 18 home games and with the English side looked all but convincing for the past few games (or actually years), Israel knows they stand a chance to send ripples across European football.

So now, with your football knowledge, guess the starting eleven that Steve McClaren will put out to face Israel. In fact, it's actually quite easy.


Carragher, Terry, Rio, P Neville;

Gerrard, Lampard, Hargreaves, Lennon;

Rooney, Defoe;

I pick this team not because it's the best but it's what McClaren is going to put out. It's fairly obvious the man who used to manage 'Boro doesn't like players from another midlands club, Aston Villa, and therefore, whether Gareth Barry is present or not, it doesn't really matter to him.

Without 'influencial' 'best right back in the world', Gary Neville, he will have to pick from either Luke Young or Jamie Carragher for that role. Back to his usual utility role for England, it's going to be Carra. We all know it. He'll be playing anywhere but centre back.

Defoe will play because there is no Crouch and no England managers know how to use Andy Johnson the proper way. If indeed, he starts, then he'll be shafted to the right flank again while Defoe, 22 caps and no goals speaks a lot. He just don't make the cut.

And they don't even have the Plan A to go for..

Sir Against The Media

We all know the infamous interview which Ronaldo said 'maybe I'm just too good' but that interview caused Sir Alex of Whiskey to go ballistic on the interviewer, Geoff Shreeves. It was after the Ronaldo's interview and the tirade was so loud that Gareth Southgate's interview with BBC had to be abandoned.

Now, count the number of expletives:

Shreeves: "I asked him..."

Ferguson: "F*****g (inaudible) bastard."

Shreeves: "Don't talk to me like that."

Ferguson: "F**k off to you."

Shreeves: "Don't talk to me like that. Don't even think about it."

Ferguson: "Don't you think about it, you ****. F**k off. Right?"

Shreeves: "Listen, are you going to do the interview in a professional manner or not? Do you want to do it or not?"

Ferguson: "You f*****g be professional. You be professional. You're the one."

Shreeves: "I'm entitled to ask...Cristiano gave the right answer."

Ferguson: "F*****g hell with your answers."

Shreeves: "Don't talk to me like that. Go away. If you want to behave civilly, fine. Don't talk to me like that."

Ferguson: "F**k off." (door slams).

Eye opener.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beauty Of FA Cup....

My arse.

Another round of FA Cup, another round of shame. Not in one, but two games. Different reason, different incident, same consequence.

How Did He Miss Lampard?

A man that weight a stone heavier than his counterparts can effective dodge a punch from him, disgraceful. I mean, his body frame is big yet he only manage a limp punch that completely misses him. He should be thrown into jail not for his assault but for that inaccurate punch of his.

And several Chelsea players should be punished as well. Look how they went gathering round the 'hero' and joined in kicking and stamping on him. Shows a lot of class, eh?

Did Ronaldo Dive AGAIN?

Sigh, this is getting tiresome. I woke up this morning, without seeing the headlines, I knew it 'IT' happened again. Ronaldo's face and all...

3 games against Middlesbrough, 3 penalties. Is this really some kind of conspiracy theory against 'Boro or are those referees just want free services from....oh sorry, can't see the obvious. Footballers nowadays have such talent in acting that I don't even know what's real and what's not. Up to you to decide, but I still think he went down too easily.

Acting or not aside, his attitude is starting to get on my nerves. Perhaps it's not just me but he is getting a little too arrogant and petulant. Asked about why they have such hard time up against him, his answer is simply 'maybe I'm just too good'.

Pride and arrogance are your first step to failure, my friend...continue with this attitude and he'll probably end up with nothing and a spoilt reputation.

Ugly Scene @ White Hart Lane

After Chelsea 2-1 win over Tottenham and their progression towards the FA Cup semi finals, the Chelsea players celebrated and no doubt, the Spurs fan were enraged. Two of the fans went mental (actually not...) and actually slipped past the security and went onto the pitch and attempted to attack Fat Frank Lampard....

Here's the picture...

Oh, hang on...

Sorry :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Do You Fear The Ball?

I know of some people who're like that! Ha!

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

Reds Falter Again

Arsenal closed in on 3rd place with a game in hand and yet, most of our players didn't turn up or even if they did, they didn't looked like they care less anyway. Such an insipid and abject performance, there was totally no signs of any urgency in the side and passing the ball from back to front and back again won't win you games.

I couldn't really understand the reason why we set out 2 defensive midfielders in Sissoko and Mascherano from the start and it was as if we're preparing for a siege. And the fact that Villa have only won 2 in their last 18 games points to us that they're there for the taking.

But we only managed 2 to 3 shots throughout the whole game without severely putting them into any sort of pressure is worrying. Not that I expect us to go for a walk at Villa Park but one would expect a top 4 team to put up a fairly decent performance there.

Rafa again, what's with the substitutions? It's becoming quite a concern especially in the Premiership games. European ones, I can't say much but it seemed that it'll take Rafa some years before he'll learn from his past mistakes.

Taking off Bellamy, a striker, for Pennant, a half decent winger, while we know the game is still wide open for us to take. Making it a 4-5-1 and THEN, take off Gerrard and replace him with Fowler. Back to 4-4-2. I don't get it. Just don't.

Devils Marched On

No Henrik Larsson? No problem. It's yet another 4 goals added into their season tally and it looked as if it's not gonna stop till they get to the crown. Rooney and Park both scored a double and Bolton were left absolutely flabbergasted by the way the home side played their football.

It's hard for me, as a Liverpool fan, to give credit to United but as a football fan, what a team. There's raw talent, experience and hunger. That's the keys to a winning team and with all the squabbles earlier on during the World Cup between Rooney and Ronaldo, it all seemed to make the pair stronger and worked in their favour. Ronaldo is simply irresistible and Rooney might have found the scoring touch that was found wanting at times this season.

It will also be good news to McClaren as his side is short on firepower and with Rooney perhaps, back in a little form, he'll have one less thing to worry but the injury to Gary Neville, how untimely. That'll give him another reason to play a 3-5-2 then.

Who's gonna stop United? Nobody.

Gunners Gunned Down By Johnson

As the weather got worst and hail starts to fall in Merseyside, there's an air of inevitability that Everton will grab all 3 points in the game against Arsenal.

That was what I thought and well, I was right. Andy Johnson once again, prove to be the thorn in many side's ass with a goal at the 90th minute mark. Same old story for Arsenal.

Firstly, not taking the chances. No Henry, Adebayor and van Persie is bad enough. Playing with Baptista and Alialialialialiadiere upfront means you're never going to get quite enough goals while the midfielders continue to run rings round people but not helping with the scoring.

I saw a statistic that showed Mathieu Flamini is actually the best of the bunch in terms of scoring is it's quite shocking(Gilberto scores all the penalties). With the likes of Alex Hleb, Tomas Rosicky and Cesc, isn't there enough class to have an alternate outlet to the goals?

Goal-line Technology?

Offside rules, celebrations and outlawing draws from football. They did everything to try and change the game but the obvious. The game's crying out for technology to be implemented but it's not progressing at the rate in which we hope for.

The game in which West Ham stole all 3 points from Blackburn, the talking point is the goal that never was once again. Linesman was so adamant it went in that a usually competent Howard Webb have no choice but to give it as a goal, although it looked so obvious that it didn't cross the line.

Now we football fans have to contemplate on the future of the game. The goal-that-never-was situation does give us talking points week in, week out like what we're doing now. But at the same time, rules are meant to be followed closely with consistency and when things like this happen, everyone will say they no longer trusts the rules and regulations of the game. Because they're blatantly robbed.

Talking point and entertainment or just and fair outcomes? The two options can't go hand in hand.

Zheng Zhi Revives Addicks Hope

Another Asian in the league, another shining light. He might be the one that spark an unbelievable comeback for Charlton as they looked like they're dead and buried months ago and now, they're edging closer to Sheffield United and safety.

Although it's still too early to tell and Charlton are still currently in the bottom 3, their form have picked up drastically and even goals are coming in. Unlike the other teams who're in trouble, they didn't have much of a problem in front of goals while Darren Bent's return from injury will only aid them in their fight for survival.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Reds Held To Bore Draw

English Premiership

Aston Villa 0 - 0 LIVERPOOL

Thomas Sorensen pulled off a magnificent save to deny Liverpool an undeserved win at Villa Park as both teams huffed and puffed their way to finish line without much action. Jermaine Pennant's delicious ball in was well met with veteran striker Robbie Fowler's head but the Villa goalkeeper reacted brilliantly, getting down fast enough to save Villa from a suck punch right on the 90th minute mark.

In perhaps one of the most dour and boring game, chances were few and far between. Goalkeeper from both sides were largely untroubled while the defence ahead of them were on top of their game. Perhaps critics will bring up the fact that Villa are culpable of being too negative but to be honest, it was all about Liverpool's insipid and lacklustre performance.

The visitors were on a run of two consecutive losses and with the long break before the game, you'll expect them to be fresh and more organised albeit a little lack of match practice. But other than the Fowler's last minute header and Riise's rising shot earlier on, they had nothing to show for.

Villa, meanwhile, tried to hit Liverpool on the counter attack and did cause some problems for Carragher and co. John Carew did well to hold up ball with his physical strength while Gabriel Agbonlahor and Ashley Young bombed down the flanks with pace.

They had a controversial penalty turned down after Agbonlahor's cross bobbled around Liverpool's penalty box and with Stilian Petrov approaching the ball, Carragher and Finnan both caught the Bulgarian's leg. He went down but referee, Lee Mason, turned it down despite being a few yards away.

Apart from that, there was little to talk about.

Kuyt once again underlined Liverpool's chief weakness that is, finishing. Fabio Aurelio pinged a fantastic cross in front the left and the Dutchman, despite being unmarked, sent his header over the bar.

With the team giving little for Rafa Benitez to be happy about, he will certainly be pleased with the performance of Javier Mascherano. Although not an all round performance but the Argentinian didn't look all out of place and did pretty well with a few good tackles and interceptions.

Not having too much match practices, the midfield destroyer put up a decent performance while the Liverpool fans will most certainly look forward to seeing him next season, with pre-season training and all.

With Arsenal already managed to take over them in the league at 3rd place, they'll now face an uphill task to once again, consolidate 3rd place for themselves. The outcome of it might just be the important game next week as Liverpool will face off with Arsenal at Anfield.

3rd is probably means nothing to many but to this two teams, it's the least they could get now. And with that, Liverpool will probably have to buck up to mount a challenge before it's too late.

Villans vs Reds Preview

As the dream of finishing second fades, now even finishing third could be an uphill task for the Reds. Liverpool's closest rival in terms of placing, Arsenal, has finally caught up with us as we stumbled at Anfield to United and losing games they shouldn't have.

Advantage will be on Arsenal's side ahead of tonight's clashes as Liverpool travel to the midlands for the game against Aston Villa while Arsenal travels to Merseyside to face off with none other than Liverpool's most bitterest rival, Everton. With the one game in hand, Arsenal will certainly want to take full use of it.

Whether the Blue half of Liverpool (or perhaps Blue quarter outside of Liverpool) are willing to give us a hand on the race to retain third place is really not in the agenda or concern of Rafa Benitez, but to beat the Villains at Villa Park is, coming back from the last two consecutive defeats to Man Utd. and Barcelona.

But the Reds had a specially long break after the exhausting game against Barcelona as there's no FA Cup fixtures to be played. The break is perhaps a well deserved one and also an important time where Rafa will have to keep his players motivated for the fight ahead.

Fighting for third is certainly no glorious thing but that's the least they could do at this time. And the important thing is that they do it well and as a priority for now. Talking about winning the Champions League is perhaps too far fetched at this moment in time. The league placing will still be the priority.

With the long break, you'll expect the Reds to turn up with a good performance as they've certainly have enough rest and time to organise themselves. But never underestimate Villa, as they're capable of wrecking Liverpool's season with Martin O'Neil as their manager and former Rafa's favourite, John Carew, on their side.

Drogballs' Prediction: Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool.

There Goes Foster

Ben Foster, bright young goalkeeper, touted to take over England's number one jersey in years to come as David James reaches his retirement age and Paul Robinson continues to flap and flop. But it's ironic how things happen so quickly that now, people will start questioning his ability.

And the stumbling block was none other than Paul Robinson, the current number one of England and the goal kick that bounced over his head and went right in.

Curse of the English goalkeepers, strikes back.

Pub Quiz Answers

Maybe you know it all and is a scholar of football knowledge. Or perhaps you just know where to find the answers. Whatever it is, here are some stuff you might be interested to know. Have you gotten it all right?

1) What nickname was given to Francis Jeffers following his move from Everton to Arsenal?

A: 'The fox in the box', signed from Everton. Touted to be the next (insert great English striker names here) but eventually never live up to his hype.

2) For which club has Jeffers recently being playing on loan for?

A: Ipswich Town

3) From which club did ManYoo sign Juan Veron from?

A: Lazio of Italy.

4) In what year was his £28.1 move completed?

A: It was back in 2001, during the 'golden era' of Man United. Surprisingly, his inclusion brought an end of it with Arsenal and Chelsea dominating, till now.

5) True or false - Chelski signed Shaun Wright-Phillips for more than £20m?

A: His price tag is mentioned more often than Peter Crouch scoring headers, but of course in a wrong way. He moved to Chelsea for a mind boggling £21m and has so far made little or no impact at the London club. Talking about peripheral figures, nobody epitomises it so well.

6) What's the higher figure - the number of games Jonathan Woodgate played for Real Madrid or the number of millions the Spanish club spent buying his services?

A: The number of millions spent was is greater than the number of games he played. Shame, they paid
£18m but he only played 12 times.

7) Name the striker Aston Villa bought in 2001 for £6m who scored a grand total of zero goals during his ten-game stint at the club.

A: It's hard to remember him due to the minimal impact but people who plays Championship Manager will remember, Bosko Balaban. He's class in the game but sadly not in real life.

Name the deranged club which bought Jean-Alain Boumsong from Newcastle in August.

A: The relegated giants, Juventus of Italian Serie B.

Which £11m flop remains Tottenham's record signing?

A: His name, Surgei Rebrov, will forever be etched on the minds of Spurs fans as a striker who promised so much but delivered so little. It still mystifies people as to how someone of his calibre could flop like him. Well, next time, just do more scouting. Because not all players are suited to be in the most competitive league in Europe, in physical terms of course.

How many goals did Chris Sutton score during his one and only season at Chelsea?

A: Even as I type this, I feel a little embarrassed for him. He had only scored one for Chelsea before they flogged him off to Celtic in Scotland. There's still this vague memory of him going one on one with the goalkeeper before falling on his butt and missed the chance.