Sunday, March 18, 2007

Villans vs Reds Preview

As the dream of finishing second fades, now even finishing third could be an uphill task for the Reds. Liverpool's closest rival in terms of placing, Arsenal, has finally caught up with us as we stumbled at Anfield to United and losing games they shouldn't have.

Advantage will be on Arsenal's side ahead of tonight's clashes as Liverpool travel to the midlands for the game against Aston Villa while Arsenal travels to Merseyside to face off with none other than Liverpool's most bitterest rival, Everton. With the one game in hand, Arsenal will certainly want to take full use of it.

Whether the Blue half of Liverpool (or perhaps Blue quarter outside of Liverpool) are willing to give us a hand on the race to retain third place is really not in the agenda or concern of Rafa Benitez, but to beat the Villains at Villa Park is, coming back from the last two consecutive defeats to Man Utd. and Barcelona.

But the Reds had a specially long break after the exhausting game against Barcelona as there's no FA Cup fixtures to be played. The break is perhaps a well deserved one and also an important time where Rafa will have to keep his players motivated for the fight ahead.

Fighting for third is certainly no glorious thing but that's the least they could do at this time. And the important thing is that they do it well and as a priority for now. Talking about winning the Champions League is perhaps too far fetched at this moment in time. The league placing will still be the priority.

With the long break, you'll expect the Reds to turn up with a good performance as they've certainly have enough rest and time to organise themselves. But never underestimate Villa, as they're capable of wrecking Liverpool's season with Martin O'Neil as their manager and former Rafa's favourite, John Carew, on their side.

Drogballs' Prediction: Aston Villa 0-2 Liverpool.

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