Monday, March 19, 2007

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

Reds Falter Again

Arsenal closed in on 3rd place with a game in hand and yet, most of our players didn't turn up or even if they did, they didn't looked like they care less anyway. Such an insipid and abject performance, there was totally no signs of any urgency in the side and passing the ball from back to front and back again won't win you games.

I couldn't really understand the reason why we set out 2 defensive midfielders in Sissoko and Mascherano from the start and it was as if we're preparing for a siege. And the fact that Villa have only won 2 in their last 18 games points to us that they're there for the taking.

But we only managed 2 to 3 shots throughout the whole game without severely putting them into any sort of pressure is worrying. Not that I expect us to go for a walk at Villa Park but one would expect a top 4 team to put up a fairly decent performance there.

Rafa again, what's with the substitutions? It's becoming quite a concern especially in the Premiership games. European ones, I can't say much but it seemed that it'll take Rafa some years before he'll learn from his past mistakes.

Taking off Bellamy, a striker, for Pennant, a half decent winger, while we know the game is still wide open for us to take. Making it a 4-5-1 and THEN, take off Gerrard and replace him with Fowler. Back to 4-4-2. I don't get it. Just don't.

Devils Marched On

No Henrik Larsson? No problem. It's yet another 4 goals added into their season tally and it looked as if it's not gonna stop till they get to the crown. Rooney and Park both scored a double and Bolton were left absolutely flabbergasted by the way the home side played their football.

It's hard for me, as a Liverpool fan, to give credit to United but as a football fan, what a team. There's raw talent, experience and hunger. That's the keys to a winning team and with all the squabbles earlier on during the World Cup between Rooney and Ronaldo, it all seemed to make the pair stronger and worked in their favour. Ronaldo is simply irresistible and Rooney might have found the scoring touch that was found wanting at times this season.

It will also be good news to McClaren as his side is short on firepower and with Rooney perhaps, back in a little form, he'll have one less thing to worry but the injury to Gary Neville, how untimely. That'll give him another reason to play a 3-5-2 then.

Who's gonna stop United? Nobody.

Gunners Gunned Down By Johnson

As the weather got worst and hail starts to fall in Merseyside, there's an air of inevitability that Everton will grab all 3 points in the game against Arsenal.

That was what I thought and well, I was right. Andy Johnson once again, prove to be the thorn in many side's ass with a goal at the 90th minute mark. Same old story for Arsenal.

Firstly, not taking the chances. No Henry, Adebayor and van Persie is bad enough. Playing with Baptista and Alialialialialiadiere upfront means you're never going to get quite enough goals while the midfielders continue to run rings round people but not helping with the scoring.

I saw a statistic that showed Mathieu Flamini is actually the best of the bunch in terms of scoring is it's quite shocking(Gilberto scores all the penalties). With the likes of Alex Hleb, Tomas Rosicky and Cesc, isn't there enough class to have an alternate outlet to the goals?

Goal-line Technology?

Offside rules, celebrations and outlawing draws from football. They did everything to try and change the game but the obvious. The game's crying out for technology to be implemented but it's not progressing at the rate in which we hope for.

The game in which West Ham stole all 3 points from Blackburn, the talking point is the goal that never was once again. Linesman was so adamant it went in that a usually competent Howard Webb have no choice but to give it as a goal, although it looked so obvious that it didn't cross the line.

Now we football fans have to contemplate on the future of the game. The goal-that-never-was situation does give us talking points week in, week out like what we're doing now. But at the same time, rules are meant to be followed closely with consistency and when things like this happen, everyone will say they no longer trusts the rules and regulations of the game. Because they're blatantly robbed.

Talking point and entertainment or just and fair outcomes? The two options can't go hand in hand.

Zheng Zhi Revives Addicks Hope

Another Asian in the league, another shining light. He might be the one that spark an unbelievable comeback for Charlton as they looked like they're dead and buried months ago and now, they're edging closer to Sheffield United and safety.

Although it's still too early to tell and Charlton are still currently in the bottom 3, their form have picked up drastically and even goals are coming in. Unlike the other teams who're in trouble, they didn't have much of a problem in front of goals while Darren Bent's return from injury will only aid them in their fight for survival.

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