Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pub Quiz Answers

Maybe you know it all and is a scholar of football knowledge. Or perhaps you just know where to find the answers. Whatever it is, here are some stuff you might be interested to know. Have you gotten it all right?

1) What nickname was given to Francis Jeffers following his move from Everton to Arsenal?

A: 'The fox in the box', signed from Everton. Touted to be the next (insert great English striker names here) but eventually never live up to his hype.

2) For which club has Jeffers recently being playing on loan for?

A: Ipswich Town

3) From which club did ManYoo sign Juan Veron from?

A: Lazio of Italy.

4) In what year was his £28.1 move completed?

A: It was back in 2001, during the 'golden era' of Man United. Surprisingly, his inclusion brought an end of it with Arsenal and Chelsea dominating, till now.

5) True or false - Chelski signed Shaun Wright-Phillips for more than £20m?

A: His price tag is mentioned more often than Peter Crouch scoring headers, but of course in a wrong way. He moved to Chelsea for a mind boggling £21m and has so far made little or no impact at the London club. Talking about peripheral figures, nobody epitomises it so well.

6) What's the higher figure - the number of games Jonathan Woodgate played for Real Madrid or the number of millions the Spanish club spent buying his services?

A: The number of millions spent was is greater than the number of games he played. Shame, they paid
£18m but he only played 12 times.

7) Name the striker Aston Villa bought in 2001 for £6m who scored a grand total of zero goals during his ten-game stint at the club.

A: It's hard to remember him due to the minimal impact but people who plays Championship Manager will remember, Bosko Balaban. He's class in the game but sadly not in real life.

Name the deranged club which bought Jean-Alain Boumsong from Newcastle in August.

A: The relegated giants, Juventus of Italian Serie B.

Which £11m flop remains Tottenham's record signing?

A: His name, Surgei Rebrov, will forever be etched on the minds of Spurs fans as a striker who promised so much but delivered so little. It still mystifies people as to how someone of his calibre could flop like him. Well, next time, just do more scouting. Because not all players are suited to be in the most competitive league in Europe, in physical terms of course.

How many goals did Chris Sutton score during his one and only season at Chelsea?

A: Even as I type this, I feel a little embarrassed for him. He had only scored one for Chelsea before they flogged him off to Celtic in Scotland. There's still this vague memory of him going one on one with the goalkeeper before falling on his butt and missed the chance.


siren said...

i did pretty well no? Hahaha Xabi best be getting a new outfit for our cosy dinner. hahaha


hahaha he might as Cesc along as well? :p

siren said...

I hope so... no one pinch me!!! I dun wanna wake up from this dream!