Monday, October 23, 2006

In Wake Of A Crisis

We often avoid the problems. This is something I'm doing today 'cause I'm too tired to talk about the match last night, the crisis and the full analysis on how sh*t Liverpool has been for the past 2 months. I'll provide you with some entertainment. Today, we have a list of really weird footballer's names. I compliled a list from the F365 Forums and some will make you giggle like little girls, honest!

  • Harry Daft
  • Segar B*stard
  • Johnny Moustache
  • Danny Invincible
  • Jermaine McSporran
  • Milan Fukal
  • Norman Conquest
  • Digital Takawira
  • Quim
  • Marian Suchancok
  • Peter Trousers
  • Junior Agogo
  • Bongo Christ
  • Roberto Lopez Ufarte - You Fart!
  • Dean Windass - I ALWAYS laughed at his name when I was younger, like 9 years old.
  • Kim Bum Suk - HAHA
  • Rafael Scheidt - Pronounce 'sh*t'
  • Wolfgang Wolf - He used to manage Wolfsberg. Honest!
  • Danny Sh*ttu
  • Stefan Kuntz
  • Nw*nko Kanu
  • Frank Aw*nka - Oei w*nker!
Any more to add on? Drop a comment!


Socca said...

LMAO Drogballs, you just love digging out the craziest things :P

When I come across any nonsense ones, i will let you know. Cheers


Sure, I suddenly remembered a Russian player by the name of Arshavin or something. Hahaha!