Friday, October 27, 2006

Outburst From Board Member Uncalled For

I'm sure every Liverpool fans are pretty much aware of the outbust from one of the seven board members. It was on 'The Mirror' and apparently CEO Rick Parry and Chairman David Moores were livid. I too was taken aback by the attack because the board have always conducted themselves well over the years and suddenly this unnamed person just came out and blast Benitez and his team away. Losing to the Mancs might sparked some frustration, but this is unacceptable.

"We have paid too many inflated prices and inflated wages for players who are not doing the job,"

"When it comes to any manager, the view of the board has always been to let them get on with it. We do not believe in interfering.

"But the day will come when we may not be that way inclined any more. We have always been very respectful of any manager we appoint. The view has always been the same one, the right one - that the manager must stand or fall by his efforts.

"But one thing that we can't hide is that we have to be in the Champions League every season and if we do not qualify it will be a major problem.

"The budget we have set up is still in balance if we do not get into the Champions League. But if we are to make investment in the team we are talking about �20m of income we need to have every season."

"We were looking to do something in the league. We thought it would be this year and it's not going to happen now.

"Normally, by the time you get to October, you'd expect the manager to know his best team and stick with it but there are no signs of that happening now. I don't think he could tell you what his best team is."

But Liverpool CEO have released statement on his view on this matter and stated that he has faith in Benitez and his team.

"We understand the expectations at Liverpool but we are clearly moving in the right direction under Rafael Benitez,"

"We unquestionably have a better squad than we did last year so it is not about making judgments at this stage. There are no trophies handed out at the end of October, with the exception of the Community Shield which we have already won. You can only judge our performance over the course of a full season.

"We all knew there was a sizeable job to do when Rafa was appointed and that is why we have never laid down any timescales or imposed unrealistic pressures. What is important is continuous year on year improvement.

"The wins in Istanbul and Cardiff were great achievements which we celebrated together. Some of the early results in the league have not gone as well as we would have wanted which is why we have a collective responsibility to pull together and work even harder to improve things on the pitch."

Rafael Benitez?

"No comment."

When we are down, the press get on our back, the fans write into football websites to call for the head of Benitez and now we have a board member who's supposed to be behind the team, speaks out with no apparent reason. I call for all you supporters to stand for our beloved team and not let all these tribulation faze you. As a Liverpool fan I've seen worst and we're going through a rough path, I'm not denying. But where will they be without you lot?

Walk on, with hope in your heart.


Emma said...

You do realise that Drogballs sounds a lot like Drogba, right? :P


Haha yes, it's 'inspired' by his name. And no, I don't like him!

Elia said...

I guess Rafa took the high road by not saying anything publicly.Whoever said it would wanna learn a thing or two old saying goes never air out your dirty laundry in public.I know it was the fan in um speaking and not a board member its just frustration,but being a board member means you have to conduct yourself in a better manner than this.


But I won't be surprised to find that the 'board member' is made up by the press to pull us down even further. The tabloid newspaper and press are best at doing such things and when you look at our situation, it seemed like they could very well come in and add some fuel to the fire.

louis` said...

i didn't know about this matter until i read your blog. i was quite surprised and shocked to see that a board member actually said this. (provided they are true.) reading those comments, it's pretty disappointing for Rafa who's trying his best to play the team and achieve better results. kind of pity him that he's recieving so much criticism though, they seems to forgot the days of CL and FA Cup. i agree with you. we should hang on, and stick with the team. i do have hope in team.



Yea, we'll have to wait and see who's this 'board member'. Perhaps it was a hoax to unsettle the club. Currently the team is going through a rough patch and I'm very sure things will go well.

Elia said...

The Mirror reported it I could see The Sun doing it though.If it really was made up than thats very poor journalism,wrong word thats not even journalism.I guess you could say someone's a HATER!

RedsMan said...

I can't imagine this being true, the board members are far more reserved in such circumstances, and I fear it was printed to cause as much unrest and ignite further headlines. The Mirror would like to say it's their exclusive and more would have to come of it for me to believe it. And true to form RB makes no comment because he has a job to do, and he focuses not on the media but on the next match. Vultures looking a feed are annoyed Mr Benitez is not giving any. Soon, I hope they will flock elsewhere for their morsel.