Sunday, October 22, 2006

Liverpool And Schumacher....Make Or Break...

It's seldom we tie up Formula One racing together with football because there's totally no link between. But today we might be able to say that the fate of both Liverpool and Schumacher are somehow or other tied together, it's the make or break day for both. The German F1 driver will be driving round the circuits for one last time before he retires. He might be trailing Spaniard Fernando Alonso, but could his last race really be a coup de grace? A comeback might be on hand.

Liverpool meanwhile trails the rivals as well. Tonight's match against Manchester United might be the most important match thus far because this is really make or break. There might be the 'Big 4' teams in England competing at the top, but when it comes to tradition and history, no other teams can touch the two giants of English football. The meeting of Man Utd and Liverpool will be certainly a passionate one, spurred on by rivalry and the past. The eiptome of English football on show at Old Trafford.

The rise of Man U in the early 90s led to the eventual downfall of Liverpool and failed to wake up from the slumber until in recent times. FA Cups and Champions Cup aside, the Premier League title has eluded Liverpool for more than a decade and season after season, optimist fans love to say 'this is our season' and for the previous 15 times, it was all false dawn, false hopes.

This season we had to built on our domestic successes last year and to reform from a defensive minded team into a one that attacks with pace and tenacity, something we lacked so much over the years. The FA Cup was the icing on cake for a wonderful 05/06 season in which we finished third, a point below Man U. The reason we finished below them is simple, because of the game at Old Trafford, where we lost focus and concentration and conceded a late, late goal to Rubberlips Ferdinand. Now you can see the importance of this game already. One game that made the ultimate difference.

It might sound weird that our season is determined only after less than 10 games, but to be realistic, this is it. We cannot afford to drop any more points and a draw is something we must aim for at the VERY least. A loss will mark the end of our already faltering title charge and it will just be another of those season where it promised much, delivered little.

But rest assured my fellow fans, no matter what the outcome of tonight's match, we will come back strong and we know what this Liverpool team are capable of. Never write them off in any sort of circumstances. The spirit of Anfield, Istanbul and Cardiff never dies and hopefully, just like how Schumi is feeling now, we have nothing to lose and we will have to try and have a go at Manchester United, knowing that we are Liverpool and in football, everything is possible.

Will it all ends tonight? Or is it just a spark of the next dawn?

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