Thursday, October 26, 2006

Reds Survived Comeback

Carling Cup

LIVERPOOL 4 - 3 Reading

LIV - Fowler (44min), Riise (45min), Paletta (49min), Crouch (77min);
REA - Bikey (75min), Lita (80min), Long (84min);

A thrilling 7 goals thriller that's not shown on the Satellite Cable TV over here in Singapore. All I had is the YouTube video (on the post below) and of course through SportsCentre.

It's nice to see them back to winning ways despite conceding more goals. Liverpool seemed to have killed the game off when Crouch scored with a cool finish. But the resurgence of Reading seemed to have coincided with Rafa's decision to blood the youths by bringing on James Smith and Danny Guthrie. Perhaps inexperience in the side made us vulnerable and conceded late goals. But they managed to hold on to a slender 1 goal lead and will now face Coca Cola Championship side Birmingham City, whom will want to forget about the previous meeting with the Reds, which ended up with a 7-0 demolision.

Fowler wore the Liverpool captain's armband for the first time since 2001 and led by example by scoring an brilliant goal. The finish was calm, composed and exquisite. Only a player blessed with technique will be able to execute that with such perfection.

Riise's goal was pretty weird. He tried a pot shot at the 'keeper and he saved it, but unfortunately the rebound found it's way back to Riise who took his second chance well, bottom right corner of the net. Paletta headed in the corner from Pennnt brilliantly. It shows that we're training hard at our set pieces as it has been rare that we score from set plays while the previous 4 games notched up 3 goals from corners.

I will not be surpised to see Robbie Fowler in the starting eleven against unbeaten Aston Villa this weekend. But judging by Rafa's selection policy, it seemed Kuyt and Crouch to be the more probable partnership.

As some of you know, Dirk Kuyt's ailing father will be in the stands watching him and I'm sure Dirky wouldn't want to disappoint his dad. We have hungry strikers, but the rest of the team needs to buck up with their ideas and start to stand up and be counted. "Give yourself a chance to be heroes." Now is the time.

(Credits to GettyImages for the picture)


Emma said...

I didn't see it, because England sucks and you have to overpay for cable. :( And my friends are all saying Crouchie is ugly, I feel quite upset. :(


I thought it's on ITV or something? Hmm heard the coverage isn't great over there haha oh well, better than us I guess.

Ask em to see Crouch in the PES and they'll know what's uglier haha!

RedsMan said...

Crouch maybe ugly but he still scores!

I was feeling quite high seeing 3-0 with Spurs hammering them too, then the consolation came and I thought 'Bah! 3-1! OK.', then Crouchie comes on, dribs the keeper, 4-1, yes! Then we conceded two more! Phew! But Fowler's influence was superb, Pennant's too and there are a few who dislike Pennent but he was delivering and jinking about the place. Fowler's touch for his goal and the one-two with Crouch was vintage Fowler, I wonder if he will fight the cause for us and return us back to winning ways from home.

Good for Paletta to get forward and score, I wish her and Agger could get more experience and strength our defence. I hope now for a surging performance on Saturday, we could do with it.



You got to watch the match? Lucky you. Kuyt was pretty unlucky not to score as well! Hopefully we build on this of course. How's Paletta looking?