Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pub Quiz Answers

1. What year did Dennis Bergkamp (above) join Arsenal?

A: It was back in 1995. Signed by then manager, Bruce Rioch. He costed £7.5m from Internazionale.

2. Arsenal bought Thierry Henry in 1999 from which team?

A: Juventus for £11m. He was used as a winger for them and he found it hard to cope in the Italian Serie A.

3. Which 2 Italian players in the 2006 World Cup winning team are NOT born in Italy?

A: Mauro Camoranesi and Simone Perotta. Camoranesi, the Juventus midfielder, chose to play for Italy despite being born in Argentina.

Simone Perotta, meanwhile, was born in Manchester, England. He lived in England till 6 before moving back to Italy.

4. Name 5 uncapped English players who have been sold for 7million GBP and above.

A: Kevin Davies, Carl Cort, Dean Richards, Dean Ashton and Ashley Young.

5. Which English footballer have never gotten in the book or sent off in his 20 year playing career?

A: Gary Lineker, one of the most prolific goal scorer for England.

England's Footballers In Their Youthful Days

Scholes...Beckham...Owen... You name it.

I'm in awe of that Michael Owen goal near the end of the clip. Wow.

Disgraceful YouTube Video

This is a disgrace at the highest order. I saw a post on Red And White Kop about a video that is on YouTube that is a 'tribute' to the 96 who passed on during the Hillsbrough incident. Even when I'm typing this, the video IS still on YouTube and easily available.

I've watched only half of video and I tell you, I'm sick in the stomach. The poster is known to be a United fan and this is just bang right out of order. I just can't find words to describe how utterly disgusted I am.

I understand every club has it's 'black sheeps', idiotic fans who act like cretins on the net. But posting videos of a tragedy and then a bunch of people laughing at it?

You deserve time with you fellow red devils, down below.

(Watch at your own risk)

F**king pissed.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Reds Draw PSV

The draw for the 2006/07 Champions League quarter and semi finals are out and as the English teams were kept apart, Liverpool will have to overcome Dutch giants, PSV Eindhoven, who have just sent Arsenal packing from the competition.

I was so adamant that we'll get PSV and was pleased to get the draw. It's not because they seemed to be the weakest amongst the 8 on paper but more like getting a revenge.

The man in charge of PSV is none other than Ronald Koeman, the man who plotted our exit from last season's Champions League with Benfica. He's reknown for his continental style tactics, tight defences and counter attacks. We've seen what he has done over at Benifca last season when he took them all the way to the quarter finals before getting dumped out by champions elect, Barcelona.

It's surprising how far Koeman have taken them to this season with players of inferior quality and even managed to gun down the Gunners. It just says a lot about Koeman and his team. They're hard to beat, disciplined and well drilled. It's certainly not an easy draw for us at all.

His continental style of coaching might just be a wee bit similar to Rafa's, as both teams are terribly hard to break down. It'll definitely be a close game but the advantage Liverpool have on their hands would be the fact that the second leg of the quarter finals will be at Anfield, the fortress of noise.

Quarter Finals Draw

AC Milan (Ita) vs Bayern Munich (Ger)

PSV Eindhoven (Hol) vs LIVERPOOL (Eng)

Roma (Ita) vs Man Utd (Eng)

Chelsea (Eng) vs Valencia (Esp)

Semi Finals:

AC Milan or Bayern Munich VS Roma or Man Utd.

PSV Eindhoven or LIVERPOOL VS Chelsea or Valencia

That actually means, we MIGHT see yet another Chelsea vs Liverpool semi finals. BRING IT ON.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Oscar Awards Part 2

The protagonist is none other than the world's greatest actor, Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

UEFA on the other hand, should set up an award for these professionals as well. Well done!

Champions League Round-up

There will be 8 teams in the hat for the draw tomorrow at ancient Athens, the venue for this year's Champions League final. Not much surprises when it comes to the composition of the quarter finals as all of the 8 teams have done well or just enough to squeeze through.

It has been a week of high drama. From Anfield to Mestalla. From Emirates to San Siro. Ever match provided entertainment of the highest class and not a minute of it gone down the drain.

Liverpool provided perhaps, the best result of the round despite the 1-0 defeat at Anfield. They managed to defy all critics and doubts about their credential by kicking out the defending champions with 2 excellent performances. The 2006 Kings of Europe were stymied and were perhaps, a little fortunate to escape Anfield with a win, just like their counterparts over the weekends, Man Utd.

As Riijkaard mentioned, with a bit of luck, the Reds could go all the way.

Arsenal Shocked At Home

Crashing out of the Champions League is pretty hard to take for a team that actually went all the way to the finals last season. But to crash out of all domestic cup competition in 11 days is pure heartbreaking.

The way they lost to PSV sums up their problems this season. Over-elaborating of plays and just like Liverpool, failure to put the final sword stroke. It's already an uphill task considering that pretty ridiculous defeat at Eindhoven a fortnight ago. Now with talisman, Thierry Henry, rumoured to be out for a couple of weeks, where will the Gunners go from here?

Is Wenger going to be oh so stubborn and stick to his 'beautiful football' philosophy? Or doing something pragmatic and get the right results?

French Champion Stunned

Lyon were in the driving seat after holding Roma at the Stadio Olimpico 2 weeks ago. They're always touted to be the black horse of the Champions League but never fulfilled their 'potential'. This time round, it was the Romans who dashed Gerard Houllier's dream. The Frenchman plotted their downfall back in 2001 with Liverpool and seemed like the men from the eternal city have gotten their revenge.

Especially with goal like this:

Milan Breaks Celtic Hearts

It took a brilliant individual goal from Brazilian, Kaka, to seal the win for the Rosseneri. Celtic did well to hold out for a draw at Celtic Park and they're undaunted by the former champions of Europe even at the intimidating San Siro. Goalkeeper, Arthur Boruc, put up a fine display and thwarted Milan's effort.

But when the magician weaves his magic, who's going to stop him?

Real Falters. Capello Under Pressure

Now, the Galacticos' policy of changing a manager every year seemed to be underway again after last night's result. How absurd was it to concede a goal 10 seconds into the game? Used to be known as one of the best left backs in the world, Roberto Carlos' first touch of a rapist let Hasan Salihamidzic intercept before placing the ball through the static Real defence and Roy Makaay to slam home.

As usual, Real Madrid's defence were again not present last night. Only Casillas bothered to turn up and the rest, like I've always said in a sarcastic tone, were scare crows.

Larsson Delight For United

His last game for United before moving back to his beloved Helsingborg, Henrik Larsson provided cheers for the United fans as they triumphed over the whiny French side, Lille, to advance to the next round. Nothing really interesting happened but I was quite amused to see how Mikael Silvestre got injured.

He headbutted the ground. Well, not so much of a loss, eh?

Portugese Provided Scare For Mourinho

His post match interview sounded as if he was the one who scored the winner for them. Self-important as usual, the man was nearly undone by a surprisingly good Porto side. Robben provided the equaliser after Ricardo Quaresma scored for Porto. Ballack was on hand to finish off the job with a brilliant 'volleyball' move.

Ugly News, Right At The Back

I've decided not to comment on anything Valencia and Inter after what happened post game. Just know that Valencia went through. Period.

Last 8:

Man Utd (Eng)
Chelsea (Eng)
AC Milan (Ita)
Roma (Ita)
PSV Eindhoven (Hol)
Bayern Munich (Ger)
Valencia (Esp)

Stay tune!

Pub Quiz Time!

Come on guys, it's time to wreck your brain again! Try this 5 questions below:

1. What year did Dennis Bergkamp (above) join Arsenal?

2. Arsenal bought Thierry Henry in 1999 from which team?

3. Which 2 Italian players in the 2006 World Cup winning team are NOT born in Italy?

4. Name 5 uncapped English players who have been sold for 7million GBP and above.

5. Which English footballer have never gotten in the book or sent off in his 20 year playing career?

Answers to be out on Saturday! Go ahead and try it.

*edit: A mistake in Qns 3. There were 2.

Now That'll Teach You To Stop Messi-ng With Us

I quote Barcelona's Argie wonderkid, Lionel Messi after having the knowledge that his team are drawn against Liverpool 3 months back.

Barcelona winger Lionel Messi reckons Liverpool will be scared stiff going into their Champions League clash with the Spanish champions.

The 19-year-old, who is targeting the fixtures for his return from injury, believes his side are firm favourites to progress into the quarter-finals.

"Any rivals are dangerous in Europe at this time but Liverpool are a team that can be beaten by Barcelona. Lyon are the most difficult today," said Messi.

"I expect an open game because the English play without defensive caution and with a style similar to Barcelona.

"Sincerely, I believe Liverpool are worried about playing against us because we are the champions of Europe and that strikes fear in any rivals.

"I desire to travel to Liverpool with much work done and holding an advantage to qualify for the next round.

"A 2-0 or 3-0 score will be perfect for Barca.

"Always, we need to not concede a goal in Camp Nou to avoid problems at Anfield."

The Argentinean admits having a Spanish contingent could work in Liverpool's favour.

He said: "The Reds are a peculiar team. They play in England but the style of the coach and many of the players is nearly Spanish. This will be an extra problem for Barcelona."
Eat your words and have you enjoyed your time in Mr. Arbeloa's pockets? I was extremely bemused to see him saying English side play without defensive caution. And Liverpool actually managed to get past them with defensive steel and resilience.

How words can come back and bite your arse.

Oh, and where are those people who said we will stand no chance against Barcelona? Come out of your woodwork now!

Had Me In Stitches

Sarcasm at it's best.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lost The Battle, Won The War

Support. Determination, Belief.

Last night will yet again be in the long list of 'Great European Nights' as the Anfield faithful sang their hearts out, driving the home team to successfully repel the force and might of Barcelona.

'Football philistines' they called themselves, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, the new owners of Liverpool, were in for something last night. When the Kopites broke out in yet another rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone', you could see the awestruck face of the two American tycoons.

They might have went round the world watching different sports but no doubt, it will be the once in a lifetime experience for the duo. Never will they see such a huge crowd of passionate fans which exhibit such support and belief in their team. Even the hardest of hearts will be moved by the tenacity

Even the Barcelona fans joined in the song and started taking photos of the Kop End. The rare sight of a cult following at the Merseyside, something which is seldom seen in modern day football.

But other than the 12th men, it was the other 11 on the field that got the team this far. When the names were drawn from the pot, Barcelona and Liverpool, you could tell that many wouldn't fancy us against the reigning champions of Europe. But 3 months on, who could've thought of it.

The way in which Liverpool made the best club side in the world looked rather ordinary was perhaps down to Rafa's understanding of Barcelona, his tactical nous and ability to motivate the players for such a huge encounter.

Throughout the 180 minutes of football, you could tell who deservedly went through. It was Liverpool who kept things under control throughout the 2 legs and never did the Reds give in to the seduction of Ronaldinho & Co. They were closely watched by the patrolling midfielders and were stopped in their tracks by Carragher and his rear guards.

Beautiful football aside, they were not allowed to play in their usual flowing and flamboyant mode. They were devoid of spaces to move and routes for their passes were blocked. Supply lines cut, there was nothing the people from the front line could do.

Rijkaard will certainly look back at the first leg in which he went a step too far and underestimated Liverpool. He isolated his defenders and even when he knew a draw would be a good enough result for them, he decides to finish Liverpool off.

But how wrong was he to undermine Rafa's tactical brilliance. They're punished in the first leg and everybody will look back and say, Barcelona threw it away.

Even though those predictable tabloid newspaper tried to overturn the Liverpool vessel, through adversities, there were heroes. The two men in the headlines for the wrong reason, Bellamy and Riise, were to create such an impact in this last 16 clash. Although both were not on the score sheet last night, they did just enough to help Liverpool steer clear.

Riise's attacking instinct was never in doubt. He was often deployed as a left back in Premiership games but once Rafa gave him the permission to roam, he did it in style. He was a thorn in Barcelona's defence and could've scored more than one if lady luck was on his side.

Actually, lady luck haven't been smiling on Merseyside for the past 4 days as Liverpool succumbed to 2 very unfortunate defeats. But whatever, who needs her help when the 11 men on the pitch and the 12th off it were able to pull through.

The team showed great character and team work, running their heart out for each other. It was particularly pleasing to see players tracking back after losing possession and not stand around looking for others to blame. Gerrard running at full speed almost all the time and Sissoko getting stuck in at every possible moment although the Malian face consequences with a ban for the next quarter finals match.

Enough plaudits have been given to the rearguards and I don't think we could use words to thank the lot of them.

Most importantly, it was the air of belief in Anfield last night that enabled them to have that extra spring in their step. It was electrifying and all credit to the Anfield crowd, it was another fantastic experience despite sitting at home, watching by myself. As they sang 'You'll Never Walk Alone', I know I don't.

A Look Round Anfield

What Do Sore Losers Do?

Last night, right after Valencia's triumph over Inter Milan in the Champions League, a huge brawl kicked off and again, it was utterly disgraceful.

Valencia held to the 2-2 scoreline back from San Siro a fortnight ago and perhaps due to the fact that the Inter players were sore losers, kicked up a big fuss and it turned into a full fledged cat and mouse game.

I was laughing at the Valencia player who hit someone in the face before running off and everyone tried to rugby tackle him.

But honestly, what has football became? Every week we get the same ol sh*t. Talking point no longer focus on the pitch but on fracas and fight club imitations. Someone better sort these people out before they ruin our beautiful game.

Reds Through To The Quater Finals

Nervy End As Liverpool Slip Through With Away Goal Rule

UEFA Champions League

LIVERPOOL (2) 0 - 1 (2) Barcelona
(Liverpool through on away goals)

BAR - Gudjohnsen (75min);

If there is any further proof of Liverpool needing a top marksman in the team this summer, one could turn to watch the Reds' past 2 games and you could see the inadequacy among a group of well trained and fantastically organised team.

At the end of the day, it's the score that matters.

But Liverpool, being oh so generous, escaped from being royally punished by a plucky Barcelona side, who were once again, stifled and found it hard to get any sort of momentum at Anfield. Perhaps surrounded by the infamous wall of noise within the 'Red Cauldron', their limbs were stiff and looked intimidated. The 12th men prevailed in the end.

With the two new owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett among the Anfield crowd to revel in the awesomeness of the support shown by the Kopites, they will be well pleased that they have someone in Rafa Benitez, who yet again came up with the plan that foiled Barcelona's dream of retaining the European Cup.

With Liverpool setting out the same first eleven just as they did on the reverse fixture a fortnight ago, Frank Rijkaard signaled his intent of grabbing a famous win at Anfield with an adventurous 3-4-3 tactics, the same one which they used to beat Real Zaragoza recently.

With the Kopites singing 'Fields of Anfield Road' at their top of their voices, Liverpool drew inspiration from the magical 'European Nights' and came out top for the first half of the game. They contained Barcelona, closed down spaces well, man-marked Ronaldinho, Eto'o and Messi out of the game, forced Valdes into making some huge saves and also rattled the crossbar twice.

John Arne Riise, who have been deployed as a left back most of the time, found his attacking instinct when Rafa placed him on the left of midfield instead. He fired a warning shot at Valdes' goal and found lots of space on the left. Not afraid to unleash his famous 'thunderbolt' shots, he was unlucky not to get on the score sheet.

Momo Sissoko must have felt total injustice as Liverpool fans held their breathe when Valdes' poor clearance was intercepted by the Malian and with no time to adjust, he took a pot shot at the vacated goal. It dipped, but not enough as it clips the crossbar and out.

Liverpool were on top for the first half as Barcelona could only find their fluidity within their own half as the Reds' midfielders, Xabi Alonso, Sissoko, Gerrard and Riise were everywhere to close down spaces, making life very difficult for Barcelona.

Second half started just like the first, as Liverpool toiled on to find the all important goal which will quash any hope of a Barcelona comeback. Gerrard's brilliant cross was too high for Kuyt, who leaped like a salmon, but Bellamy, who was behind him, was too slow to react and it was yet another chance wasted.

But Barcelona began to dominate the game as they found more spaces and with Rijkaard throwing his kitchen sink at the Reds. They ended the game with Giuly, Gudjohnsen, Ronaldinho and Messi all as strikers.

Liverpool's wastefulness was nearly punished by a rather subdued Ronaldinho, who took his chance when the Reds' defence went to sleep. As he was one on one with Reina, the player voted world's best player could only hit it against the post. A scare for Liverpool but also a warning sign of things to come.

Eidur Gudjohnsen was sent on for Samuel Eto'o, who was kept quiet during the course of the match. The former Chelsea man will be remembered for that miss 2 years back when his shot flew right across the goal mouth.

But this time round, he didn't let Liverpool off the hook as he timed his run perfectly, rounded Jose Reina before slotting the ball into an empty net. Now the Anfield crowd started to get really nervous and it'll be an absolute nightmare if Barca were to score another.

But the crowd cheered them on, faithfully believing that Rafa's men will be able to stop the wave and go through safely.

Peter Crouch nearly found the answer to the Kopites' prayer as Jermaine Pennant's cross was met by his outstretched leg, but he fired it over from 6 yards out. You'll think it's easier to score that miss it.

In the end, Liverpool held on to a famous victory, one in which vice captain, Jamie Carragher, announced as 'one of the best European result'. Although Barcelona did get the goal, they were nullified and were never really in control of the game. Liverpool stifled their 3 pronged attacking with effectiveness and organisation.

Praises will no doubt be heaped upon the immense performance of Jamie Carragher and his rear guards. He seemed to have found the hunger and form which won Liverpool the coveted European Cup 2 seasons ago and was there to cut out every pass, doing his famous last ditch tackles and keeping the back line tight.

As the Liverpool fans sang 'We Dream Of A Team Of Carragher', it'll no doubt be a team which will be unbeaten. But don't bank on him to score the goals as his colleagues at the front line continue to misfire.

Drogballs' Player Ratings:

Reina (7)
- Didn't have much to do but showed confidence and made the penalty box his

Finnan (8) - Went forward to provide width. Silenced Ronaldinho and a couple of great tackles
Carragher (9) - Tackles, interceptions, headers. Immense. Colossal (Man of the match)
Agger (7) - With Carra beside him, what does he need to do? Assured performance though
Arbeloa (7) - At fault for the goal as he played Gudjohnsen onside, but did well to mark Messi

Gerrard (capt) (8) - Threatened down the right and made impact. Should have scored
Alonso (7) - A couple of good tackles and found his range of passing
Sissoko (8) - Covered every blade of grass. Energetic and surprisingly composed at times
Riise (8) - Never afraid to take a shot. Found his attacking instinct and unlucky not to score

Bellamy (7) - Not as effective as the first leg
Kuyt (8) - Energetic, passionate and tried his best

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Make Or Break For The Reds

It's the battle of the English and Spanish giants once again as they clash at Anfield tonight. Both the team suffered defeats at the hands of their rivals with Barca going down 2-1 to Sevilla and Liverpool losing 1-0 to Man United.

But this will altogether be a different game as the teams will approach this game with a thought in mind that will most definitely strike fear in the hearts of fans and players alike. That is to wake up tomorrow morning, knowing that there will not be Champions League football anymore.

For Barcelona, it's about defending the title. No team since the 80s have successfully won the European Cup consecutively as teams often failed to live up to their expectations right after winning it. The pressure from the press made it more if a daunting task. Therefore Barca will look to break that curse of the winner and retain the European Crown.

But for Liverpool, it's more than that. It's the lifeline of the 06/07 season, for the players and also the club. Out of both domestic cup competitions earlier, the Reds need to revive their season with perhaps, another European Cup to show for. League title was gone far too early and Rafa's habit of winning a major cup every season at Liverpool might just come to an end.

And it was made a far more intriguing tie after what happened in the first leg held at the Nou Camp. Liverpool surprised the majority of the people, coming away with a 2-1 win over the shell-shocked Barcelona side. With 2 away goals, Liverpool seemed to be in the driving seat.

But we're talking about Barcelona here. It's Ronaldinho, Messi and Eto'o, all in the same team.

They have the magicians and artisans on their side. With Rijkaard, a former classy player himself, in the hot seat, you could expect Barcelona to come and have a go at Liverpool. Why not? Since they're trailing and they HAVE the quality to beat Liverpool at Anfield, the place were the home team only conceded 4 goals in the Premiership thus far.

But Liverpool always possess the spirit and belief in them, especially up against a gargantuan. David and Goliath fights are something Rafa made them to specialise and even though they're the favourites for this game, they know that on paper, they're an echelon below.

Both the managers know the season is on the line. It won't be a half hearted effort from either of the team and you could smell a fantastic game is on the cards. It certainly won't disappoint.

It's also about how the two teams bounce back from the disappointments over the weekends and showing their true character.

This game is not for the faint hearted. Brace yourself for a titanic encounter.

When They Were Young

We're used to seeing adult men running about the field and also idolise some of them. But do you really know how they looked like when they're younger? Well, I found something!

From Metric-March:





And the master used to have such thick growth of hair!


Looked like the very mischievous boy from the movie 'Babel'. You know, that one, peeped into the toilet then...never mind!


Cristiano Ronaldo's long lost brother.


Even in his childhood days, he looked so angsty. Poor boy.


Suave as ever, man.





Bless him in that NEverton shirt. He was once chubby as well!


We told you he's fat. I told you he's fat. Now, that's quite a fact.



Don't look very much different. eh?


Cesc Fabregas' long lost brother.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

Well, I'm back a little earlier from the vacation and is here to write another one of those posts that summarises everything that happened in the Premiership over the weekends.

The Insurmountable Lead At The Top

Of course the major talking point of this week will have to be the match at Anfield, were Man United performed a smash and grab act and got all 3 points as they moved a step closer to reclaiming the Premiership title for the first time in 4 years.

The writings are on the wall and it's already written in the stars that United ARE going to win it because of the way they did it at Anfield. It's the 'form of the champion' they call it, that sometimes, you don't deserve the results but it just goes your way.

Looking back at Chelsea for the last 2 seasons and also even Liverpool in last season's FA Cup, there's something going on among the winners. They often showed resilience and even a bit of ridiculous result here and there before reaching the very summit. The way in which United won the game at Anfield was not the nicest but possibly the most effective one.

Anyway, away from the fact that United are marching on to the title, I have to say that full credit to Xabi Alonso who stayed on his feet and not over-reacting over Paul Scholes' drunkard fist that predictably, went awry just like most of his tackles.

We have been banging on how footballers nowadays are a bunch of actors and a slight touch here and there, they go down like a sack of sh*t or act as if sniper was on the rooftop of the stadium. He walked off disgusted but never did he tried to gain attention of the referee by going down, rolling about and whining. Fair play to Xabi Alonso.

Feeling For The Hammers

It's a torrid time to be a West Ham fan. It really is. I sat down watching that 4-3 defeat to Tottenham on Sunday at a McDonald's that showed the live telecast of the match, most of the people in there had the same reaction when Paul Staltieri tucked in the rebound, last minute of the game.

They had their hands on the back of their head. Such disappointment happened in such an open and fantastic game of football. But just like the Liverpool vs Man United game, football IS cruel and that's that.

It was like the FA Cup finals happening once again. A deja vu that will pierce through the hardest of hearts among the Hammers faithful. They took the lead, looked comfortable but got absolutely nothing in the end.

Except that this time, they might not only get nothing out of this but it could also have a serious implications and their future in doubt. Where are the Hammers heading? Most sane men would say 'Championship, my dear....'

Weekend Premiership Results:

Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd
Arsenal 2-1 Reading
Fulham 1-1 Aston Villa
Man City 0-1 Wigan
Newcastle 0-0 Middlesbrough
Sheff Utd 1-1 Everton
Watford 2-2 Charlton
Portsmouth 0-2 Chelsea
Bolton 1-2 Blackburn
West Ham 3-4 Tottenham

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Smash & Grab At Anfield

United Moves 12 Points Clear As Liverpool Stumble At Home

English Premiership

LIVERPOOL 0 - 1 Man Utd.

MANU - O'Shea (91min);

First of all, to all my fellow Liverpool fans, welcome to the reality of football. However gutted, disgusted or pissed you are with this result, understand that these things happens in football. They hit you right in the face like a sucker punch and as a fan, you've got to learn and take it and live with it.

Man United came to Anfield, nullified and silenced but a 'daylight robbery' act got them all 3 points and it was a magnificent result for them as they now move a step closer to reclaiming the Premiership title after the years of exile. They were battered by the Reds but showed resilience and had their keeper, van der Saar to thank.

Well, what to say? It's 'luck of the champion' as they call it. And the writing's on the wall, that Man United will now go on to win it. I'm so adamant because of the way they got all 3 points today and also, last week at Craven Cottage.

It also highlighted Liverpool's shortcoming in terms of applying the finishing touch and the lack of a real goal scorer. The cutting edge in the team is obviously missing and even when they piled so much pressure on United, they didn't find the break though and got hit right in the face. The goal was scored at such a time which Liverpool had absolutely no reply to it.

But looking back, just what if the referee had given Craig Bellamy the goal that is supposed to stand. It could've changed the game. But it's Bellamy again involved in the turning point of the game.

Rafa's decision to take out Bellamy when he's playing a blinder is shocking and I thought it was an abysmal decision on Benitez's part.

At the end of the day, Liverpool only have themselves to blame. For squandering the chances presented, not having the cutting edge in front of goal and honestly, bottled it.

It was an intense match at the beginning and Liverpool showed the initiative to have a go at United and although the Red Devils was pressurised, they stood firm and had a couple of chances for themselves as well. Rooney shot into the side netting while Ronaldo skies his shot after Henrik Larsson's backheel went in his path.

Daniel Agger was the man who fired the first warning shot at United as he once again uses his cultured left foot to power a shot towards van der Saar's goal but was just too high. Riise went the closest when his free kick swerved just wide off the goal. Half the ground thought it was in.

Liverpool gained the upper hand in terms of possession and had a whole lot of corner kicks but then again, it came to nothing most of the time. When Bellamy ran into the United box and centred the ball, Kuyt was a pace too slow to connect with it. It just underlined the lack of quality finisher in the squad.

Then the 'whirlwind' second half kicked off with Liverpool going one gear up and you could see United were stretched. Vidic had a torrid time watching Bellamy, who ran rings round him at times.

But even with Liverpool stepping up the pace and the Anfield faithful cheering the Reds on, the opening goal was to no avail. Craig Bellamy placed the ball in the net but was ruled offside. Replays showed that he was in an onside position and a refereeing decision that wasn't in their way.

Liverpool continued to get the lion share of possession but didn't really threaten the United goal further until substitute, Peter Crouch was found unmarked at the back post. He hesitated to head the ball goal wards and in lieu, he chested the ball and fired the ball but van der Saar pulled off a fantastic save to thwart the bean-pole striker's effort.

And by then, you could tell that it just isn't going to be Liverpool's day. Lady Luck was apparently smiling towards the side which have been favourites for the title thus far. Giggs won a free kick on the right hand side of Liverpool and Ronaldo fired the free kick into the area. Saha and Reina clashed for the ball but an unmarked O'Shea was on hand to finish the task of.

What an unbelievable result for United, as they marched on to the summit. Liverpool were made to rue those missed chances and the fans, with their hands on their head, going home with an empty feeling.

Reminisce of last season's fixture at Old Trafford came flooding back into my mind when it went in. It was a horrible feeling. Rio Ferdinand gave them all 3 points despite the Reds playing well. Now it's O'Shea that is here to haunt us.

That's football. How random and how unpredictable things can get in a match of 90 minutes. You could say we 'deserved' it but at the end of the day, it's probably the one that bury the once chance that deserves everything.

Chins up, my fellow Reds. Get behind the team once again on Wednesday for yet another titanic clash with Barcelona and hopefully, it wouldn't be the same deja vu feeling again. The feeling of blowing things up hurts. Give us something to heal the pain.