Monday, March 05, 2007

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

Well, I'm back a little earlier from the vacation and is here to write another one of those posts that summarises everything that happened in the Premiership over the weekends.

The Insurmountable Lead At The Top

Of course the major talking point of this week will have to be the match at Anfield, were Man United performed a smash and grab act and got all 3 points as they moved a step closer to reclaiming the Premiership title for the first time in 4 years.

The writings are on the wall and it's already written in the stars that United ARE going to win it because of the way they did it at Anfield. It's the 'form of the champion' they call it, that sometimes, you don't deserve the results but it just goes your way.

Looking back at Chelsea for the last 2 seasons and also even Liverpool in last season's FA Cup, there's something going on among the winners. They often showed resilience and even a bit of ridiculous result here and there before reaching the very summit. The way in which United won the game at Anfield was not the nicest but possibly the most effective one.

Anyway, away from the fact that United are marching on to the title, I have to say that full credit to Xabi Alonso who stayed on his feet and not over-reacting over Paul Scholes' drunkard fist that predictably, went awry just like most of his tackles.

We have been banging on how footballers nowadays are a bunch of actors and a slight touch here and there, they go down like a sack of sh*t or act as if sniper was on the rooftop of the stadium. He walked off disgusted but never did he tried to gain attention of the referee by going down, rolling about and whining. Fair play to Xabi Alonso.

Feeling For The Hammers

It's a torrid time to be a West Ham fan. It really is. I sat down watching that 4-3 defeat to Tottenham on Sunday at a McDonald's that showed the live telecast of the match, most of the people in there had the same reaction when Paul Staltieri tucked in the rebound, last minute of the game.

They had their hands on the back of their head. Such disappointment happened in such an open and fantastic game of football. But just like the Liverpool vs Man United game, football IS cruel and that's that.

It was like the FA Cup finals happening once again. A deja vu that will pierce through the hardest of hearts among the Hammers faithful. They took the lead, looked comfortable but got absolutely nothing in the end.

Except that this time, they might not only get nothing out of this but it could also have a serious implications and their future in doubt. Where are the Hammers heading? Most sane men would say 'Championship, my dear....'

Weekend Premiership Results:

Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd
Arsenal 2-1 Reading
Fulham 1-1 Aston Villa
Man City 0-1 Wigan
Newcastle 0-0 Middlesbrough
Sheff Utd 1-1 Everton
Watford 2-2 Charlton
Portsmouth 0-2 Chelsea
Bolton 1-2 Blackburn
West Ham 3-4 Tottenham


Pedro Morgado said...

Tottenham played a fantastic game. I hope the next game, in Braga, will be so spectacular as this one. You're welcome in Braga in this fantastic stadium!


Oh, so Spurs are playing Braga next? UEFA Cup I assume?

psychohare said...

Braga, cool name!
I hope World Cup comes to the US, we got quite a few stadiums here, the one (Qwest Field: in my city is like around 65k i think. And there's like one of those stadiums in every American football team. Well too bad baseball stadiums and Basketball arenas cant be involved in world cup, maybe Olympics!


Braga's in Portugal. Pretty cool place. Well, perhaps the 2018 World Cup might be back in the States who knows. Sepp Bladder dropped a huge hint when he said England might not get it because it might not even be in Europe. So, it's a huge bombshell.