Saturday, March 10, 2007

Disgraceful YouTube Video

This is a disgrace at the highest order. I saw a post on Red And White Kop about a video that is on YouTube that is a 'tribute' to the 96 who passed on during the Hillsbrough incident. Even when I'm typing this, the video IS still on YouTube and easily available.

I've watched only half of video and I tell you, I'm sick in the stomach. The poster is known to be a United fan and this is just bang right out of order. I just can't find words to describe how utterly disgusted I am.

I understand every club has it's 'black sheeps', idiotic fans who act like cretins on the net. But posting videos of a tragedy and then a bunch of people laughing at it?

You deserve time with you fellow red devils, down below.

(Watch at your own risk)

F**king pissed.


psychohare said...

well, we can easily reply them with a classic like this:


yea..but that's on a totally different level...

Hafiz said...

An eye for an eye, will make the world go blind.