Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Oscar Awards Part 2

The protagonist is none other than the world's greatest actor, Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

UEFA on the other hand, should set up an award for these professionals as well. Well done!


M said...

Come on... I've seen C. Ronaldo dive before, and this ISN'T a dive.

No contact either. I mean, where does it say in the book of rules that if you jump to avoid a tackle that you have to land on your feet.

This reminds me of Gerrard's so called 'dive' against Hungary.

Do referees have some sort of simulation quota they have to meet?

Confused Football Fan said...

if liverpool bought Ronaldo in the next transfer window Iam sure your outlook would be different, does have abit of a history of diving, but he is having one hell of an amazing season so far.

Well done for you guys knocking out Barca, looks like Liverpool are the team to beat.


m: Erm, look at his reaction. If he's 'jumping' out of the tackle then why would he need to react as if he's been shot in the head?

confused: Yes, he has been absolutely fantastic this season but I wouldn't want him anywhere in Liverpool. Neither does he want anyway.

psychohare said...

it's not a dive, it's simulation, trying to fake a dive. Now that's at a higher level. Ronaldo's probably in Drogba's special class of trainees at his Diving Facility.

Hafiz said...

Technique: 5/10 (yes, not the best i've seen. As the fall wasn't convicing enough)

Effort: 7/10 (Good effort, the way he twists when he fall.)

Creativity:5/10 (Not unique enough. Just wasnt special)


psychohare said...

i think when a player does dive, they should try to make sure their feet dun curl up like Drogba's swan act. They should try to stick it as close to the opposing player, and on the ground, makes like look like they got obstructed.


Just look at that petulant face when he got the card. Pisses me right off. Go on and cry.