Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What Do Sore Losers Do?

Last night, right after Valencia's triumph over Inter Milan in the Champions League, a huge brawl kicked off and again, it was utterly disgraceful.

Valencia held to the 2-2 scoreline back from San Siro a fortnight ago and perhaps due to the fact that the Inter players were sore losers, kicked up a big fuss and it turned into a full fledged cat and mouse game.

I was laughing at the Valencia player who hit someone in the face before running off and everyone tried to rugby tackle him.

But honestly, what has football became? Every week we get the same ol sh*t. Talking point no longer focus on the pitch but on fracas and fight club imitations. Someone better sort these people out before they ruin our beautiful game.


psychohare said...

so disappointing, and this had to happen to the Nerazzuri, my favorite Italian team... (im not a glory hunter, i just liked them coz of Recoba in the good ol' CM days...)
I didnt know who that guy was until u said he's a Valencia player.. hahaha, he sure ran fast as hell there!
but yea seriously, this goes to show that the problem in Italy is not the supporters... coz even the players are influenced by violence... i dunno how it's like in Italy, but this projects a poor image, especially in a great footballing nation that has historically been known for being amazing tactically and defensively shrewd.


The player involved is David Navarro, a Valencia defender and I'm pretty sure he'll get banned for this season as far as I'm concerned. But I think there will be serious repercussion. Perhaps ban for both the clubs in all European competitions.

psychohare said...

Navarro isnt even playing... and he just had to run all the way there to punch someone... what a joke... he deserved to be charged...


Yea, he smacked Burdisso in the nose and ran off like a chicken! And Burdisso suffers broken nose.

Deserves a huge ban IMO.