Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pub Quiz Time!

Come on guys, it's time to wreck your brain again! Try this 5 questions below:

1. What year did Dennis Bergkamp (above) join Arsenal?

2. Arsenal bought Thierry Henry in 1999 from which team?

3. Which 2 Italian players in the 2006 World Cup winning team are NOT born in Italy?

4. Name 5 uncapped English players who have been sold for 7million GBP and above.

5. Which English footballer have never gotten in the book or sent off in his 20 year playing career?

Answers to be out on Saturday! Go ahead and try it.

*edit: A mistake in Qns 3. There were 2.


8ball said...

I know some without researching

1. [guess] '95
2. juventus
3. Simone Perotta
4. Carrick?
5. Gary Lineker

M said...

1) '96
2) Juve
3) Cameronesi
4) Carrick...
5) Nice Boy Lineker.

Now I'll google 'em.

Hafiz said...

1. '95?

2. Juventus

3. Duno, camoranesi any hmm .. erm...ah duno lol .. i take a dumb guess to Toni

4. Pennant, Walcott, Young, hmm who else ..

5. Gordon Banks