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Superman Returns Again! L'Pool Striker's Season Rating..

New Superman Unveilled !!


Steven Gerrard's the new Superman! Haha thanks to This Is Anfield for this brilliant photoshop pic!

Drogballs' Post Season Liverpool Player Ratings: Strikers

Deary me our strikers hasn't been good this season, have they? Hard-working but not much results..maybe a huge change is expected in this department next season.

9. Djibril Cisse - 7.5 / 10 -
This guy should always start for us in a Cup Final game because he always scores in them isn't it? He hasn't been Djibril-liant this season, but his performance was acceptable, especially near the end of the season where he did hit abit of form, scoring in FA Cup finals and I think the goal he scored was very important. It ignited the believe that we can make a comeback again after being 2-0 down. Played lots of games down the right-wing this season due to Liverpool's shortage of right-wingers. In order to be a top striker, he must be more unpredictable esecially with his speed. A long way to go for the Frenchmen, the 14mil striker that everyone hopes that he would become the next Henry. Difficult to see that coming, but I believe he will come good. He's 24 but still quite a kid, maybe he's a late bloomer like Carra...let's hope so...

11. Robbie "God" Fowler - 8/10 - The return of
the Anfield god surprises me really. I remembered I just finished playing Battlefield 2 and checking around the Liverpool website for latest news. Then I saw Robbie Fowler interview and I thought, why interview him? Maybe because he's a scouse lad after all so it doesnt really matter at all. But I was so surprised to see his 2nd coming to Anfield. I didn't have a lot of chance to see him during his first spell, but I was quite an admirer of him and his very lethal left foot. But during those days he was some sort of the party boys together with Redknapp and McManaman. Now, I watched him on telly every weekends and how much have he matured, as a player on and off the field. He might not have scored a bucketload of goals, but his hunger and determination was there for everyone to witness. He might not be as fast as Owen or Henry, but pace was never his forte anyway. His vision, teamwork, touch of a magician and the footballing brains gifted by God Himself. Not only did he add another dimension to Liverpool's play, he can act as a teacher to Liverpool strikers in the future and an example to all the youths. Great signing Rafa, hope to see him score more goals for Liverpool !

15. Peter Crouch - 7.5 / 10 - Came under intense pressure after failing to score in his first 22 games. He was bought for 7mil and there was loads of expectations from the fans. The lanky bean-pole finally scored on the game against Wigan and in
his 24th hour of goal drought. And he scored twice in that game. He didn't have a brilliant season (like other L'pool strikers) but he was the real, real hardworking one and always work his socks off. Hats off to the tall dude, he moved from Southampton to one of the most decorated club in England. He had to come under lots of pressure and expectations and early on, we could see he lacked a little confidence and belief in himself. But Rafa brought the best out of him and this season, we depended on his ability to hold up and the ball and his ' great touch for a big man' skill to lead the attack while midfielders came on to support. He too, didn't score bucketloads and frankly not Liverpool class, but his commitment to the team and his work rate was astonishing. He might just be a stop-gap for some bigger names, but still a very decent player.

19. Fernando "Good in the air!!" Morientes - 7 / 10 - Just a little better than Traore maybe? My mum's favourite player because of his looks, he came to Liverpool with a good reputation and loads of medals to show for it, but sadly underperformed for 1 1/2 years and has already left Liverpool 2 days ago. Frankly, he was really disappointing. I'm obliged to give him a 6.5 instead of a 7, but looking at his contribtions on the FA Cup Finals made me change my mind and soften my heart a little. He's a classy player, an
eye for a goal and also quite a good target man. But he never did overcome the physical intimidation of the English game and couldn't get on with the pace of it. He was often caught in possesion and didn't know what to do with it. Scored some great goals and missed some sitters as well. Still a very good striker and I wish him all the best in Spain and I'm very, very sure he'll come good at Valencia. Thanks Nando for all.

World Cup Preview: Italy

Goalkeepers: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Angelo Peruzzi (Lazio), Marco Amelia (Livorno);

Defenders: Gianluca Zambrotta (Juventus), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Fabio Cannavaro (Juventus), Fabio Grosso (Palermo), Cristian Zaccardo (Palermo), Andrea Barzagli (Palermo), Marco Materazzi (Internazionale), Massimo Oddo (Lazio);

Midfielders: Mauro Camoranesi (Juventus), Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso(Milan), Daniele De Rossi (Roma), Simone Perrotta (Roma), Simone Barone (Palermo);

Strikers: Francesco Totti (Roma), Luca Toni (Fiorentina), Alberto Gilardino, Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus), Filippo Inzaghi (Juventus), Vincenzo Iaquinta (Udinese).

* Francesco Totti has not played since breaking his leg in February.
* Referee Massimo de Santis will not officiate at the World Cup after being accused of match-fixing.

Player(s) To Watch: A whole load to choose from. Anyone from their forward line, especially Luca Toni, who scored 30 odd goals in Serie A last season. Big, strong and very physical. Andrea Pirlo could be another player to watch if he does hit top form at the right time.

Youth(s) To Watch: Daniele De Rossi. Anyone who played FM will know him for being a really good defensive midfielder and FM doesn't lie. De Rossi will turn out to be one of the best midfielders in the world some time soon. Ferocious in tackle and a commanding player, pay attention to him.

Drogballs' Prediction: Second-round. No matter how many goo players they have, Italy seemed to be a very unlucky team (something like Netherlands) and have been under-achieving for years. Now they're hit with a major football scandal and they'll all be out there proving their worth but can't see them going too far.

International Peter Crouch Day!

Busy, Busy Day
I hate friday sometimes. Okay I hate the timetable I have on Friday. I had 1 lesson and it was 4pm to 5pm. What the? So it took me 45mins to get to school and today, it was just to hand up a 12 pages long report and listen to the lecturer whine. When to TP to meet up with Jon, Jan, Rivand. Then Marg, Shihui and Wanrong joined in. The few of us were noisy enough to wake up the dead people la! Anyway finished dinner, stoned and some came over to me and marg's apartment (no we don't co-habit HAHA). Talked, rot and fooled around in the playground till all of them forgot the time of the last bus and were left stranded! Anyway had a great time and marg found her new home, the pipe!! If she goes missing, you know where to look for the yank dumb blonde! HAHA

Top 15 Goals: #12 - Peter Crouch (2nd) vs Wigan Athletic

Okay it's so weird actually. I was doing the Top 15 Liverpool goals this season. And I realised that number 13 on the chart was Morientes' goal against Anderlecht. And I posted that on my previous post stating that he has left Liverpool. So I shall skip to number 12 on the charts and it's Peter Crouch's 2nd against Wigan Athletic.

Great goal. I remembered he went on 22 games without scoring and he scored twice in that very game and me and my pals were all laughing like crazy when he scored. But wonderful technique. He timed his run perfectly and a fantastic finish.

Peter Crouch Special Part #2: DJ Crouchinho in the house, YO!

Thanks to one of the reader, Dan for sharing this really interesting clip. He's big, he's red and his feet sticks out of his bed! Who is he? Peter Crouch the DJ! Haha oh dear that was quite entertaining.

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Morientes Leaves For Valencia, World Cup Preview;


Okay went to school in the morning as usual then went home to take a nap. Met Marg the Yank at the prata house at 9pm. Everybody please call her now and listen to her yank accent! Haha its weird because I've been hearing her speaking singlish for years and 5mths in the States turn her into...A DUMB BLOND. hahaha just kidding. Sat down and chatted until weekiat, yuling, janice and rivand arrive from their beloved school. As usual talk rubbish an joked around. Take note, that THERE'S A CCTV IN PRATA HOUSE. Beware, don't argue with prata uncle over your orders! Saw kkh and xavier over there as well. You just need to drop by at the prata house to see people from pss actually. So, Marg's going back to Indo soon so do listen to her accent before she leaves!

Fernando Morientes Leaves Liverpool For Valencia

o, the summer clearout has begun and the first to fall under the fire is none other than Fernando "He's such a good header of the ball!!" Morientes. Ironically he didn't score for Liverpool with his head, did he? He left for Valencia in an 'undisclosed' fee and from that you can deduce that
1. its a loss
2. its a HUGE loss
3. its a loss so big that you'll rather not know.

Obviously he's talented and a very good striker. He did showed some of his class during his time at Liverpool and scored a few goals. But that's just about it. He could compete with Garcia as to who's the most irritating player to watch because he constantly loses ball and quite slow in his thinking. I think it's all down to him and his style of play and it doesn't suit the English game and he's not made for it. He's more used to the continental style of play, slow and steady. While the English game is all about speed, tenacity and power. So all the best Nando, I am VERY sure that you will succeed at Valencia. Thanks for being a small part of the Rafalution. Let me leave you with what I think, the best goal he has scored at Liverpool.

05/06 Top 15 Liverpool Goals: #13: Morientes vs Anderlecht:

England to win World Cup? After England B 1 - 2 Belarus B ?

I think it's about time to wake up, England. You guy's can dream about winning the World Cup after being empty-handed for 40 years, but seriously it's time to kick yourselves in the butt and start to put in effort it's still not too late to improve and Sven, it's not too late to change your bloody tactic. Sometimes it's good to lose a pre-WC friendly, this will make your team determined to do well and also makes the other team under-estimate you. Still, good luck Ingerland.

World Cup Preview

Group D: Portugal

Goalkeepers: Bruno Vale (Estrela Amadora), Quim (Benfica), Ricardo (Sporting Lisbon);

Defenders: Fernando Meira (Stuttgart), Miguel (Valencia), Marco Caneira (Sporting Lisbon), Nuno Valente (Everton), Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea), Ricardo Carvalho (Chelsea), Ricardo Costa (Porto);

Midfielders: Deco (Barcelona), Petit (Benfica), Costinha (Dinamo Moscow), Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United), Hugo Viana (Valencia), Maniche (Chelsea), Tiago (Lyon), Simao Sabrosa (Benfica);

Strikers: Helder Postiga (St Etienne), Luis Boa Morte (Fulham), Luis Figo (Internazionale), Nuno Gomes (Benfica), Pedro Pauleta (Paris St Germain)

* Pauleta enters the tournament as his country's record goalscorer, having overtaken Eusebio this season.
* Luis Figo is set to retire after the tournament, after fifteen years in the national side.

Player(s) To Watch: Obviously people like Deco, Luis Figo and Pauleta. This 3 players are going to be an essential part of this Portugeezer team. Pauleta is their top scorer while the other 2 are just plain magic and creativity. Also, there is Simao and Tiago, both of which I admired as players.

Youth(s) To Watch: I'm struggling to type it but, looking at the squad, only Cristiano Ronaldo fits the note.

Drogalls' Prediction: Second Round. They have a lot of experience, but I think they might struggle abit due to the fact that many players mentioned are not young anymore and after a long and tough season, they'll show a little fatigue.

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From Depths Of Despair To Lasting Legacy...One Year Ago, This Very Day...

Remebering 25/05/05: Ataturk Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey

Liverpool vs AC Milan

Halftime : 0 - 3
Fulltime : 3 - 3

We all know time flies. It has already been a year since Liverpool was crowned Champions of Europe. Although we have already lost the title to Barcelona of Spain, we are still the only British team to win a European Cup in the 21st Century, a proud record. I cannot believe that it was last year's this time, when every Liverpool fans alike, went through a emotional rollercoaster, waking up at 3.30am to catch your favourite team play in the biggest match of the season. And to your horror your team went 3-0 down at half time and all hopes seemed lost. Some fans switched off their TV and went back to bed. To me, it was all so blurry. I was more shocked and stunned then being disappointed. I just sat there looking at the TV during the half-time break, all the commercials didn't matter and I was just staring blank. What made me stay and watch the match, I have no idea. But of course, I never did regret it and you don't know how much it has impacted my life.

'You guys got to do some damage limitations in the 2nd half then.' - Michele Platini

'We are Liverpool, you are playing for Liverpool. Do not forget that. You have to hold your heads high for the supporters. You have to do it for them. You cannot call yourselves Liverpool players if you have your heads down. If we create a few chances we have the possibility of getting back into this. Believe you can do it and we will. Give yourselves the chance to be heroes' - Rafa Benitez's Half-time team talk.

How powerful are those words? These are the few words that sparked the greatest sporting combacks of all time and made everyon a hero. Walking out of the tunnel at half-time must be a very difficult thing for the players to do. Seeing the smug faces of the Milan players and having to endure another 45minutes of who knows what. But Liverpool fans, continued to sing their heart out and never let their heads drop. All the above mentioned are the catalysts of the comeback.

We brought on Dietmar Hamann and vaguely remembered the commentator questioning the substitution. "Why bring on a defensive midfielder when you need to score goals?" Maybe that's the beauty of the game. Unpredictable. Led by skipper, Steven Gerrard, we fought tooth to nail for every ball in the 2nd half and finally got the breakthrough. And then it's said, the rest is history.

How this game have changed lives out there. I might sound very stupid saying this, but trust me, it did. It's how we found ourselves dead and buried sometimes. But come what may, always give it a try and if there's a will, there's a way. Thsi game has given people inspirations and something to look upon. Like the recent Champions League Finals, Eto'o was quoted saying they drew the inspiration of the Istanbul comeback. No matter what, I believe that this spirit of determination will never die. This season we saw the reminsce of Istabul when we were 3-1 down to Luton and went on the win 5-3. Not too long ago in the FA Cup Finals, we once again showed that we will never surrender till the whistle blows. This spirit will transcend and passed on and on. And this story, will always be passed down and will live on, as a legacy.

Match Highlight (1min 42sec)

Here are some videos for you guys to reminsce on, and for those who have missed out of the game.

Fan Made Video (6min 6 sec)

Trophy Presentation & You'll Never Walk Alone (10min 10 secs)

Final Montage By SkySports (2min 2secs)

5 Times European Champions Montage (2min 12secs)

So I hope these pictures and videos brings back memroy of this day, last year. Fight on and don't give up. So I'll leave you with the lyrics of the inspirational song that has been sang by Liverpool fans for decades. Here it is:

You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone.

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Top 15: #14 Steven Gerrard vs Aston Villa ; Midfielders Ratings

No. 14: Steven Gerrard's 2nd vs Aston Villa

This goal was scored not too long ago, in the last game at Anfield I believe and what a scorcher. We took the lead against Villa before they equalised. Then came Steven Gerrard with 2 outstanding goals and his 2nd was a world-class goal. Superb technique and balls to try from such range, and also effectively killed Aston Villa's hope of snatching a point from Liverpool.


Liverpool's Best Performance This Season:

1. 2-1 v Chelsea 29.3%
2. 7-0 v Birmingham 24.8%
3. 6-4 v West Ham 10.9%
4. 3-1 v Everton (h) 10%
5. 3-1 v Everton (a) 6%
6. 5-3 v Luton 5.9%
7. 1-0 v Man United 4.8%
8. 1-0 v Arsenal 2.6%
9. 5-1 v Fulham 1.6%
10. 3-1 v Newcastle 1.4%

Drogballs' Post Season Player Ratings: Midfielders

7. Harry Kewell - 7.5 / 10 - After seasons of disappointments and lacklustre display for Liverpool, this guy has finally hit a little bit of form this season and shown glimpse of what he really is. Anybody lucky enough to catch him during his time at Leeds knows that he's a very, very good player and knows that he has seriously under-achieved at Liverpool this past few years. But some really good performance this season salvaged him some pride. Still, don't start him for a finals. He'll surely limp out of it.

8. Steven Gerrard (Captain) - 9 / 10 - Our Captain Marvel. To think tht he nearly joined the Russian moneybags make me cringe. But still, he, undoubtedly had one of the best season in Liverpool shirt. He leads by example and how many times had he dragged Liverpool out of troubles and revived hopes when all seemed lost. After handed the captains armband few years back, he had came a long way and matured beyond what his age reads. Although he did go missing a few games and got sent off stupidly against the Bitters, Everton, his performance this season has been superb. To be Liverpool's leading top scorer this season from the midfield position says it all. I accept the fact that he will leave us one day, so adore him while you still can, before he joins Real Madrid or Barca.

10. Luis Garcia - 7.5 / 10 - His performance this season is not as eye-catching as the last. But still Little Luis have been a fan's 'favourite'. He can be so so frustrating at times. But when he hits top form and shows a little of his magic, it's just pure joy to watch. His goal against Chelsea during the FA Cup Semi-finals must be the highlight of his season. But he transformed his passion into a little stupidity and got sent off and therefore missed the FA Cup Finals. Rumours has it that he's leaving us and back to Spain. Whatever it is, we love you Luis!

14. Xabi Alonso - 7.5 / 10 - Like Garcia, this season wasn't as good as the last. But still his performance generally has been decent and still loves to spray passes left and right. His vision and his gracefulness is something everyone should behold. At only 24, he'll become one of the best midfielders in the world if he can perform consistently. Had his off games, but his most memorable performance would be the one against Everton @ Anfield. Gerrard got sent off and his took up the responsibiliy and stamped his authority in that game. Needs to be more consistent.

16. Didi Hamann - 7.5 / 10 - Didn't play as much games as he used to, but always giving his all and regularly puts up good performances when called upon. He has become Liverpool's last throw of the dice on various occasions, FA Cup Finals and the CL Finals '05. He might not be as technicaly gifted as Ronaldinho or as pacy as Henry, but he plays the game the simple way and his technique are basic, yet effective. Has been our holding midfielder for years and great contribution to the club. Will be gutted if he leaves. Because I have been his fan since primary school days and I'm serious.

22. Mohammad Sissoko - 8 / 10 - Has been one of our better players this season and a very raw gem in my eyes. He might be rash and commit into tackles without thinking, he is one of the very reason why we had such a good League campaign this time round. His career was nearly ended by the Portugeezers. But like Liverpool as always, bounced back strongly and his performance near the end of the season has been good. When he was out, we missed his stamina, pace and those long legs of his. Never give too much of a thought when going in for a challenge and commited player. To think that he started out as a striker....come on! He can't even shoot the ball properly! To me, the closest thing to all the Patrick Vieira wanna-bes.

Tomorrow the strikers. Aw man, horror show!

World Cup Preview: S&M (oooO!) And Netherlands

Sorry, have been neglecting the World Cup Previews I promised because of various stuff. So today I'll cover the other 2 teams from Group C, or Group of Death. Serbia & Montenegro and the Netherlands.

Group C: Serbia & Montenegro

Goalkeepers: Dragoslav Jevric (Ankaraspor), Oliver Kovacevic (CSKA Sofia), Vladimir Stojkovic (Nantes);

Defenders: Goran Gavrancic (Dynamo Kiev), Ivica Dragutinovic (Sevilla), Mladen Krstajic (Schalke), Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United), Milan Dudic (Red Star Belgrade), Nenad Djordjevic (Partizan Belgrade), Dusan Basta (Red Star Belgrade);

Midfielders: Dejan Stankovic (Internazionale), Igor Duljaj (Shakhtar Donetsk), Predrag Djordjevic (Olympiacos), Ognjen Koroman (Portsmouth), Albert Nadj (Partizan Belgrade), Sasa Ilic (Galatasaray), Zvonimir Vukic (Partizan Belgrade), Ivan Ergic (Basle);

Forwards: Savo Milosevic (Osasuna), Mateja Kezman (Atletico Madrid), Nikola Zigic (Red Star Belgrade), Danijel Ljuboja, (Stuttgart), Mirko Vucinic (Lecce).

* The defence - which includes Manchester United's Nemenja Vidic - conceded only one goal in qualifying.
* Former Chelsea striker Mateja Kezman and Savo Milosevic, once of Aston Villa, lead the attack.

Player(s) To Watch: Dejan Stankovic. A very creative midfield player that's versatile and an eye for goals. Not forgetting Mateja 'I will score more goals than Henry' Kezman, who has performed wonderfully for S&M despite his indifferent form on the domestic front. Savo Milosevic is another man to watch. He had a pretty good season with Osasuna and is a excellent target-man.

Youth(s) To Watch: Mirko Vucinic. An excellent young striker.

Drogballs' Prediction: Quater-finals. They're very solid at the back as noted above and have some quality strikers to pick from. They'll be one of the black horse that surprise everyone!

Group C: Holland

Goalkeepers: Edwin van der Sar (Manchester United), Maarten Stekelenburg (Ajax), Henk Timmer (AZ Alkmaar);

Defenders: Khalid Boulahrouz (Hamburg), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Barcelona), Tim de Cler (AZ Alkmaar), Johnny Heitinga (Ajax), Kew Jaliens (AZ Alkmaar), Jan Kromkamp (Liverpool), Joris Mathijsen (AZ Alkmaar), Andre Ooijer (PSV Eindhoven);

Midfielders: Mark van Bommel (Barcelona), Phillip Cocu (PSV Eindhoven), Denny Landzaat (AZ Alkmaar), Hedwiges Maduro, Wesley Sneijder (both Ajax), Rafael van der Vaart (Hamburg);

Forwards: Ryan Babel (Ajax), Dirk Kuyt (Feyenoord), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United), Robin van Persie (Arsenal), Arjen Robben (Chelsea), Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink (PSV Eindhoven).

* Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Roy Makaay have both missed out up front.
* Tottenham's Edgar Davids and Middlesbrough's George Boateng have also been left out.

Player(s) To Watch: Obviously the Dutch is about Ruud van Nistelrooy and Arjen Robben isn't it. Take them out and they're pretty average.

Youth(s) To Watch: Now, we have a lot to pick from due to the youthfulness of this Dutch team. Ryan Babel, Van Persie and Hedwiges Maduro. Babel is excellent with the ball at his feet and van Persie, need me to introduce more? Maduro on the other hand seemed to be more low-profile but he is crafting into one of the most exciting defensive-midfielders in the world now.

Drogballs' Prediction: They will be surpris...ingly bad. Well not surprisingly but they have always been under-achievers over the years and looking at the current squad and against the team they're drawn against. Tough luck, you Oranjes. They'll be out in the group stages.

My World Cup Predictor

Quater Finals:

Argentina win Germany
Czech win France
England win Serbia & Montenegro
Brazil win Spain

Semi Finals:

Argentina win Czech Republic
Brazil win England

3rd/4th Place:

England win Czech Republic


Argentina win Brazil

So the winner will be Argentina and 3rd place will go to England. That's just a rough prediction. You can never truly predict football eh? Anyway if you're interested in predicting yourself, CLICK HERE FOR THE PREDICTOR.

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Drogballs' Pick For Liverpool's Top 15 Goals of the Season; End Of Season Player Ratings

Drogballs' Top 15 Liverpool Goals This Season

Although the Premiership season 05/06 is already over and done with, we could still look back at a very decent season for Liverpool. We've played a total of 62 games the entire season stretching back from July and the number of games we played is almost double those of Tottenham Hotspur. We have scored around a hundred goals in the 05/06 season and from now on, I'll present you my pick of the top 15 goals that has been scored by Liverpool this seasons starting tonight. My criteria for ranking these goals are base on the technique and the impact of those goals. I have to choose carefully and pick them from the 100 odd goals. So here it is...

No. 15: Luis Garcia vs Everton

We're down to 10 men against bitter rivals Everton at Anfield. Gerrard was sent off earlier in the first half and we took a surprise lead thanks to a Philly Neville's diving own goal. We then went ahead after the break through Little Luis....

Route one stuff. A long kick from Reina, a little knock on from Crouch and Little Luis, using his footballing brains tapped the ball inward and got between Stubbs and Nuno Valente before chipping the ball over Richard Wright into an unguarded net.

So, stay tune for goal number 14 to number 1!

Liverpool's Player Of The Season
You guessed it. It's none other than the skipper Steven Gerrard. His inspiration and drive has brought Liverpool into another level and often the one who revives us when we're dead and buried. From

1. Steven Gerrard 33%
2. Jamie Carragher 26%
3. Xabi Alonso 12%
4. Momo Sissoko 8%
5. Steve Finnan 4%
6. Pepe Reina 5%
7. Harry Kewell 5%
8. Sami Hyypia 2%
9. Robbie Fowler 1%
10. Peter Crouch 1%

Drogballs' 05/06 Season Player Ratings
I'll not only do a top 15 goals countdown, but I'll give ratings to the players as well. It will be based on their overall contributions and performance over the whole season. Today, I'll cover on defenders and goalkeepers:


25 Jose Reina - 7.5 / 10 - A new signing this season and proved to be a good buy. Has his ups and downs this season really. Not the best when reacting to crosses and high ball and also tend to spills shot due to his inexperience. But his penalty saving heroics in the FA Cup and his 22 clean sheets in the Premiership this season proved that he might be young, but he'll come good. Hopefully soon!

1 Jerzy Dudek - 7 / 10 - Didn't play much games with Reina taking over his position but did his job well when called upon. Never break into first team this season and he'll be disappointed by the decision to drop him from the Poland World Cup squad.


2 Jan Kromkamp - 7 / 10 - Joined Liverpool during the January transfer window. He took a little too long to settle down and get used to the pace and tenacity of the English game, but surely he looks better and I feel more secure having him than Josemi. Might be on his way out though, when Daniel Alves looks like he's coming over.

3 Steve Finnan - 8 / 10 - Hailed as Mr Consistent by fans and pundits alike, he has been one of the most improved players this season. He had quite a fatastic season this time round and has never let the team down. Although not the most pacy of fullbacks, his positioning sense covered up the flaw and he isn't too bad going forward either. Has been seen marauding down the right wing when Liverpool had the ball and has been putting in quality crosses countless times this season.

4 Sami Hyypia - 8 / 10 - He might be an ageing defender, but his performance this season has been generally good. A tower in the defence, his commanding presence brings confidence within the back four and seldom put up a bad game. Might not be too composed at times, but the cool Finn has already booked a place in every modern day Liverpool fan's heart as a legend.

6. John Arne Riise - 7.5 / 10 - His actual position was actually a winger, but was converted into a wing-back and did well enough this season. Although he has more to offer offensively than defensively, he has been part of the Liverpool defence that broke records after records this season. Has a good eye for a blast too!

21. Djimi Traore - 5 / 10 - Just pure shit, really. When you see him play or come on as a substitute, PLEASE PRAY! Thank God he's leaving soon anyway...

23. Jamie Carragher - 8.5 / 10 - He's the man isn't it? A local lad who supported bitter rivals Everton, yet playing so passionately for Liverpool. Who can doubt his professionalism and passion for us and has been rock solid again this season. He and Hyypia formed one of the most water-tight defence this season and consistently put up fantastic performances for us. Not the fastest centre-back, but his reading of the game is class.

28. Stephen Warnock - 6.5 / 10 - A good squad player, but not good enough for the first team. He's a solid, no-nonsense defender and plays abit like Carragher. Puts in fantastic crosses as well. Didn't play too many games for me to judge him though.

Alright, stay tune for goal number 14 tomorrow and World Cup Preview galore!

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The Top 10.... And Footballer's Wife!

Top 10 Premature Celebration In Sports:

1. Arsenal’s Champions League Parade: Thursday’s Highbury to Islington Town Hall route had already been ordained; yellow signs had been posted to warn off non-Arsenal fans; the open-topped bus had been booked and a podium built for Arsène Wenger to parade the Champions League trophy to his adoring throng. Come Thursday, Islington was eerily quiet, the silence broken only by council employees dismantling a podium.

2. Australia’s splash: Australia’s women brilliantly won the 4x200m freestyle relay at the world swimming championships in 2001. In fact, Petria Thomas was so chuffed she jumped back into lane seven to thrash around with joy. Over in lane five, however, the Italians had not yet finished. The Australians were disqualified by what their coach claimed was a “kangaroo court”. It was only following the koala rules, set by wallaby judges.

3. Lindsey Jacobellis’s tumble: Leading the 2006 Olympics snowboard cross at a canter, Jacobellis decided to climax with one last show-off: a hyper-difficult board-grab. She landed on the edge of her board and tumbled over, allowing Switzerland’s Tanja Frieden to take gold and relegating Jacobellis to silver. “I messed up,” she shrugged. “Oh well. It happens.”

4. Nigel Mansell’s wave: The last lap of the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix. Nigel Mansell was so far ahead that he waved to the crowd to celebrate a glorious victory over his Brazilian arch-rival Nelson Piquet. Alas, in the process, the rather bulky Brummie accidentally switched off his Renault-Williams engine and stalled the car. He finished sixth, behind even Bertrand Gachot.

5. The US basketball team’s time-out: In the 1972 Olympic final, the Americans went Cold War crazy when they led 50-49 with three seconds remaining and a time-out was called. As the Americans toasted their 63rd successive victory, the Soviet Union swept down court, Alexander Belov made a basket and his team took gold. The Americans childishly refused to accept their silvers.

6. Don Fox’s conversion: With seconds remaining in the 1968 rugby league Challenge Cup final, a drenched Wakefield Trinity scored a heart-stopping try. A simple penalty conversion in front of the posts would secure them the “watersplash” final over Leeds. Exuberant Trinity fans celebrated as man of the match and dead-eye boot Don Fox stepped up. To their horror, Fox sliced the ball wide, handing victory to Leeds. As Fox squelched off, the very apotheosis of dejection, Eddie Waring uttered the immortal words: “He’s missed it. The poor lad.”

7. Annika Sorenstam’s chip: In 2000, the Solheim Cup at Loch Lomond was going rather well for Europe and Annika Sorenstam. On the final day she chipped in for birdie at the 13th and celebrated wildly. Until the Americans pointed out she had played out of turn and the shot had to be replayed. She missed.

8. Clive Thomas’s whistle: Brazil were hugely relieved when Zico headed home a last-second winner against Sweden in their 1978 Group C game. They danced the samba, pretended it was carnival and lived up to every national stereotype, until referee Clive Thomas announced that he had already blown for time.

9. Roger Loughran’s whip salute: With the recently turned professional Irish jockey Roger Loughran aboard, Central House led as he passed what the rider thought was the winning post at last year’s prestigious Paddy Power Dial-A-Bet Chase at Leopardstown. Loughran stood up and raised his whip to salute the crowd, but he hadn’t won, he had passed a mere post, rather than the actual winning post. Central House finished third and Loughran was banned for 14 days, presumably for stupidity

10. Michael Knighton’s ball juggling :To celebrate his takeover of Manchester United in 1989 for £20m, Michael Knighton “entertained” the Stretford End at Old Trafford with a display of ball-juggling that would have put Ralph Milne to shame. Tragically (for Knighton, if not United), Knighton’s backers, perhaps unable to take him seriously, pulled out of the deal and soon he was on his way to Carlisle United.

Ever Seen Commentators THIS Crazy?
Thanks to Daryl for the link. Well we have heard Andy 'YOUUUU BEAUUUTY!' Gray's commentary on Steven Gerrard's goal from 35 yards out last week. Here's another video of that goal, but by a different commentator, this time round RadioCity. Hear the commentator scream and go bananas! It's a must watch.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOHOHHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Footballer's Wife...
How lucky are these players actually. Their salaries in a month is probably what your whole family earns in a year and..they have really beautiful wifes! Life is quite unfair sometimes..

Alessandro Del Piero...

David Trezeguet....

Tomas Rosicky...

And Oliver Kahn...

And of course there are others like Christian Vieri and Francesco Totti's...but they seemed to be nude models so..IM NOT GONNA POST THEM HERE.

World Cup Preview: Group C, Ivory Coast:

Keepers: Jean-Jacques Tizie (Esperance Tunis), Boubacar Barry Copa (Beveren), Gerard Gnanhouan (Montpellier);

Defenders: Cyrille Domoraud (Creteil), Blaise Kouassi (Troyes), Abdoulaye Meite (Marseille), Etienne Arthur Boka (Strasbourg), Abib Kolo Toure (Arsenal), Emmanuel Eboue (Arsenal), Marc Zoro (Messina);

Midfielders: Didier Zokora (St Etienne), Emerse Fae (Nantes), Kanga Gauthier Akale (Auxerre), Romaric Ndri Koffi (Le Mans), Gnegneri Yaya Toure (Olympiakos), Gilles Yapi Yapo (Young Boys), Guy Roland Demel (Hambourg);

Strikers: Bakari Kone (Nice), Didier Drogba (Chelsea), Arouna Kone (PSV Eindhoven), Bonaventure Kalou (Paris St-Germain), Abdoul Kader Keita (Lille), Aruna Dindane (Lens).

* Didier Drogba and Lens star Aruna Dindane will lead the attack.
* Arsenal's Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue included in defence.

Player(s) To Watch: Didier Drogba(ha ha ha). Although he IS alittle pants, but I think his pace and power will prove to be abit too tough for some defence to handle.

Youth(s) To Watch: Emmanuel Eboue. He's had a great season over at Arsenal and a very attacking minded full-back. Athletic and always have a eye for a cross. Also, Arouna Kone, he scored 4 goals in 5 games for PSV.

Drogball's Prediction: First-round. Actually I think they are the dark horses this World Cup like Senegal was during the 2002 Japorea WC. But unfortunately, they're grouped together with Argentina, Serbia & Montenegro and also the Dutch. This surely is the group of death and could go anywhere. But looking at the squad, maybe they're just a little too inexperience. Again I would like to emphasize that I wouldn't be surprise if they get through to the Quaters.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Posts Number: 100, Don't Cry For Me Argentina....

First of All:
Apologies for being so, emotional on the previous post. I was never in a position to whine because I myself does let people down too. So it just makes me sound like a complete hypocrite. But whatever, I'll say whatever I want here.

Posts Number 100:
So your marathon man, Drogballs here have managed to posts 100 times in less then 2 months! I don't believe I posted that much of stuff but anyway just a message to all the 'supporters' here that I appreciate your presence and especially some people whom don't give a damn bout football but still frequent this place's Drogball's site! So thank a lot guys and please continue your support and remember to tag often! (I'm not gonna thank my mum and dad so don't worry haha!)

World Cup Previews: Argentina

Goalkeepers: Roberto Abbondanzieri (Boca Juniors), Leonardo Franco (Atletico Madrid), Oscar Ustari (Independiente);

Defenders: Fabricio Coloccini (Deportivo La Coruna), Leandro Cufre (Roma), Roberto Ayala (Valencia), Nicolas Burdisso (Internazionale), Gabriel Milito (Real Zaragoza), Gabriel Heinze (Manchester United), Juan Pablo Sorin (Villarreal);

Midfielders: Juan Roman Riquelme (Villarreal), Luis Gonzalez (Porto); Javier Mascherano (Corinthians), Esteban Cambiasso (Internazionale), Maximiliano Rodriguez (Atletico Madrid), Pablo Aimar (Valencia), Lionel Scaloni (West Ham United);

Strikers: Hernan Crespo (Chelsea), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Carlos Tevez (Corinthians), Rodrigo Palacio (Boca Juniors), Javier Saviola (Sevilla), Julio Cruz (Internazionale)

* Manchester United's Gabriel Heinze is included despite spending most of the season out injured.
* Inter Milan's Javier Zanetti has been left out, and only four players survive from Japorea 2002..

Player(s) To Watch: We have ALOT to choose from. Namely Juan Roman Riquelme and Pablo Aimar. Both this players are creative and are the key to unlock defences.

Youth(s) To Watch: A pretty youthful Argentinian side, boasting the likes of Lionel Messi, Javier Mascherano and of course, Carlos Tevez. This 3 players will hopefully turn in style during the WC and show us what they are capable of.

Drogball's Prediction: Finals, and win it! The rest of the depeartment are alright though. Just look at the quality of their strikers and compare it to the English's. Miles apart. Drogball's favourite for this World Cup.

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Something About Me(Before people starts to stone me on MSN)

Just Being Emotional:
Alright, alright calm down people. Maybe my life revolves round football and school work a little too much, but of course I still go out okay! Just that I'm lazy to post everything here since the banner suggest its 100% football. But whatever, I'll type what I want here so..

Went out for dinner with the gang on Friday night @ KFC. I left a $6 deodorant there. How blur am I? We then walked to Ice-Kimo then on to McDonalds and then prata house. Was packed so decided to go straight home instead. Yesterday was shopping day, quite. Went down to Funan with Vandti and WK to get headphones. We got outselves some World Cup tee to get ready for the World Cup heat before it strikes home. I got myself a Spain top. It was class! While Vandti the closet ManYoo fan got himself an England tee with ROONEY behind. Let's laugh at him if he can't make it to the WC. HA HA. Went down to Far East to meet up with Janice who is around 2 1/2hrs late. wtf right? Haha.

Got myself a shirt again, this time a 'From Autumn To Ashes' shirt. Looks damn good. Took a bus back to TP for our 'food ration' and also to try and retrieve the deodorant I left there on Friday. To my dismay.......nevermind. Came over to my house for Maggie Mee fiesta haha!

Life has been an up and down this past few weeks. Sometimes it's just so frustrating. And all i could do is ask myself WHY? I'm really poor at expressing myself especially my feelings and emotion so if this does't make sense, then it doesn't i guess. Through it all, it's still your family, your God and your good friends that are always there for you. I thank God for my gang of friends as they have been really truthful and faithful all these years(not very long but still...). In life, people come and go. We meet different kinds of people and some people just annoys you. When they need you, you're always there. But what if you need them/him/her? They seemed to disappear. How disappointing 'friends' and humans can be sometimes. I admit I'm not the best of friends out there and I'm not in the position to criticize or persecute (kidding) anyone, but all I have to say is thank you to all you true friends out there and also, I'm sorry if I have ever did anything wrong or hurtful to anyone.

I don't like to be taken for granted. Who likes to? But we're all humans. We tend to forget all the goodness and the blessing that people has shown to us. I'm just so thankful for the lot of you.

You're still disappointing though...I'm sorry to say. sigh.

Comparison Between Mourinho And Rafa

Drogball's Little Comparison Between Jose Mourinho And Rafael Benitez:

If you think I'm gonna come up with another joke like the previous post, then sorry! Anway was looking through the Wikipedia for Liverpool stuff and saw Rafa's profile. And then I went on to look for Mourinho's (why?!) and I came up with a conclusion that I think everyone should agree with me. That is Mourinho is like a rich man's kid and Benitez is a poor man's kid. Of course we're not talking about their real dad, but from their achievement, their reaction and their character, you could deduce that.

Jose Mourinho:
I called him a rich man's kid. Why? Because he has been pampered through his 'life', as in his managing career. He was never sacked, not because he's really THE special one, but just that he's more lucky when it comes to the clubs he joins and people in Portugal seemed to adore him. He started our at Barcelona B as a their team coach and then went on to Benfica before he left after just 9 matches. Yeah he LEFT so it doesn't count as being sacked eh?

He then went on to a mid table team called Leira before joining FC Porto on January 2002. He inherited a very, very talented side from the previous manager and the players include the likes of Baía, Ricardo Carvalho, Costinha, Deco, Dmitri Alenichev and Postiga. So he had all the 'back-bone' players already and need not really worry about bringing in too many players to improve the squad since Porto are already a very strong team in Portugal and the Portugese league is rather less competitive than let's say, Spanish or Italian. He then lead Porto to win the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League (by under-hand way) and over-night, Porto became one of the most hated teams in Europe, due to they way the players dived and playacted during some European games.

He then joined Chelsea, bankrolled by a rich Russian billionaire, got all the toys he wants and when things don't go his way, he throw tantrums and being extremely ungracious in ALL defeats and even losing on penalties is a little hard for him to take. I wouldn't want to name EVERY SINGLE thing he said in the 2 years over at Chelsea but it's there for all to see. He's just like a rich man's kid isn't it. He gets what he wants and when things don't go his way, he'll scream, shout and whine. He'll take things for granted and learn the way of the 'KIASU-NESS' from us, the Singaporeans. You wonder where did we get the Kiasu-ness from? Well it''s because our life are so peaceful and nice and we get what we want. Therefore we develope a habit of taking things for granted. That's what Mourinho is about and he can't take defeat and loss the right way. To be a top manager, learn to lose gracefully and know when to take a step back and admit that you're the loser of the day.

Rafael Benitez:
Rafa on the other hand, seemed like the poor man's kid. He had to work extremely hard to get to the top unlike the rich kid who gets everything he wants just by reaching out his hand. He had to worked from the bottom to the top and I truly believe he is the man to bring Liverpool to greater heights and maybe higher than those set by Bill Shankly and Joe Fagan.

He already had a poor start as he had a rather shabby record as a football player himself. Although he did played for the Real Madrid B, he never realise his potential as a football player and then went round and round before having to retire due to a serious knee injury.

He then joined the Real Madrid as their B team's coach before going on to be Vicente Del Bosque's Assitant. He then went on to further his career at Real Valladolid but was sacked. He then went to Osasuna and guess what, he was sacked again. This time round, Rafa joined Extremadura and lead them to promotion from the Division 2 to the Primera Division. But the next season was quite disastrous and was relegated again. This time round Benitez learnt his lesson, that he's still too inexperience to manage teams. So he took a year out for further his study for coaching at places like Manchester Utd, Arsenal and at various teams in Italy. After a year, he made his comeback at CD Tenerife that includes the likes of Mista and Luis Garcia and bringing the 2nd Division team to the La Liga.

2001, he was surprisely appointed by Valencia CF to replace Hector Cuper. He was not the choice by the fans or the board, but he proved them all wrong. In 2002, Rafa brought Valencia to its peak by winning their FIRST La Liga title in 31 years. The subsequent season wasn't as successful, but Valencia reached the quater finals of the Champions League. The next season was the best, as he led Valencia to their 2nd La Liga title and also a UEFA Cup. But after a fallout with the board, he promtly left Valencia and joined who else but Liverpool.

Well, why a poor man's kid you say. Looking at his record, he went the extreme bottom of getting sacked not by one club, but by two. But today he stands out as one of the best European managers and hugely sought after by teams all around Europe. His willingness to pick himself up despite defeats and disappointments is something we should take note of and also he's willing to learn new stuff to improve himself by taking a year off and further his coaching studies. He has to take one whole big round before reaching the top, maybe somewhere near the top now. Maybe it's this spirit of never-say-die that he imparts into this current Liverpool squad that makes them so difficult to beat and so strong mentally.

Who can forget his achievement last season. He inherited a pretty average bunch of players, always under-performing and turned them into the Champions of Europe. Although the league form was poor, he promised we'll gonna improve this season and boy, what a HUGE improvement we had this season. And to win the European Super Cup as well as the FA Cup by coming back from the dead once again, it really sums up what this man has done to Liverpool.

Gerard Houllier brought us to a high, then went on to screw it up. But wiht Rafa, I know who i can place my trust in and thank God, we're in a rather safe hands of Benitez, Parry and Moores.

To: Summer And Liling!
Hello girls! I know I've wished you girls on your birthday already, but let me announce here again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY(S)!! Born on different days but you girls are quite a blessing in my life so thank you for that! Woohoo!