Friday, June 29, 2007

Is This REALLY The New Anfield?

Leaked on various forums, not sure if it's legal to upload it but better have a look before I get sued, anyway.

Excerpts from people who actually saw the stadium design, it actually fits the bill.

From This Is Anfield:

All four sides are said to be unique and different from another, one description used states “Whether intentional or not it seems to reflect the way British grounds have been built in the past, i.e. where stadiums would grow and modernise by developing one side at a time, reflecting the era they were built and creating a rather adhoc arrangement of styles. If this was the source of inspiration I think it has been very bold and clever.”

Gillett and Hicks have already stated The Kop will be the focal point and hold 20,000 supporters. This is described as being a vast single tier stand which overlooks the rest of the stadium, particularly the opposite end which is said to be similar to the smaller end at Porto’s Drago Stadium.

Fans will be pleased to hear The Kop is somewhat similar to Dortmund’s Sudtribune, but rounding at the sides.
What do you think of the new design, compared to the old one? Is it a little to over-sophisticated? Is it too bold and brazen? Is the checkered colours on the Kop making you feel sick?


mintox said...

It's hard to say because you don't REALLY get a good look at the stadium but personally, from what I can see, it's awesome.

I hate the way stadiums are designed nowadays, little thought is given to character or the atmosphere of the stadium and more effort is put into fitting as many seats as possible. I hate emirates because it's just a generic stadium with no distinguishing features.

Compare this to Cardiff which towers over you or to stadiums like Boca's stadium in Argentina which has one side that is like a wall of boxes and the other 3 sides just go straight upwards.

It's good to see such an original design that takes into account the kop.


It's true, I was horrified by the first picture actually but then the subsequent 2 photos makes me gasp in awe.

Looks brilliant actually. It's not like a modern day prototype of yet-another-stadium and it should be taylor-made for Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

wow!!! Just hope it gets the planning permission.

badders said...

indeed, these are the pictures i've seen.

Very rough designs but very individual, and if they are given permission, the new kop will hold 18,000. only 2 thousand less than it's capactiy when standing.


Anonymous said...

Do me a favour. How does the grass grow? Or will we be doing a Luton & playing on plastic?

Anonymous said...

The first pic is obviously fake, the other two are brilliant, its gonan be the greatest most unique statdium on earth!! - apart from the Tesco stadium in Kirkby naturally.

Matty B said...

Very well done! Apart from the chequered seating these three pictures are perfect! The chequered seating must have been something they thought about for a while and then dismissed THANKFULLY! All in all, the new stadium looks absolutely awesome. An awesome stadium for an awesome team with awesome fans! Bring on 2010! YNWA96

Matty B said...

Oh, and the fact that the corners are filled in on these pics, but that will probably happen when we increase from 60,000 to 78,000ish. YNWA96

Anonymous said...

fuck off u wools