Monday, June 25, 2007

Relax, Maybe Torres Is On His Way?

Perhaps Rafa had seen my article that lamented on our general sloppiness when it comes to the transfer market. For the past few seasons it has been due to the lack of resources. We're a pretty successful club but being a modest club, Liverpool seldom splash big bucks for players.

Looking at our record signing, 14 million GBP for Cissé, says it all. Although he ain't really that good and still probably didn't justify that price tag, 14 million is usually looked to as a small sum when it comes to the bigger teams across the continent.

Time to spend big now, with huge backing from George Gilett and Tom Hicks but hey, we're still waiting.

Incidentally, Rafa Benitez came out and preach a message of patience to the masses of fans like us to stay calm. The words are from the very man whom got all agitated and annoyed earlier this month when he quoted saying 'we only talk and talk but no action'.

Maybe he already has something in place. For he also mentioned that he'll want to add 'someone'
into the squad before the Pre-season training starts, which is by the way, this Thursday. Snoogy doogy perhaps?

According to papers and the media, we're closely linked with Fernando Torres, the Spanish striker whom was seen wearing his Atletico Madrid armband with 'You'll Never Walk Alone' on the flip side.

With the impending departure of Theirry Henry from Arsenal, it could pose a serious threat to our bid as Arsenal might just hijack the deal but seeing that they will not be ready to offer big money as to trigger Torres' contract clause, it's really up to Liverpool to seize the moment.

Rumours has it that Atletico wants Peter Crouch in return but we all know how important the 'bean pole' is to the club. Craig Bellamy is never the most wanted player in Europe and it's left with Djibril Cissé, who will not be farmed out to any clubs anymore. The faster we get rid of him the better, according to Rafa.

The minimum clause for Torres' contract is believed to be up to 25 million GBP and that the discussion between Atletico and Liverpool has come to a compromise that Liverpool will offer Cissé in their direction plus cash, little less than 20 million.

As a football fan with a soft spot for Spain (I supported them in the '06 World Cup), I always thought Torres is a pretty decent striker with good pace and intelligence on the pitch. Although his goal return in the La Liga seemed to deteriorate each season, with only 13 to account for in the 06/07 season, it's perhaps time for Torres to move on.

Whether he'll turn out to be the new Ian Rush with a big price tag or just another victim in the dearth of strikers at Anfield, it's probably pleasing to hear about our interest in the big names. Capturing Torres would mean more than his contribution on the pitch.

He's like a Beckham of Spain, in some ways. The suave and stylish Spaniard could probably boost Liverpool's merchandising sales in the continental region while it shows forth the club's ambition to move on from a club that signs players of quantity rather than quality.

Although still unsure whether he'll be able to adapt to the English game, I'm all for this move and here's hoping that we'll strike the deal fast. His arrival could probably spark off interest from players to join in the 'Rafa-lution'.

What's your take?

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