Friday, June 29, 2007

Here Comes Torres...?

Athletico Skipper To Move To Anfield For Record Breaking £27m

Smokescreens and speculation fire fanned into flame, Fernando Torres' deal with Liverpool seemed imminent. After months and months of intense speculations and thought-to-be-made-out rumours, the deal now seemed to be struck.

Once the player returns from his holiday at Polynesia, he'll be available to sign on the dotted line and will become Liverpool's most expensive signing in their history.

Previously, £14m was the transfer record, which brought Djibril Cisse from Auxerre to Liverpool. Although throughout his stint at the Anfield club, he didn't manage to justify the high price Gerard Houllier paid for him.

This time round, another big gamble on a Spanish striker. Will it turn out to be Fernando Morientes MKII? Will he be yet another flop? To tell you the truth, all transfers ARE gambles and whether it pays off or not is not really up to us to determine.

Working with Rafa to get the best out of himself is one mentality he must have. He must be teachable and willing to learn. Seeing that he captains the Athletico Madrid side at the tender age of 22 shows perhaps, maturity beyond his age.

Then, he must cope with the physical side of the English game, unseen in his homeland. Adaptability is another we can't do anything about other than just making him feel at home here. There'll be times when he'll face goalscoring drought especially early on when he's settling in and I hope to God that you fans won't make a din out of it and stay behind him IF possible.

Pressure will be on him, for he is going to be the record signing for a club with great history and reputation. But I'm certain he'll excel here at Anfield and has many years ahead of him to offer for the club.

Another key of note, Liverpool will not pay the full price of £27m for him to trigger the release clause but in exchange of Luis Garcia in that direction for a fee around £4m. So it'll be a money + player exchange deal.

Luis Garcia has been a fine servant for the club for the past 3 seasons and we all have seen what he could offer to the club. Goals against Chelsea and Juventus brought back good memories of the days we went from zero to Champions League winner, all the way back in 2005.

But as he's now nearing his 30s and stated his desire to one day, play in his homeland once again, maybe it's the perfect opportunity to send him back to where he always wanted to play, Althetico Madrid.

Also, injuries are getting to him as he missed a large portion of last season. Rafa loves him as a player, we all know, but maybe the manager feels it's time to let him go and bring in fresh blood.

The signing of Torres could be announce next week and it could mean more players are to follow, most importantly, Luis Garcia's replacement. It could very well be Yossi Benayoun of West Ham.

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Ace Cowboy said...

My friend who lived in Madrid for three years seems to think the Torres signing is good and bad.

Good because he WILL adapt well to the English game -- he's good in the air, a bit more phsyical than Villa, strong and confident.

Bad because he's very, very Spanish (even though his skin color is that of the pasty Brits) -- and while Liverpool is quickly becoming an All-Spanish club, there are some barriers that may make him a bit out of his own element.

I think the good far outweighs the bad, and if the deal is indeed done, we should be pretty happy about the move. I'd have liked to seen the now-snubbing-Inter Tevez in the mix, but Torres ain't a bad option.

Anonymous said...

ouch , 27m euro for him . i agree he;s good but isnt that too much or something?

Elia said...

I guarantee that we'll hear in the next couple of days that it's not a done deal.

I wish Torres would take sometime out of his vacation.To pick up a phone,call his club and Rafa to let them know what he wants to do.

I'm so sick of this transfer talk and no real signings.

atleti said...

I'm 99% certain Torres will leave my club. I think he'll have a difficult time adapting to the English game under Benitez' squad rotations though.


hey guys, thanks for the response.

Ace Cowboy: Yea, true enough and as I've mentioned that all signings are a gamble and that we can't be sure whether it'll pay off or not.

anon:The actual price is 27m GBP so if you think 27m euros is alot then this is a lot more I think?

elia: I think all signs point to the same direction even though we keep hearing Atletico president saying it's not a deal. Just be more patient and he'll sign, I'm confident..

atleti: Hey, nice to see Atletico fans on here :) Anyway by joining Liverpool, he needs to understand the team no longer revolve round him and that Rafa is famous for his squad rotation. Don't think he'll wanna come if he doesn't like the idea of being dispensable.

atleti said...

You're 100% correct. It'll be a major change from him being at Atletico Madrid where so much weight is put on his shoulders as captain. He mentioned this on a radio program once-- the stress of being a captain at such a young age.