Monday, August 28, 2006

Jimmy Bullard !!!

You Gotta Love The Man...

I think everyone who watches football and especially Wigan Atl. last season would've notice this certain player by the name of Jimmy Bullard. Well, to me he's a pretty special player, not in terms of technical ability or scoring deflected goals, but how he actually enjoyed playing football and those funny moments he was involved in.

Enjoy! He's a class act!

Bullard vs Big Dunc

Bullard Doing The 'Jump over the crowd' Trick (My Favourite!)

Bullard Messng With Team Mates In Dressing Room!

"Sorry Posh Fans!":

Haha what a player. Oh yes, he always reminded me of a certain ESPN football presenter named PJ Roberts (Nokia Football Crazy). The curly locks and they looked pretty similar!

PJ Roberts

Jimmy Bullard

Oh, yes, he does resembles a LITTLE like Dirk Kuyt...just A LITTLE.


LadyLala said...

PJ handsome la..
Dirk & Bullard are not... =X

Drogballs said...

hahaha Harry more handsome la, right? :D Do you miss him?