Friday, September 01, 2006

Crazy, Frentic Last Day Deals

This is what I call last minute deals. It all happened just a few hourse before the 12mn deadline. Some crazy transfers, major coupes and also the 'WTF' deals. Here are the last minute major transfers.

William Gallas + 5mil = CAsh-ley Cole To Chelsea

The most long-winded, boring and shittiest transfer saga by a mile. It stretched on from 26 JANURARY 2005, yes 2005, after Chelsea 'tapped' him up and Cole expressing his desire to leave the club that brought him up and cultivated him into one of the best, if not THE best left back in business currently.

CAshley will now join London rivals, Chelsea while seeing French international, Gallas moving the opposite direction. Reports claimed it involved a fee of 5mil as well. If it's true, then I think Arsenal has been ripped off. Ashley is a young and talented defender with years ahead to prove himself. Whereas Gallas, being a really good defender, has hit his peak and it's not long before he starts hitting the 30 mark and then go down hill. You got merk'd, L'Arse...

Spanish T**t Loaned To Real Madrid; Julio Baptista Move Opposite Direction

Finally, the whinging cry-baby of Spain, Reyes finally moves to his 'dream team' and will now stop crying week in week out on radio about how he love to play for Real Madrid yada yada. Anyway now this seemed to be a coup by Arsenal, better luck this time round eh.

Arsenal lacks an imposing central figure in the team with only Rosicky, Gilberto and Fabregas in the middle. Julio 'The Beast' Baptista will be able to fit right into the team with his physical approach and he's a versatile player, being able to play in the heart of midfield, getting stuck in whereas he could play where he did at Real Madrid, a striker. Not at his best form, but if he could regain the form he had at Sevilla, then Wenger would be pleased.

Jan Kromkamp Move To PSV Eindhoven

Our back-up right back for Steve Finnan has move on and back to his homeland, Holland. He didn't quite settle down in Merseyside, just like his days at Villarreal. He was noted to be a very soft spoken player and 'always on the phone'. Maybe the detachment from his team mates and also the language barrier made his life a little difficult. His on-field performance wasn't the best, but thanks for everything Jan, all the best and I'm sure you'll do really well back in Holland. YNWA.

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