Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Early Impression

3 games has been played already and some players are certainly on fire. They've impressed me over this 2 weeks and I think they deserves some mention. Here are the names:

Jimmy Bullard!

He's the man! Already 2 goals scored for Fulham so far, Wigan must be crazy to sell him. Scored an excellent free kick over the weekends and should've scored another if the ball didn't swerve as much and hitting the post.

Ryan Giggs

Already getting on with his age, but apparently his form has been great so far this season and looks like he has primed again. Used to see him dribble past 2 or 3 players in the past, now he contributes more to the game with his fantastic crosses and movement off the ball. One of the reason why ManYoo are on fire currently.

Olof Mellberg

The former Villa captain found his form this season with 3 impressive displays so far. Scored the first goal at Emirates Stadium then held on valiantly to draw with Arsenal. Against Newcastle, he was rock solid and marked Obafemi Martins out of the game.

Nwankwo Kanu

Used to joke a lot with that name. Canoe..you know. But wow, already 4 gaols scored this season and maybe Harry really knows how to get the best out of him, after a rather disappointing few seasons with West Brom.

Ed: Thank you for pointing out Bobby Zamora and Darren Bent. To me, Zamora looked extremely fortunate to score what, 4 goals? Most of them are mis-hit shots and his contributions in the match left much to be desired...

Darren Bent scored a couple as well, but looking at the highlights, when Charlton hosted Bolton, he dived for that penalty. Nobody brought it up? Because he's English.


Anonymous said...

Why no mention of Bobby Zamora?he's got 4 goals too.His goal against us was kinda a fluke though
cross or shot? anyways I think Bent's also off to a hot start


Drogballs said...

I thought of Zamora as well, but most of his goals were either fluke or mishit shots. Haha thanks for your input! :)

Anonymous said...

lol....oblivion-the state of being completely forgotten or unknown

Zamora over/under 15 goals?

Nobody brings it up because its Charlton.JT was catching some heat for his penalty against Blackburn.I hope Bent can move to a big club maybe he would'nt have been passed up in the England squad for Theo.

Drogballs said...

I meant after he scored the goals, he seemed to have disappeared off the football pitch and played no further part, just a feeling.

Yea, Terry went down rather easily as well, shameful. Bent seemed to suit Arsenal's style, not sure about his quality though, still have my doubts.