Friday, September 01, 2006

Javier Mascherano & Carlitos Tevez's Transfer To West Ham..

A Major Transfer Coup? Or A Conspiracy?

I know many of you were absolutely stunned by the fact that the Argentinian duo of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano joined West Ham Utd. So was I. Both this players shone in the recent 2006 FIFA World Cup and surely their performances would have been watched by the likes to AC Milan and Manchester United. So why West Ham, you ask. I was pretty curious about what happened to them and upon further 'investigation', this is more than meets the eye. It's not so simple.

First, I must say that if I misinterpreted anything, don't blame me. But anyway let me give you a rough idea of of what happened to the duo and why on earth would they choose West Ham over ManYoo or Milan.

A company named MSI (Media Sports Investment) were thought to have casted an eye Brazillian football and therefore, they kinda signed an agreement with a Brazilian club named Corinthians. The owner of MSI is Kia Jurabchian, an Iranian business man and is known to be Roman Abramovich's (Chelsea owner) good friend. It was a controversial deal that will last for 10 years and that enabled Corinthians to bring in quality players like Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano from Boca Juniors of Argentina.

And as we know this, Abramovich apparently, have some stakes in the company, MSI, which means Corinthians will more or less, be somesort of a feeder club to who else but Chelsea, Abramovich's play-toy. Everyone in the football world somehow or rather, surrendered and given up on the Argentinian duo, as they'll most likely move to Chelsea due to the agreement.

But now it stunned the football world, Fergie taken aback. They decided to join up with West Ham, a London rival of Chelsea themselves. Why on earth would they do it? Are they out of their mind? Or is there something going on at the back which is not known to the public.

Now, let's take a look at the signings West Ham made this season. They signed the likes of Carlton Cole from Chelsea and also Lee Bowyer. Hardly world beaters eh? Not the point. They're all bought under the price of 2 million and that's normal for a club like West Ham. They don't spend big due to financial constraints. So I would like to know, HOW ON EARTH CAN WEST HAM AFFORD BOTH OF THEM? Look this way. They performed well enough during the World Cup and both of their evaluated price MUST have soared above 30 million and ABOVE. How? It's really fishy.

After reading much, I have actually came to a conclusion that West Ham will now go on to become another part of MSI, which means that a takeover is imminent, and both Tevez and Mascherano are the pawns. West Ham are to agree on the takeover bid so that they could get T & M at Upton Park. Therefore the reason why it was an 'undisclosed' fee, because it's so low that nobody will believe, therefore not announcing it openly will make it sound more..realistic.

So if MSI is really somehow or rather, connected to Chelsea, then why not bring them over to Stamford Bridge. My guess would be the squad size over at Chelsea is too big and adding this 2 players, Mourinho will have a real hard time trying to fit them in. So therefore, West Ham has officially became Chelsea's 'feeder' club. Sad state huh, talking about monopolising the football world. Who would've thought a Russian would wield his unlimited power in the Premiership and now it has really disrupted the balance of things.

Another point I would like to make, is that both T & M are players NOT contracted under a CLUB, but contracted under MSI. In a word, they are the 'slaves' of MSI, taking the word from Jose Mourinho himself. They play wherever MSI wants them to and now MSI wants them to be part of West Ham, so they have no choice, but to join. Did they signed a pact with the 'devil' ? I don't know, but it certainly doesn't sound good.

But of course these are just MY analysis and might be wrong. But all these conspiracy theories are brought up everywhere on the forums and mailboxes, it's hard to ignore it. One day this might all come to null, but it's just too good to be true, and it's really hard to believe that players with that sort of pedigree would join West Ham (no offence, Hammers) of all clubs.

Once again, MONEY has disrupted the balance of planet football and it's getting out of hand. I'm pissed. Why can't we get back on track with the game we love instead of all this money laundring and the monopoly of the club with the biggest 'sugar-daddy'. Until we get to know the truth, I will stand by MY point.


Anonymous said...

I was totally shocked after reading this post. What on Earth happened to the soccer world? What had gone into the brains of Tevez and Mascherano? Fancy playing for a company rather than a club. Rumours of Tevez to Arsenal and Mascherano to Man Utd were the talks of yesterday. What has become of this world. Does it mean that money rules the world? I thought it was supposed to be the other way round...


Drogballs said...

Money has since taken over and what is loyalty now and at what cost. It's a sad state of affair and I might be presumptious in the post, but I'm sure money is behind this.

Anonymous said...

Well here we are in Mid-October, and as a lifelong Hammers fan(since '66) (who should really be a Red, living very close to liverpool all my life) what can I say.
Not a goal for the club since these 2 joined, in the relegation zone. Not Good. Last seson was so promissing... Fantastic cup final...heartbreaking..but what a match..decent league finish... in Europe. What's going on...