Sunday, August 27, 2006

Remember The Night....

When We Brought Roof Of Anfield Down

I think many Liverpool fans like me will still reminisce the day when we finally beat the Russian Chel-Moneybag-ski at Anfield last year. It was the Champions League Semi finals and we're held 0-0 at Stamford Bridge. The returning leg at Anfield will go down as the night when we shook the whole of Europe and with the songs and the cheers. John Terry even admitted he was intimidated by the atmosphere at Anfield.

As usual was clicking around over at YouTube and I've found this really, special video. Taken after the win, it still bring tears to my eyes and the spine chilling rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone" makes my hair stand (not literally, la). Enjoy:

One day, I MUST set foot on Anfield, by hook or by crook. What an atmosphere, and that "COME ON!" by Gerrard at the end of the video sums it all up.

What the players and fans were not aware of course, was what is to happen at Ataturk, Istanbul.

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