Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top 15: #14 Steven Gerrard vs Aston Villa ; Midfielders Ratings

No. 14: Steven Gerrard's 2nd vs Aston Villa

This goal was scored not too long ago, in the last game at Anfield I believe and what a scorcher. We took the lead against Villa before they equalised. Then came Steven Gerrard with 2 outstanding goals and his 2nd was a world-class goal. Superb technique and balls to try from such range, and also effectively killed Aston Villa's hope of snatching a point from Liverpool.


Liverpool's Best Performance This Season:

1. 2-1 v Chelsea 29.3%
2. 7-0 v Birmingham 24.8%
3. 6-4 v West Ham 10.9%
4. 3-1 v Everton (h) 10%
5. 3-1 v Everton (a) 6%
6. 5-3 v Luton 5.9%
7. 1-0 v Man United 4.8%
8. 1-0 v Arsenal 2.6%
9. 5-1 v Fulham 1.6%
10. 3-1 v Newcastle 1.4%

Drogballs' Post Season Player Ratings: Midfielders

7. Harry Kewell - 7.5 / 10 - After seasons of disappointments and lacklustre display for Liverpool, this guy has finally hit a little bit of form this season and shown glimpse of what he really is. Anybody lucky enough to catch him during his time at Leeds knows that he's a very, very good player and knows that he has seriously under-achieved at Liverpool this past few years. But some really good performance this season salvaged him some pride. Still, don't start him for a finals. He'll surely limp out of it.

8. Steven Gerrard (Captain) - 9 / 10 - Our Captain Marvel. To think tht he nearly joined the Russian moneybags make me cringe. But still, he, undoubtedly had one of the best season in Liverpool shirt. He leads by example and how many times had he dragged Liverpool out of troubles and revived hopes when all seemed lost. After handed the captains armband few years back, he had came a long way and matured beyond what his age reads. Although he did go missing a few games and got sent off stupidly against the Bitters, Everton, his performance this season has been superb. To be Liverpool's leading top scorer this season from the midfield position says it all. I accept the fact that he will leave us one day, so adore him while you still can, before he joins Real Madrid or Barca.

10. Luis Garcia - 7.5 / 10 - His performance this season is not as eye-catching as the last. But still Little Luis have been a fan's 'favourite'. He can be so so frustrating at times. But when he hits top form and shows a little of his magic, it's just pure joy to watch. His goal against Chelsea during the FA Cup Semi-finals must be the highlight of his season. But he transformed his passion into a little stupidity and got sent off and therefore missed the FA Cup Finals. Rumours has it that he's leaving us and back to Spain. Whatever it is, we love you Luis!

14. Xabi Alonso - 7.5 / 10 - Like Garcia, this season wasn't as good as the last. But still his performance generally has been decent and still loves to spray passes left and right. His vision and his gracefulness is something everyone should behold. At only 24, he'll become one of the best midfielders in the world if he can perform consistently. Had his off games, but his most memorable performance would be the one against Everton @ Anfield. Gerrard got sent off and his took up the responsibiliy and stamped his authority in that game. Needs to be more consistent.

16. Didi Hamann - 7.5 / 10 - Didn't play as much games as he used to, but always giving his all and regularly puts up good performances when called upon. He has become Liverpool's last throw of the dice on various occasions, FA Cup Finals and the CL Finals '05. He might not be as technicaly gifted as Ronaldinho or as pacy as Henry, but he plays the game the simple way and his technique are basic, yet effective. Has been our holding midfielder for years and great contribution to the club. Will be gutted if he leaves. Because I have been his fan since primary school days and I'm serious.

22. Mohammad Sissoko - 8 / 10 - Has been one of our better players this season and a very raw gem in my eyes. He might be rash and commit into tackles without thinking, he is one of the very reason why we had such a good League campaign this time round. His career was nearly ended by the Portugeezers. But like Liverpool as always, bounced back strongly and his performance near the end of the season has been good. When he was out, we missed his stamina, pace and those long legs of his. Never give too much of a thought when going in for a challenge and commited player. To think that he started out as a striker....come on! He can't even shoot the ball properly! To me, the closest thing to all the Patrick Vieira wanna-bes.

Tomorrow the strikers. Aw man, horror show!

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