Thursday, March 08, 2007

Now That'll Teach You To Stop Messi-ng With Us

I quote Barcelona's Argie wonderkid, Lionel Messi after having the knowledge that his team are drawn against Liverpool 3 months back.

Barcelona winger Lionel Messi reckons Liverpool will be scared stiff going into their Champions League clash with the Spanish champions.

The 19-year-old, who is targeting the fixtures for his return from injury, believes his side are firm favourites to progress into the quarter-finals.

"Any rivals are dangerous in Europe at this time but Liverpool are a team that can be beaten by Barcelona. Lyon are the most difficult today," said Messi.

"I expect an open game because the English play without defensive caution and with a style similar to Barcelona.

"Sincerely, I believe Liverpool are worried about playing against us because we are the champions of Europe and that strikes fear in any rivals.

"I desire to travel to Liverpool with much work done and holding an advantage to qualify for the next round.

"A 2-0 or 3-0 score will be perfect for Barca.

"Always, we need to not concede a goal in Camp Nou to avoid problems at Anfield."

The Argentinean admits having a Spanish contingent could work in Liverpool's favour.

He said: "The Reds are a peculiar team. They play in England but the style of the coach and many of the players is nearly Spanish. This will be an extra problem for Barcelona."
Eat your words and have you enjoyed your time in Mr. Arbeloa's pockets? I was extremely bemused to see him saying English side play without defensive caution. And Liverpool actually managed to get past them with defensive steel and resilience.

How words can come back and bite your arse.

Oh, and where are those people who said we will stand no chance against Barcelona? Come out of your woodwork now!


M said...

Barcelona winger Lionel Messi says Liverpool won their Champions League clash by playing "ugly and dirty". (The Sun)

Fucking sour loser.


Well, that's him. Could tell he doesn't watch football a lot. Or perhaps he have been in Arbeloa's pocket for far too long to have seen any of the action.

psychohare said...

Messi's still a kid at heart, forgive him, and his huge ears LOL!
well he probably needs better eyes than ears, obviously he cant SEE a way out of that "Open Defense"
hahaha, he wasnt a threat in any way, not even Eto'o, R9 was not bad, but far from his best.
Carra... the giant killer.. MUAHAHAHAHA