Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sir Against The Media

We all know the infamous interview which Ronaldo said 'maybe I'm just too good' but that interview caused Sir Alex of Whiskey to go ballistic on the interviewer, Geoff Shreeves. It was after the Ronaldo's interview and the tirade was so loud that Gareth Southgate's interview with BBC had to be abandoned.

Now, count the number of expletives:

Shreeves: "I asked him..."

Ferguson: "F*****g (inaudible) bastard."

Shreeves: "Don't talk to me like that."

Ferguson: "F**k off to you."

Shreeves: "Don't talk to me like that. Don't even think about it."

Ferguson: "Don't you think about it, you ****. F**k off. Right?"

Shreeves: "Listen, are you going to do the interview in a professional manner or not? Do you want to do it or not?"

Ferguson: "You f*****g be professional. You be professional. You're the one."

Shreeves: "I'm entitled to ask...Cristiano gave the right answer."

Ferguson: "F*****g hell with your answers."

Shreeves: "Don't talk to me like that. Go away. If you want to behave civilly, fine. Don't talk to me like that."

Ferguson: "F**k off." (door slams).

Eye opener.

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