Friday, March 23, 2007

Pub Quiz Time!

Alright, I assume most of you, readers, are Liverpool fans. Whatever it is, test yourself with this pub quiz and after this, you'll really know whether you're a good fan...

1) In what year was the club formed?

2) Whose the first Liverpool manager? (Multiple choice)

a) Tom Watson
b) John McKenna
c) Matt McQueen
d) Dave Ashworth

3) Who scores the most amount of League goals for the club?

4) When did Liverpool first won the FA Cup?

5) Who did Liverpool beat in the 1977 European Cup final?

6) Which player has the most number of appearances for the club?

Go on and try it!

1 comment:

Hafiz said...

lol i think it'll be fairly okay for lfc fans .. wanna see how the "other" fans does .. hey guys do tell me if you're are not a lfc fan lol .. i wanna know how much you know about the world best club .. muahaha lol