Thursday, May 18, 2006

Heartbreak Arsenal As Ref Spoils Game;

FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Arsenal FC
(Eto'o, Belletti) ; (Campbell)

And this is Drogballs 'reporting' in at 5.10am! Just finished watching the finals and all I'm gonna say is tough luck Gunners. Although Barcelona DO deserved to win it, but the turning point of the game was when Lehmann was sent off. Why ref?? Come on, it's a final and we know we want to watch a final, not a one-sided kick-a-bout tournament. Why not just let Giuly's goal stand and carry on with the game? This incident actually brings back the incident that happened at Anfield where Liverpool met Chelsea during the Semi-finals. Baros was through on goal before Cech brought him down. Luis Garcia was on hand to slot the ball...almost..into the goal. So the referee let the run plays on. 1-0 Liverpool and never sent off Cech.

Why didn't he handle it this way? If he didn't sent Lehmann off, I would think that the game will turn into a hyper fast paced game where 2 sides attack at high tempo instead of the team in yellow hiding behind their shell due to their shortage in numbers. It could have been so open and a footballing spectacle for all the neutrals like me. But it ended really sluggishly and taken away all the excitment to the game. Thanks ref.

Anyway Congratulations to Barcelona. You managed to break down a stubborn Arsenal defence even when Ronaldinho was not at his peak of his form, or rather off-form. Made mistakes with the startng 11, but the substitutions made wonders. The way the football moves under some of the players feet is a joy to watch, a sight to behold. You're the worth winners of the 50th UEFA Champions League.

Drogballs out;

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