Sunday, May 14, 2006

We Win It, THAT Way Again....We Have 2 Winners, 'Pool and West Ham

Liverpool Lifts The Prestigious FA Cup For The 7th Time

3-3 West Ham United

(Liverpool win 3-1 on penalties)

Liverpool: Cisse, Gerrard x2;
West Ham U: Carragher(OG), Ashton, Konchesky

My god, I'm totally dumbfounded and actually quite speechless. After almost 3 hours of struggle, Liverpool finally came up top and win the English FA Cup the 7th time. I'm almost out of energy due to all the shoutings and 'jumping around like a monkey' moment and i must ask 1 question. WHY DOES LIVERPOOL ALWAYS NEED TO WIN A CUP THIS WAY? Do you need the opponent to spank your bloody arse before you guys start to work? Anyway enough of the complains.

I feel alittle embaraased yet relieved to be with the winning side actually. My purpose of this post is actually to acknowledge HOW GOOD WEST HAM WERE. They went into the game as underdogs and under no pressure. They enjoyed playing te game and everytime they stepped into Liverpool's half, you could sense that they were hungry and were there not to be a participant, but a winner. They worked hard, scored the goals and were full of energy throught the first 90minutes, but nerves got them and they eventually lost on penalties. Very, very cruel indeed. So credits to West Ham United. We were the winners of the cup, but you guys are the real winners on the field. Cheers, and blow more bubbles!

90 Minute: "There will be 4 added minutes.......and GerrAARRRDDDD GOALLLLLLL"

You're 3-2 down and entering the 90th minute. Do you give up? Or do you give it a try?

Well, always give it a try. You'll never know how spectacular somethings worked out. Anyway loads of updates coming tomorrow. I'm knackered and my brain is not running anymore. Good night guys and YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

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