Saturday, May 13, 2006

FA Cup Finals Preview #2 - Hyping It Up

Referee: Alan Wiley
Assistants: Peter Kirkup and Darren Cann
Fourth Official: Phil Dowd.

Team Colours
Liverpool: Red shirts, Red shorts, Red socks
West Ham United: White shirts, White shorts, White Socks

Guest of Honour: Prince William

FA Cup Honours:
Liverpool - 6 Times Winners; 6 Times Runners-up
West Ham United: 3 Times Winners; 1 Time Runners-up

Millenium Stadium, Cardiff
Inauguration: 1999
Building costs: £130 million
Capacity: 74,500 seats

Drogballs: Come on you Reds! Let's make it 3 Cups in 2 seasons, and make us proud! Go on and play with all your heart and good luck. You'll Never Walk Alone....

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