Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Walcott Masterstroke? A Step Too Far For Van Horseface.

Theo Walcott: Masterstroke or Big Mistake?

Disclaimer: This is my own personal view of this Walcott saga. Agree or disagree, you have the rights to.

Well, well. A 17 Year Old kid (younger than me for your info), who has never played a single Premiership game after his 12million pounds move from Southampton to Arsenal, is in the squad for England. Sven is taking one of the biggest risk ever I say. He's known to be a very careful manager and seldom take risks. Just look at the squad he picks over the last few years. He's someone that doesn't really look at the current form of the players and instead, picks players he think is 'good' and suits his style of play.

So this time round, he finally had the guts to do something spectacular and shock the whole of the nation and as well as everyone that's concerned about the upcoming World Cup. If dropping his 'favoured' Shaun Wright-Phillips takes quite alot of balls, then bringing an inexperienced 17 year old kid made his balls as big as the bowling balls! (just kidding).

Yes, nations are gonna be shocked to meet face to face with a player rumoured to be faster than Theirry Henry himself and someone that nobody has seen playing. But I always believe that experience is one of the most important factor when it comes to Cup games, where the little experience is surely gonna help rather than a headless chicken running around. You can compare this saga with Pele being picked by Brazil at age of 17 and Rooney at 18(?), but both the players mentioned have already proven themselves on the domestic front. So, conclusively, it's best for England not to pick Walcott, especially ahead of Jermain Defoe and Darren Bent. I personally think, it's not gonna work. Period.

Van Nistelrooy = Total Idiot
Drogballs: After reading the following report, I totally lost all my respect for the Horse Face(I didn't have much anyway). Although I'm not a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo (I think he's an over-rated player), but I believe that he deserve the little respect from the horse, just because he's a human too, and he shares the air that we breathe. Look:

Ruud Van Nistelrooy, available for £10m according to The Guardian, stormed out of Old Trafford on Sunday after finding out he had not been selected for United's 16 man-squad for their game against Charlton, the final match of the Premiership season, that afternoon.

At the time the club refused to comment, with Sir Alex Ferguson only saying afterwards that "a couple of incidents in training that concerned me in terms of the spirit of the club" had resulted in Van Nistelrooy's exclusion, and that he would discuss the Dutchman's future with club directors in the next 48 hours.

But the full extent of the disfavour the Dutchman has fallen into was not immediately clear.

According to The Independent, the "incidents in training" that Ferguson referred to were manifestations of the rapidly-deteriorating relationship between Van Nistelrooy and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo has been the subject of Van Nistelrooy's ire on a number of occasions, with the Dutchman critical of his Portuguese team-mate's tendency to hold onto the ball for too long - a trait Van Nistelrooy felt was costing both United and himself vital goals.

During 'a heated exchange' Van Nistelrooy told the young Portuguese to go and talk to "his dad" - a disparaging reference, says The Independent, to United assistant manager Carlos Queiroz.

The remark carried particular sting, as Ronaldo lost his father in September - a bereavement that has been widely seen as responsible for the very loss of form earlier in the season that Van Nistelrooy was so critical of. A 'clearly upset' Ronaldo replied that he 'did not have a dad'.

Van Nistelrooy then arrived on Sunday having thought no more of the incident - only to be told that he was not included in the match-day squad. On hearing that, the Dutchman said to club captain Gary Neville: "Good luck for the game. I'm off."

Van Nistelrooy promptly took a taxi back to Old Trafford, where he picked up his car and drove straight to Manchester Airport before taking the next available flight to the Netherlands.

Van Nistelrooy has also failed to receive an invitation to take part in former team-mate Roy Keane's testimonial later this week, although whether that snub came before or after his actions over the weekend is unclear. It completes a remarkable fall from grace for a player considered for the club captaincy by Ferguson after the Irishman's high-profile departure.
Drogballs: It's a right thing to do, Fergie. Kicked his arse back to the Netherlands and let him rot. Anyway I saw him fleeing Old Trafford and I took a photo of it with my phone.


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