Saturday, May 13, 2006

Movie Marathon Report

Before I start with my personal views on the movies, HUITING gave me this YouTube link and its surprisingly, about football! Haha after i made a fool out of her 'netball', she's still nice and kind enough to send me that link. Anyway here it is!

I laughed so hard that my dad was giving me the weird look. In turn he laughed at it too anyway. You have Paul Scholes mis-kicking a corner, some random referee stuff and please, watch the very last incident.


Sounds crazy to watch a movie on a Public Holiday over here in Singapore. But to watch TWO movies at a go is quite simply, a luxury. $9.50 per movie. Compared to the prices of the tickets 10-20years ago, man that is over-priced! But if more movies are close to what MI:3 achieve then I would of course NOT complain about the ticket price. Anyway met up with Weekiat and Janice for the movie at J8. Firstly, we decided to watch Poseidon.

Movie #1: Poseidon - Prototype Of A Typical American Hero Movie

A remake of what my dad called it, a classic. But the remake was quite forgettable if you would ask me. It started off pretty well with the typical zoom-around the ship view with the ochestra. Sounds pretty epic. But the downside of the movie comes right at the start. It zoomed into the character too quickly and giving you only the roughest of idea what these character are and all you know is, well..their names they look like. Then nothing. The build up seemed to be rushed and before you knew it, yes the storm came! OMG!!!

It was a BIG ship and apparently ONLY the captain could tell there was a HUGEE wave coming. You could argue that everyone is in the New Year mood and not be noticing, but surely there will be some buggers that would look out the window and SEE it? Anyway the wave crashed on the ship and BAM. It went 90 degrees down and everyone died apart from those who are celerating in the party hall (that included Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas). Everyone was flipped upside down and fling around like a ragdoll, well yes they are. And yet so many survived! Miracle? You always happened be it Hollyoaks show or our very own Mediacorp show. Back to the point. So all that is left are the people in the party hall and everyone died in the disco...except of course, the 3 that was meant to live. The rest were either electrocuted or by some other saddistic way you could think of.

So it comes to this point where the movie goes into the direction of what most 'escape for your life' movie are like and makes it very predictable. Let me sum it up for you:

1) There will ALWAYS be a Father-Daughter-Boyfriend scenario, where the boyfriend is supposed to take on an important task, but seeing how the boyfriend loves his daughter, the father chose to sacrifice instead. See: Armageddon.

2) One of them will be EXTREMELY brave yet alittle cocky.

3) Somebody WILL screw up, in the most silly way. Like trying to taunt one of the members among the survivors, then die a horrible death. It ALWAYS happens. Karma?

4) There will always be pretty girls and no one in the survivors are fat. If not, how to escape?

5) Somebody will die during the process, making the hero a little demoralised

6) There will be a group that survive. Then split into 2 groups. One of the group will venture and try to find a way out and survive. The other will follow orders and then die.

This is just some of the things that always happened in such movies and it's getting predictable eh? Yep the rest is about how they made it through from the hall all the way to the back of the ship. Then came the interesting part. After they jumped off into freedom, or more likely into the water, there was one lifeboat placed just exactly where they wanted. Sounds familiar? Well the next time you watch a serial drama, after the girl quarrel, she will leave the house/whatever an then the guy will chase after her. Just right when the guy catches up, ZOOOM, a taxi appears out of nowhere and the lady board the taxi and BYE! Well it always happens. It's a movie after all!

Conclusion: Its actually a pretty promising movie, if only its not rushed. I know they're running for their lives but please, we wanna get to know a little more about the characters. So that we'll build a little emotion attachment to the people there. So that when someone dies we'll go awww and when someone does something proud, you'll...feel a little proud.

+Pretty Epic Intro, music and tones during the escapemakes your andrenaline go pumping!
+Pretty girls! nuff' said
+It's actually quite thrilling

- some camera angles are awkward. Makes some of the character look really ugly
- a little lack of innovation and twist in the story
- very, very predictable

Score? 3.5 / 5

Movie #2: Mission Impossible 3 - Mission Impossible.......

The title suggests you're in for a escapade from reality. Watch this only if you don't mind things going a little ridiculous and unreal. But its fun sometimes, to get away from what is real and make yourself believe in something other than reality. Directed by J.J Abrams sums it all up. Anyone who watched Lost on tv will know, he captures the character's emotion bloody damn well and you don't need them to actually talk to know what is going on.

It starts with what most action movies starts with actually, fast forward in time, usually to almost the ending portion of the story. Although its sounds normal, the character capture was excellent and it keeps everyone on the edge of the seat. Then it went on to do all his impossible tricks like getting the 'Rabbit Foot' to this place and it gets stolen and he has to get it back yet again. So normally in action movies, the protagonist will usually have a love one, this time round a gorgeous wife of his. So what do you do to stop a super god-like spy from stopping your evil plans? Get his love ones of course! Up till this point it was predictable. But thank God..they implemented a twist in the story. Not a twist, but a double twist in the story. Brilliant!

Conclusion: The hero saves the day and his love one. And happily ever after. The story is actually pretty much the same as what action movies nowadays offer, but thanks to the decent twists in the plot, it makes the movie a little more enjoyable and thrilling, and the character build-up unlike Poseidon, was good. So when the badass was throwing punches and kicks at the helpless Cruise, you'll feel like retaliating and fighting for him. Signs of a very good movie.

+ Brilliant character build-up, not rushed
+ Excellent sound quality, intense and some scenes were breath-taking
+ Maggie Q is quite hot!
+ Twists in the plot. Good storyline..although the settings seemed generic. Badass gets chemical weapon. Hero stops him. Badass kidnap his bird. Hero saves the day. But good enough!

- They threw the black guy a few lines to spice up the show and make you laugh. But don't seemed TOO funny. Quite a lame attempt.

Score? 4 / 5

Reviews complete! Oh my how long did I write? Dammit. Anyway FA Cup Finals tomorrow night! I'm so bloody excited. Build up to the match will be posted tomorrow. Now to bed. Good night!

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