Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Transcript: Ruud vs CRonaldo

Behind The Scenes...

So what actually happened during the training, you would think, that Fergie is so pissed that sent the Dutch horse whom scored bucketloads of goals for ManYoo back to his hometown? Below is what happened :

There was a training match and Quieroz was reffing, and gave Ronaldo a free kick against Van Nistelrooy.

Ruud apparently gets up and goes "no suprises there, giving your son a free kick"

Ronaldo responds saying that it was a foul, and RvN says, "go tell that to your dad"

This is where things got serious, as Ronaldo is instantly riled - as he tells Ruud; "my dad is dead"

Ruud amazingly counters with; "No he's not, Carlos [Quieroz] is your dad"

All hell breaks loose as Ronaldo goes mad and goes for Ruud. The players separate them but a distraught Ronaldo leaves the training session in tears.


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