Monday, May 08, 2006

And The Fourth Champions League Spot Goes To....

Henry Scores Hat Trick To Give Highbury A Great Sent Off....And Sent Arse To Champions League
Arsenal 4-2 Wigan (Henry 3, Pires; Sharner, Thompson)

As I have mentioned in the previous post, Arsenal will nick the 4th spot and kick Tottenham down to the UEFA Cup spot. Check. I've said Arsenal will put a few goals into Wigan's net in their last game at Highbury. Check. What a wonderful finale to the 2005/2006 Barclay's Premiership. Not as exciting as last season's 4 horses relegation race, but the emotional last game at Highbury proves to be a pretty decent final as well.

Wigan was there to spoil the party and actually played very decently. But Henry was the difference as he put 3 goals past Wigan. There was something really interesting that happened in the match actually. Andreas Johansson was subbed in together with Ljungberg of Arsenal. The next thing that happened was Johansson brought down Ljungberg in the penalty box and Huzzah! Sent off, without even touching the damn ball!

Finally, I'll give all credits to Arsenal. Their constant display of fantastic football makes them one of the most watchable teams on the planet. Their season seemed to fall apart earlier this year when they're tore apart by the more physical teams. But they showed resillience and here they are, in the Champions League. Well Done You Arse!

As Tottenham Bottled It.....
West Ham 1-2 Tottenham (Fletcher, Benayoun; Defoe)

They're pretty unlucky eh? TEN players down with some weird bug when they're about to play their most important game of the season. Ah well that's just football. I'm sure it's gonna be the talking point for the next few days because there's an on-going investigation over at the hotel where they stayed. Stay tune!

Charlton Let ManYoo Piss All Over Them
ManYoo 4-0 Charlton (Saha, Ronaldo, Euell(OG), Richardson)

I used to think Charlton's a pretty decent team. They've got a pretty down-to-earth manager and some quite talented players. But this season, they're really a pain in the arse, especially to Liverpool. Beaten us 2-0 at The Valley, then went on to draw 0-0 with us at Anfield. And when we're praying and hoping they'll at least draw with ManYoo, they did a disappearing act and let ManYoo piss all over them. Is this how you give a sent off to your manager? If it is, then Championship you shall go next season.

Liverpool's 11 Straight Win. But Just Not Enough..
Portsmouth 1-3 Liverpool (Koroman; Fowler, Crouch, Cisse)

Not a bad results for the Reds, shame on Charlton. And the goal we conceded was similar to the ones conceded against Villa. And further bad news is Xabi Alonso is unlikely to be fit for the FA Cup Finals. Lets hope and pray he's alright for the World Cup though. We've lost Rooney and I hope we wont see another lost. No clean sheets record for Liverpool. But this puts an end to our season and sums up a pretty productive and decent season. Fowler returning the favour showed by Rafa by scoring his 5th goal in 6th starts. 2 other strikers scoring. Haven't watch the game on tv yet so not much i can comment on. But well in Reds! Thanks for giving us a fantastic season! (bar the European exit) and the FA Cup would surely be the icing on the damn cake!

Other Results:

Aston Villa 2-1 Sunderland
Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea (HAHA!)
Bolton 1-0 Birmingham
Blacburn 2-0 ManCity
Fulham 1-0 Boro
Everton 2-2 West Brom

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