Wednesday, May 10, 2006

He Should Be Called Up For England Instead.......

Drogballs' Idea Of Who Should Be The English Forward That Partners Crouchinho

Alright, rather than depending on a 17 year old Theo Walcott, whom does not have any experience in top-flight football and someone Sven himself have NOT seen playing, why not let me, Drogballs introduce you a player that would surely make it into any national team, and i say..walk straight into the team. Well, he's as agile as a 18 year old Michael Owen. He's blessed with lightning pace and is surely, surely faster than TH14, or Thierry Henry. He's more fearsome than Wayne Rooney on the ball...and last but not least, when he's on the field, everyone respects him more than Ronaldinho. And he is.........don't be shocked!

1) He's got Champios League experience, unlike Walcott!

2) When he's on the field, everyone stops play and...worship him!

3) Mr Eriksson loves the "big man-small man" tactic. Surely he would form a fantastic partner with Crouch? Surely Crouchinho is big enough?

4) More agile than Owen. Check. Faster than Henry. Check.


I'll Show You Walcott's Bird...

Fear not. I'm not showing you his *cough* privates *cough*. What i meant is i'll show you his girlfriend..or rather wife..and make you feel oh-so-jealous...

oh.god. A footballer earning 10-20k per WEEK, going to the World Cup, a bright and glorious future ahead and....a girlfriend like this. I feel so useless. HAHA. Yes, yes, life is unfair sometimes......

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