Monday, May 08, 2006

SWP To Anfield, While Rafa Inviting Kewell Offers At £4M

Liverpool to offer £14M for Chelsea's Wright-Phillips
Liverpool are set to make a major £14 million bid for Chelsea winger Shaun Wright-Phillips.

The Mirror says Reds' boss Rafael Benitez hopes to lure the speedy right-winger back to the North West this summer in a deal which would equal the £14m Liverpool paid for Djibril Cisse last year.

Chelsea are thought to be willing to cut their losses on the player - yet to score for them - for around £7m less than they paid. But they will not let Wright-Phillips leave on loan.

Drogballs: Does Liverpool have that amount of money? I really have no idea. But the latest I heard is somebody's gonna take over the board (like Glazers to ManYoo) and Rafa will be given around 42mil. But out of that will be 12mil set aside to lure the "prodigal son" Michael 'I want to win more cup' Owen back to Anfield. So there will be 30mil left. SWP is quality, but for that amount of money...I have my reservations. How much have he deproved over the last year, we couldn't tell due to the number of games he actually took part in... so I hope (and I know) Rafa knows what he's doing.

On the other hand....
Rafael Benitez is ready to listen to offers or Liverpool's Aussie winger Harry Kewell. Reports stated that Kewell is unaware of the situation and might even be a subject of a swap deal. Anyway his place is under threat from the new signing, Mark Gonzalez who's also a left winger. When I read the report at first, 2 things came to my mind. Firstly, I would love to swap him for Craig Bellamy. It's seems ideal for both club and Bellamy is a pretty decent forward bar his life outside football.

Secondly about Kewell being unaware of the situation. Quelle surprised! This is the very Harry Kewell that said other than playing football, he has no interest in it and doesn't read anything regarding football and even struggles to finish watching ONE football match. So its bloody brilliant that we could sell him this way, since he don't read the papers anyway. Haha!

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