Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bellamy To Leave Liverpool

*Not to be taken as a windup. Thank you*

Prior to the game against Portsmouth, Craig Bellamy has told BBC Wales that he is definitely leaving Liverpool after his relationship with Rafa Benitez has broken down and the manage doesn't speak to him.

He's not pleased that he doesn't start on a regular basis while he's also frustrated by Benitez's tactics.

No surprise there, from the Welsh, who already had so many stormy relationships with previous managers. Often seemed like a problematic player, his attitude, behaviour on and off the field has left much to be desired.

Rafa Benitez did gave him a chance at his childhood club, Liverpool, and splashed 7 million GBP for him last summer. Despite the impending hearing of the assault case, Benitez stuck with him through it and he finally did show some form after the trial was over.

But with Crouch and Kuyt forming a great partnership, Bellamy looked less likely to start in recent months and started to look disillusioned. It came as no surprise to me that he has decided to leave at the end of the season and perhaps, he's not the one we're looking for.

He has bags of speed and finishing prowess but his attitude and constant moaning will always clash with the ideology which Rafa Benitez has set out, which is to be selfless and hardworking without complains.

Farewell son, all the best. Do at least give us a farewell present before you goal. Like a goal against Chelsea next week, I guess....



Red's Fury™ said...

Bellar won't be the one, the most likely to get the axe was Robbie.

Red's Fury™

patrick said...

It's time someone took a stand against Bellamy, maybe Rafa should get him on a new 10 year contract- then let him rot in the reserves.


red fury: we're already quite certain Robbie will be leaving due to the signing of Voronin.

And I still do think he'll leave in spite of him rubbishing the reports.

patrick: Always thought he isn't the one to lead us further on. We need someone better and obviously, he isn't the one.

psychohare said...

yea i think you're right, Bellers is fast, but he definitely aint special.
Kuyt is a workaholic, Rafa loves him, we love his mop-head, he wont be leaving.
Crouch is not whining about being on the bench, and his constant goals have been a huge plus. His height and technical ability is another asset.

Bellers has been pretty decent this season, but other than the Barca game, he hasnt been anywhere near exceptional to me. Kuyt has scored some very classic cool central forward goals. Crouch is acrobatic as ever, but Bellers and his pace sometimes lead to nothing.
We need a matchwinner, like Drogba is for chelski.

For Bellers, all i can think about him is he's fast. That's all. I cant say anymore about him. He's good, but not world-class potential.

Red's Fury™ said...

Both of you have a point there, maybe Rafa doesn't know what to do with pacey strikers... look what happens to Cisse. And it happens on Bellar too, being placed out of position a few times.

If should Bellar go with Robbie along, it's interesting who should Rafa buy next ? Torres ? Over-rated... Villa ? Would be another Morientes...

Red's Fury™