Monday, April 09, 2007

Long Lost Brothers Of Football

Sometimes you watch football and you've got to wonder whether they're long lost brothers or somewhat. They look almost the same or maybe has the same face features. Here are some examples:

CRonaldo = Mikel Arteta = Cesc Fabregas

Chris Coleman = Milan Baros = Javier Saviola = Michael Pena (non footballer)

Was watching 'Shooter' over the weekend and I thought they all looked pretty similar!

Do come up with a suggestion if you feel like. Just drop a comment or mail me.


RedsMan said...

Lee Carsley, Danny Mills and Harry Hill.


Fiz said...

Heskey and barney :P

Anonymous said...

carra looks like finnan i think.


Cheers people.

Carragher looks like that comedian that goes on the official site as well, John Bishop is his name I think. Finnan looks a wee but like Matt Damon :p

uneditedmara said...

I heart The Bish.
My only contribution is Steven Gerrard and Neil Mellor.


Mellor is indeed Gerrard's evil twin brother.

uneditedmara said...

They say that they've started cloning Gerrard to fill the entire Liverpool squad. Neil Mellor is the first successful clone.