Saturday, April 14, 2007

Funniest Football Moments?

I know, it happens everywhere. But as limited as my time is, I went on to search for some really ridiculous and funny things that happen on and off the football pitch. Shanks said it's more important than life and death but hey, take a breather and have a laugh!

Most important thing, VOTE.

1. Olivier Bernard's 'Ball To Face' Incident

2. Pires' Penalty Routine Against Man City

3. Rivaldo's Knee Jerk Reaction

4. Chris Brass' 'Best Own Goal, Ever'

5. Macclesfield vs Walsall's 'Multiball'

6. Gerrard Merk'd By Chelsea Mascot

It's not a lot and it's probably all I could think of at the moment but do give more suggestions and the 'voting booth' is just below the tagboard. Cheers!


Elia said...

I voted for other....Did a quick search on You Tube for this and I think this deserves some recognition.

Seriously WTF?


Lol, cheers mate. Maybe he was distracted hehe.