Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Thing Terry Did Was....

Saying England's Not Good Enough

England captain John Terry has branded his team as "not a good side" ahead of tonight's friendly against Greece.

Terry said: "Forget everyone saying we're a good side, we're NOT a good side.

"It's a chance to put on a great show and lift the fans after a disappointing World Cup."

True, he was honest. But if I'm a captain and I knew my lot were rubbish, I'll prefer to ENCOURAGE fellow players rather than saying that ugly truth. Yes, truth hurts. But sometimes putting it bluntly isn't the right way I guess. Very 'inspirational' captain indeed...

'Everyone Supported ManYoo Because They're Winning Things !'

Talking about his first game as England captain being at Old Trafford "yeah it will be a bit special because I was a Man United fan as a kid, everyone was because they were winning things"

A Chelsea player, saying that! I bet he knew how it feel to support Chelsea nowadays eh. To be honest, I'm sympathetic with those Chelsea fans that were around when Abramovich wasn't. Heard a lot of news a lot gave up their season tickets because of the way the club handled things and 'ruining' football.

Chelski player admitting to glory-hunting. Ha ha ha.

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