Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And The Goal Of The Season Is... Wishful Thinking Part 3.... And More

Latest (Not Quite) News On Rooney

Okay I'm a few hours late about this, but this news surely will be the one thing that make all the England fan believe again. That is Wayne Rooney has today, started light training in the England training camp over in Germany and apparently, he did a scissors-kick during the training and...Sir Whiskey of Fergie is fuming over it as usual. Anyway he's gonna have a scan again back in England tomorrow and the fate of Crouch awaits!

05/06 Liverpool Goal Of The Season: Steven Gerrard's 2nd vs West Ham (FA Cup Final)

You seen it coming, don't you? Seriously, what other goals scored this season by Liverpool can overtake this fantastic strike from the skipper. Not only is it breath-taking, it was oh-so-important and the timing of this strike is just perfect. Sometimes you wonder whether Rafa is a manager, or a magician + fairytale story writer. Istanbul and then..Cardiff!

Since It's 6/6/06, 6 Wishful Thinkings By F365 Then...

  • Players to stop spitting
  • Women to actually understand that one month isn't much to ask for considering that the World Cup only occurs every four years.
  • Women not to remember that argument in two years' time when the European Championships begin.
  • Rio Ferdinand not to jump on the back of any of his team-mates after they've scored a goal.
  • The music to be turned off and all the fans inside the stadium to be completely silent during the national anthems so that we can hear just how badly the players sing.
  • Theo Walcott to score the World Cup-winning goal.
Footballer's Wife/Girlfriend/Bird Rough Draft Nomination

Okay after much(quite) research, I managed to come up with 9 nominees for the prettiest/hottest footballer wife/girlfriend. Note that this is only the rough draft so you guys still can continue to give your opinions on the options and also if I have missed out any babes, please do drop me a comment. And here are the 9:

  1. Andriy Shevchenko's Kristian Pazik
  2. Kaka's Caroline Celico
  3. Francesco Totti's Ilary Blasi
  4. CAshley Cole's Cheryl Tweedy
  5. Raul's Mamen Sanz
  6. Roque Santa Cruz's Giselle
  7. Luis Figo's Helen Svendin
  8. Del Piero's Sonia Amoroso
  9. Trezeguet's ....I don't know her name (:
Alright anyway continue to come up with names and the poll will be held on Friday! Get ready your tissues guys, your nose MIGHT bleed :D


LadyLala said...

Harry's wife (not me but Sheree Murphy)

I can't stand her (because she's really horny, you know, she said she wanted to make babies 'cause not much time and she'll miss harry when he goes to WC) but there's a reason why Harry keeps getting groin injuries!

Drogballs said...

hey thanks lala for the suggestion. So i looked through Sheree's pictures and...she..turns..me......off.... :D you could be a better wife haha!

Anonymous said...

Adriana Karembeu
Beatrice Trezeguet
what about Posh Spice?


Drogballs said...

hmm Karembue retired isn't it. Maybe I'll check her out. And Posh Spice...HMMMMMMMMM.

LadyLala said...

I thought she had big boobs?
And she was an actress after all you know.
Well... I guess you aren't like Harry then... (is that good?)

Posh spice turns me off!

Anonymous said...

I personally think that Caroline Celico is the most gorgeous footy wife everrr! Considering she's sill in her teens she comes across being mature and very down-to-earth. Besides she's extremely stunning...in a natural kinda way, ya know. She's not caked up in make-up like most of the other gals. Kaká is buff as well, no need to talk about that. And according to his interviews he seems dead sweet.