Friday, June 09, 2006

Latest On Cisse's Injury And It's Impact

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Cisse To Return By Early November

A little glimmer of hope, as Cisse should be back in action as early as early November. It's already a good news that he will recover, and that soon? Well, we'll wait and see. Anyway the suegeon who did the surgery on him said that the surgery was a success. Lots of people feared that his season might be over, but according to Liverpool club doctor, Mark Waller, he will be back in a matter of months. And this time round, it isn't as bad as the previous one he suffered at Blackburn. Sounds like..a not too bad news for me.

But Wrecks Liverpool's Summer Transfer Plans

Yesterday, Rafa Benitez spoke of Cisse's horrific injury and his thoughts. He was really straight-forward in this and I think he'll have a real tough summer this time round. He sent his best wishes to Cisse, and also spoke that this has sent Liverpool's transfer plans this summer into disarray.

Now I think he will have to rethink about the plans of bringing in the more expensive players like Aimar(?) or even Kuyt. The 7-8 million we expected will not be available anymore and its increasinly difficult to sign players on a cheap after the World Cup. It looks a little grim, especially after what happened during Gerard Houllier's last summer at Liverpool, when upon building on his 2nd place finish by splashing millions and screwing up big time in the summer. Now I hope Rafa will carefully rethink about the plans and I have confidence in him, that he will get the best out of the meagre few million we have now. In Rafa we trust.

One Of The Most Comical Own Goal!

I know. I showed you guys loads of comical own goals. But this one is the most recent and it happens yesterday. It was during a France vs China friendly game and IF Cisse didn't get injured, I think would be a talking point!

World Cup's 10 Hours Away!

Uhm, aren't you excited? It happens only every 4 years and honestly, the last World Cup was forgetable. Let's hope this time round it will be a true footballing spectacle. Cheers! And enjoy the one month of pure football!

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