Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kolo Forgot...Stevie G Shows Potential & World Cup Latest

Toure Wants 'The Elephants' To Do An Arsenal

Yes, you read that right. Ivory Coast defender, Kolo Toure wants Ivory Coast to do an Arsenal....and go on to lose in the finals. Nah, just kidding. He empahsized that he wants Ivory Coast to make a huge impact like Arsenal did in the Champions League. For me, I think the Ivorians are the dark horses (not racist!) of this competition and IF they can make it out of that group of death, or Group C which includes the Argies, the Dutch and the Serbs, then I think they really can go a long way.

But after all this, I still don't understand. Why do an Arsenal? Why not do a Chelski? HAHA

He's 12 And Already Showing Potential!

Alright who am I talking about here. None other than Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. I found this really...'special' video on YouTube and some of you might be interested to see how cute yougn Steven Gerrard was! You could see he's so excited about the game and his leadership quality already showed at such a young age.

I love the part he went jumping and jumping. Just like a professional footballer at a grand old age of 12!

Drogballs' World Cup News:

Ballack Showing His Chelsea-ness Already

So he felt that he has the right to criticize his coach, Jurgen Klinsmann. Just joined Chelsea and you already could feel the arrogance coming out from the big-nosed one. As a captain of the team, you should set an example to your team mates instead of blasting your coach. Who do YOU think you are. Michael Ballack? So what. Who will remember you in 10-20 years time since you chose to join Chelsea. Good on you, hope your arrogance take you to 'greater' heights. Some 'captain' you are.

Dirty Italians Facing Some Problems

Italy will be without 2 key players in Gennaro Gattuso and Gianluca Zambrotta for their opening match against Ghana while Milan defender, Alessandro Nesta is doubtful. I think they will have the players to cover for them, but Cristian Zaccardo doesn't seemed to be a good replacement for Zambrotta.

Rooney's Scan Result Will Be Announced Soon

The foot of one of the most talked-about human being currently is undergoing a scan and the results of the scan will be made known to the world in a few hours time. Doctors from the English FA and ManYoo will judge whether Rooney's foot will be England's saviour or just a false dawn. I can bet with you now, that the England doctors will give the go ahead while the ManYoo doctor will say he can't make it(scared of the wrath of Fergie actually). If this happens, a doctor from FIFA will step in and give his judegment. I'll post the latest on the scan results once it is released. Stay tune.

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