Thursday, June 08, 2006

Every Guy's And Girl's Dream Come True!!

Vote For The Hottest Footballer's Wife/Girlfriend!! 11 CHOICES

After days of 'research', picture finding and picture 'filtering', I have finalised the top 11 hottest footballer's wife/girlfriend! My lord,a lot of the ladies below are erm, 'artistic' models and its really difficult to find 'presentable' pictures of them for the general audience over here (I know loads of you aren't over 18!). Anyway I still managed to find them and I must say those footballers are damn lucky. Okay anyway here are the nominees. 11 in total:

1) David Beckham's Victoria Posh Spice (Ex-Spice Girls)

Everbody knows her isn't it. She's the wife of the most famous footballer and she used to be part of the famous Spice Girls. Can look a little ugly at times, but still quite hot!

2) Ashley Cole's Cheryl Tweedy (Girls Aloud)

Ahh, your girl next door! She's the singer from British girl-band Girls Aloud and from this picture, you could see she's sizzling HOT! And you must thank her for making Joe Cole SO embarassed when he tried to 'tap' her up and in turn he got beaten up and fled the club half naked! Also, makes you wonder whether you should start naming your daughter, Cheryl. All the Cheryl I know...hmmm..... :D

3) Ronaldo's (Fat & Real One) Raica Oliveira

This lady here gets my vote! She don't even need to flaunt ANYTHING and you can feel the heat! Looks pretty exotic and a wee bit like Posh Spice eh? But hotter in my opinion! She's a model by the way. Great job Ronaldo......

4) Francesco Totti's Ilary

This is a tough one. I struggled to find a half decent photo from this 'artistic' model over here. Well most Italian girlfriends are, so anyway looks pretty hot though.

5) Alessandro Del Piero's Sonia Amoroso

A little more erm, matured than the others. Still quite a babe though. Fits perfectly with the man beside her. She's the sister of his former team-mate, Nicola Amoroso.

6) Thierry Henry's Nicole Merry

I know Emily's gonna vote for her! Haha I read your mind! Anyway according to her, she looks exotic and hot wearing that France t-shirt. The tall lady beside her is Trezeguet's bird.

7) Andriy Shevchenko's Kristen Pazik

A suave and cool footballer needs a really cool and gorgeous lady to be beside him. There you go, Sheva's lady over here. Icy cooooooL!

8) Raul Gonzalez's Mamen Sanz

Uhm, Spanish ladies. They got the really...exotic look in them. Those dark brows make them looked a little different and aparrently she's no in good terms with Posh Spice!

9) David Trezeguet's Beatrice

Couldn't really find her name anywhere on the net, but basically just call her Beatrice. Uhmm, looks good to me.

10) Luis Figo's Helen Svedin

Just like Totti's Ilary Blasi, this lady over here is also another example of 'artisitic' model. Well I looked quite hard for a presentable photo of hers and this is the most...appropriate one. Yea, how difficult is my job!

11) Kaka's Caroline Celico

Another example of a suave footballer + hot wife. Uhmm you wonder why she looks so young. That's because she's only 18! Yea Kaka, you paedophile! Nah, just kidding. Good choice!

Yea, I know there are ALOT of them out there including Christian Karembeu and Magnus Hedman's. But I would like to focus more on those players whom are taking part in the World Cup and also, easier job for me! Anyway PLEASE DO VOTE AND SUPPORT THE HOTTEST FOOTBALLER'S WIFE/GIRLFRIEND!


Anonymous said...

Ronaldo's girl gets my vote she's amazingly beautiful. :D

Anonymous said...

Kaka has done well for himself. she's really hotttt!

Anonymous said...

Kristen Pazik gets my vote!She fits perfectly with Andriy Shevchenko,really gorgeous and cool.

Anonymous said...

i think that sonia amoruso is the pretiest out of al of them, she should be number one, not that bag of bones posh beckham!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, she is so fit, her body is fantastic, she's pretty, I mean what more do you want. Well done Ash, she gets my vote every time.

Anonymous said...

Where is Anica Kovac! In every contest I saw she won and now she is not on the list!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Trezeguets mrs is hot, so is ronaldo's nd Sheva's ...... tough decision but Beatrice gets it for me!

uğur said...

haha Cheryl Tweedy and Henry's chick is the best man...

Anonymous said...

i think caroline wins hands down...she's hot and cute and kaka and she look amazing together. the fact that she manages to look good by the hottest player alive's side is a feat tremendous in itself

Anonymous said...



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