Friday, October 10, 2008

Christmas Comes Early For Drogballs!

Ever thought about shopping online for Liverpool apparels but decided not to because you don't trust the site? Well, I'm here to bring you some good news!

I have struck a deal with the guys at Soccer Pro and it's simple as writing this post. Despite my busy schedule, I still deliver this because I'm glad to say I can finally trust an online sports apparel site. Which is none other than Soccer Pro.

What they promised me, they delivered. Right to my door step. The below Liverpool hooded top is what I've requested and after a month of anticipating, the parcel finally found it's way to my house. Here are the photos:

Although it's a little too big for me but it's fine since that's how it's supposed to be worn I guess. Don't doubt the quality of this apparel here because this is adidas stuff.

So yes guys, if you're thinking of getting the same hooded Liverpool top, a football boots or even a pair of socks, Soccer Pro is where you should be heading to! Not writing this as an obligation but because this is good news!

Head down now!


Musiq Mayneack said...

love this entry. how long have you been blogging?

i would appreciate any blogging advice you could give me. =)

could you spare a few minutes for some tips and a critique of my blog?

rusty j


Probably 2 years? Not very long to be fair...

Alright I'll drop by when I'm more free yes? Thanks!

Züccaciye said...

Thank You Thank You

Red's Fury™ said...

Hi Drogballs,

Great that Soccer Pro has also asking you to write a review on their product.

I got an invitation from them too back awile but I've refused as time was not on my side.

Till then...

Can we win the "Battle of the Bridge?"


Fcukballs said...

Thanks for the link! I hope the site offers the same hoodie in a smaller size for me! :)

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