Friday, December 15, 2006

Liverpool Draws Barcelona In Knockout Round

Ah, the team that nobody wants to draw got drawn with Liverpool. Barcelona from Spain, playing as the Champions League defending champions up against England's very own Spanish armada led by Rafa Benitez, the very man who pipped Barcelona and Real Madrid during his time at Valencia.

Initially, it was a shock. "What? BARCELONA?! OH MY GOD!" Indeed, but I personally feel that Barcelona is very beatable and that if we're going to win it the 6th time, we must face them sooner or later. Obstacles are always in the way but I hope the players will put up a fight just like David against Goliath. We're going to be the underdog for this game and we have always revelled in that role.

Of course everyone would've hoped for easier draws but we can only play what's ahead of us and since it's fate that we're to meet the Spanish champion, then let's show what we're made of.

Rafa himself knows the Spanish game at his finger tips and I'm sure he'll be happy with the draw. On paper, of course, Liverpool will be the weaker team. Samuel Eto'o is on long term injury and that might be a huge boost. But even without Eto'o, they'll have a Ronaldinho, Messi, Deco and many other top class players.

It might be a tough draw but we have prospered when we're against the odds. The fact that we'll have the second leg played at Anfield, this will certainly help us a little with the Anfield crowd cheering and the re-enacting of the past European nights.

Come on you reds!

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Hafiz said...

Now, puyol must be scared .. thinking how can he stop



Chee Sheng said...

im not that worried... if Liverpool are still allowing goals now, then i would be, but i cant remember how many consecutive clean sheets we have so far (except the Galatasaray one)
Still, Barca is a world class team like ours, and Rafa hasnt played against a Barca with R9, so anything can happen.
This is gonna be a tight one... and u know that when we are considered underdogs (i dun understand why but heck) we tend to be the eventual winner... cant wait for the first leg!

Lena said...

As a supporter of neither club (total neutral), I don't think Liverpool stand a chance at all.

That said, I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Lena said...

Also, I don't agree with you, chee, about Liverpool being a world class club like Barca. Unless you consider the likes of Aurelio, Pennant, and Bellamy world class.


Well Lena, what do you mean by 'stand no chance'. Do you look into your crystal ball everyday and see things that has yet to happen? Did you forsee a Liverpool team with the likes of Traore or Dudek winning the 2005 Champions League against who? Milan? Stand no chance you say.

I hope they prove you wrong.

World class not on paper. World class we are in terms of characters and fighting spirits.

Lena said...

It'll be a very tough test.

Let's be realistic.

Lena said...

Also, in terms of 'characters' and 'fighting spirits', the same can be said about Barcelona!

Again, I'm just a neutral-- if Liverpool win, good for them.


SO being realistic means Liverpool doesn't stand a chance? How long have you been watching football?

Nobody say it's going to be easy peasy but if it's Barcelona, why not. We're not up against a team who hasn't lost since 1890 or something.

Don't tell us what we can't do. Am I not realistic to think we stand just a little chance?

Juan LFC said...

Liverpool is world class. More than Barça.
Bad news for us: in February, Messi and Eoo will play.
Good news: Crouchinho will also play.
We´ll see on Feb.
Come on reds!

huda said...

Barca may have individual world class plyrs but LFC is a world class team in fact better.:)

Lena said...

Yikes. Drogballs, I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just giving my opinion.


Nah, it's okay. :)

Chee Sheng said...

dun worry too much, on paper Juve, Milan and Chelsea should have beaten Liverpool 1 or 2 years ago... i dun have to remind anyone right? (i'd say Liverpool then was much worse than now.. it was a mess...)
it's not a fluke, coz Rafa is the tactics master, which is why he proudly stated the fact that he won Barca several times and is their bogey team when he managed Valencia...
On paper, Real should have dominated the Champions league the last couple of years, with their galacticos and stuff... and yea?
on paper ManUre is a very strong team, but their CL form is very constrasting to their league form, no?
Barca is just another team, no big deal, i would rather Liverpool finish them off now than later.
im pissed coz Barca seems to be very happy to meet Liverpool or should i say their wanted to...
and news headlines were reporting Barca TO MEET Liverpool... for god's sake, this should be the matchup of the CL coz it involves the last 2 CL winners... and it should say Liverpool to meet Barca... give some respect to the team that comfortably qualified...