Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

Another round of Premiership gone and this time with a bang. A Manchester derby, a London derby and a couple of cracking goals. Not forgetting the man who showed his loyalty but got the almighty axe (or hammer in this case) befalling on his head. It's none other than Mr Alan Pardew.

Drogballs on the West Ham/Pardew Issue:

If I'm a West Ham fan, I'll be mightily pissed. Two weeks back Eggert "Egghead" Magnusson said Pardew will get his full backing after completing the takeover of West Ham. And then one alright result followed by a mauling by Bolton means Alan Pardew got the axe. To me, it's a terrible decision by the new board and I really hope this is not what foreign investors do to the clubs. With news surrounding Liverpool about the impending takeover, one will have to sweat over the fact that these investors wants to see results instantly and has no compassion over whether the fans loves the manager or not. No results to show, out you go.

He showed incredible man-management and determination to bring West Ham from the depths of the Coca Cola championship to the peak to FA Cup Finals, where they narrowly lost to a very plucky Liverpool. He stuck with them, got them promoted, faced with the prospect of losing his big name players, over-achieved in their first season in the Premiership. Getting the boot now is a little premature and honestly, unfair.

But the turning point would have to be the signing of THAT two Argentinians. No, they aren't terrible footballers or some former great player's grandson. Mind you they are full Argentine international. But they just failed to click with the team and there was some uneasiness surrounding West Ham constantly. With this in mind, expectations heaped on Pardew and his boys (literally). A young squad full of prospect now got unsettled by this two big time players who sticks out like a sore thumb. Two of the thumbs actually.

Nigel Reo-Coker's rubbish form might also be one of the reasons. Arsenal had a last day bid for him before the transfer window closes and we can be quite sure this current West Ham skipper was not the one we saw last season. Out of sort, out of form and his heart? Out of West Ham. He's not the only one of course, but as a captain, he have to bear the heavy responsibility.

Now, Curbishley will be the ideal man for the West Ham job, I reckon. He's English, which fits the principle of West Ham, an academy of football. Bringing in a continental manager would be quite contradicting and who knows some Swedish (coughs) might bring in some big time charlies and forgot about the production of youths.

Anyway, all the best to West Ham. I've got a soft spot for you Hammers.

Weekend's Winner:

There's is little doubt that over the weekends, the biggest winner would have to be ManYoo. A victory over their bitter rivals is enough to make them in the bracket. The performance wasn't the best but they managed to sweep Citeh aside just shows everyone why they're currently the favourites to dethrone Chelsea. Just touch wood and cross your fingers Giggs, Cronaldo, Saha or Roonster gets injured. Or it could become quite ugly...

The clash between Chelsea and Arsenal also ensured ManYoo being the big winners. As they say, let the opponents kill themselves off and then we go for the remaining, Arsenal truely gave ManYoo a big hand and Chelsea letting themselves down at times. The result means ManYoo now holds a 8 points lead over Chelsea. It's game on....but only for two teams.

Chelsea, Drogba & Lehmann:

Well, now it's clear to see what a busybody owner could do to a team. It's alleged that Andriy Shevchenko hasn't been able to gel with the team (in terms of the on & off the pitch stuff) and that he hasn't got much friends. His best friend being...Roman Abra himself is quite a problem. Because I wonder who picks the team nowadays. Jose or Roman? Because looking at their performances, even a git could tell 4-4-2 just doesn't suit Chelsea and Sheva just looked so out of place.

Is it Jose who insisted on playing Sheva every game or is there some dark politics? The 4-5-1 that had been implemented so successfully over the last 2 seasons was taken apart and the arrival of Ballack & Sheva over the summer is questionable. It's clear that once Chelsea reverts back to 4-5-1 (Robben & SWP providing width), they looked so much threatening and showed more urgency. And playing Sheva as the one on top is suicidal. Ballack just don't look he give an arse with his hands on his hips most of the time, you gotta wonder again.

Anyway it might looked funny and you can laugh about it, but the LehmannDrogs antic (see video below) is just embarrassing. Do you see rugby players do that? Nowadays nobody takes football serious anymore because there are jokers like this on the pitch. Clean up the act, punish those fools.


Chee Sheng said...

Chelsea has too many superstars... that's a major problem i found out after playing too much CM(now FM)
it's not easy to accomodate all your superstars... obviously Ballack and Sheva are bigger stars than Robben and J.Cole, which is why they are playing 4-4-2 now.. imo, Robben and J.Cole are pivotal to their success for the last 2 seasons... Ballack's form has been getting better, and because Sheva is a superstar, and Drogba's form indicates he is one of the best strikers the league has to see currently, poor Robben and Cole has to suffer.
I dun mind though, coz if they continue this way, they will just keep dropping points... Liverpool for 2nd place asap!


Yes, too many players from the same position (central midfield). That 4-1-2-1-2 looked a little disjointed and lacks width. Even the full backs doesn't really go up and support therefore making the tactic a little rigid and too predictable.

Notice how they win their games this season. By 1 or 2 goals with Drogba being the one on form.

Lucas said...

I dont mind Ballack and Sheva playing in the first XI...as long as Chelsea continue to play crap, who cares ;)